Copyright Infringement Timeline

Copyright Infringement Timeline

Investigators discovered that this timeline reveals a lot more about my copyright infringement case.

Plagiarism is personal

Plagiarism is Personal

There has only been one event in my life that has been more traumatic than having my story, lovingly and painstakingly written over the course of many months, stolen and skewed by someone in my own community.

Plagiarism—What Does Your Publisher Say? Or Do You Even Have One?

Plagiarism—What Does Your Publisher Say? Or Do You Even Have One?

“So what does the original publisher of the novel think about all this?” people ask.

Teacher Use Students' Real Names

Teacher Use Students’ Real Names—New Developments in the Sam Taylor Mullen’s Plagiarism Case

Last Friday a parent of a child who was in Rushton’s 3rd grade class last year identified aliases used by Rushton to promote her Sam Taylor Mullens pen name books and also to harass me as the real names of children in the class.

Open letter to Tiffanie Rushton AKA Sam Taylor Mullen

Open letter to Tiffanie Rushton AKA Sam Taylor Mullens

Yesterday I received a sobering email from Lilah Weston, wife of Chase Weston, author of Terror in a Cloud of Dust. She and her husband had just learned that his story had been plagiarized by the same author who copied my story, A Bid For Love.

Update on the STM Plagiarism Case

Update on the STM Plagiarism Case: Complaint Filed

I know many of you have been waiting to hear, so I want to let you know that my attorneys filed the complaint (case #2:14-cv-00627-EJF) in federal court last Friday, and today the papers were served.

Today I Am Grateful

Today I Am Grateful

For those of you who have followed the story about my novel being plagiarized and the subsequent harassment, you know that the past two and a half weeks hasn’t been easy for me.

My Novel Was Plagiarized

My Novel Has Been Plagiarized!

Original post and comments about how I learned my novel had been plagiarized.