My Novel Has Been Plagiarized!

Completely Updated Post About These Events is Here.

My novel has been plagiarized!I have left this post up only because of the comments and because it shows shows my thoughts and feelings before we discovered the plagiarist’s identity.

PLEASE VISIT HERE or the GO FUND ME page for entire story, including the most recent developments concerning the story she stole from the combat vet and how she used children’s names for her aliases.

 My life was torn apart this week when I learned that a plagiarist known only by a logo and a fake name, stole my Christian romantic suspense novel, A Bid for Love.

Sam Taylor Mullens added steamy scenes, changed the point-of-view, and claimed my book as her own novel, The Auction Deal. Her subsequent emails to different people and contradicting statements while trying to cover her tracks show a clear plan of attack that I’m learning is used by many plagiarists—and is more outlandish than any novel I’ve ever read.

Proof She Stole My Book

(And you can see screenshots at the very bottom of this page)

Chapter Two, first paragraph, Rachel Ann Nunes 1998: The dark brown curls were everywhere. They were a curse, and had been for twenty-eight of Cassi’s twenty-nine years. They puffed out from her scalp and plunged halfway down her back as if they had lives of their own, helplessly tangled and twisted together. The bathroom lights above the double sink reflected from the brown tresses, bringing out the subtle gold highlights.

Chapter Two, first paragraph, Sam Taylor Mullens, The Auction Deal 2014: Dark brunette curls were everywhere. They were a curse, and had been for the thirty-one years of my life. They puffed out from my scalp and plunged halfway down my back. They helplessly tangled and twisted together. The bathroom lights above the sink reflected the brown tresses.

I finished my novel in late 1996, and it first came out in August 1998. It was actually the second novel accepted by my publisher, but they made me write two sequels to my first novel before they released A Bid for Love (then called Love to the Highest Bidder). As the rights to the book have returned to me, and my publisher has no continuing interest, it is up to me to make sure my copyright is protected.

How I Came to Discover That the Plagiarist Hiding Behind the Pen Name of “Sam Mullins” Stole My Book

Readers contacted me and told me that The Auction Deal was a copy of my book and that Mullen’s was claiming to have collaborated with me. I searched for her email and sent off a message, asking for an explanation and to review her book. I hoped it was all a misunderstanding.
I also sent a few reviewers an email, asking them to either read my novel to verify if what I’d heard was true or to send me the copy of Mullens’s book.

Shocked Reviewers Confirm My Book Was Plagiarized

Most reviewers were kind and completely professional and sympathetic like these three, but most also didn’t want their names shown, which is was a good idea, it turns out. You will see below that those who did use their real names were attacked by Mullens’s street team.

Typical reviewer response

Reviewer response

Meghen Reviewer confirms plagiarism

Meghen Barker’s name used with permission. She also posted this. (Please visit and applaud her for taking a stand.)

Two Reviewers Insulted and Threatened Me—Later Confirmed as the Plagiarist’s Aliases

Mercedes Booklover abusive reviewerFollow-up to this reviewer: A fellow writer contacted Sheri Dew for accuracy of this claim, please see results later in this blog after the emails exchanged with Mullens.

ennifer Greer abusive blogger(This reviewer also known as Jennifer Booklover)

The Plagiarist Denies Everything

When Mullens heard of my contacting the reviewers directly, she immediately requested that all the reviewers delete the ARC (or advance reading copy). We exchanged the following emails.

Please note what she says (in bold) about the writers group, because this directly refutes what she claims later (and my book was first published in 1998 not “the 80’s,” though that’s also interesting to note because it contradicts another REALLY odd claim she makes that I’ll get to in a bit.)

Me: Okay, so I’m a little confused. If you didn’t copy my text or closely follow my plot, why would you pull the book? If you HAVEN’T used my book as a base, there shouldn’t be enough similarities to warrant any issue. Won’t you just send me an ARC so I can put it to rest for both of us? I would hate for all your hard work to go to waste. You’ve sent a lot of people ARCs. I see you have 30 reviews on Goodreads, so they’ve obviously read the book.

Mullens: I just thought not publishing it was a simple solution. The book was molded from a writing group and a dozen beta readers. Had I known they used your book from the 80’s as a reference it never would have come to be. My sincerest apologies. I do not write for a living, it is a hobby. I took your word for it when you emailed me that there were concerns. I would never want any accusations of plagiarism to be made. No money has been made off the sale of this title if money is what you’re after then I’m at a loss of what to tell you. I have other books in the works. These bloggers are very protective of the ARC’s because of pirating issues. You’re kind of freaking them out. So, please contact me first before harassing them. They don’t need that!
Me: Okay, I’m still confused why you won’t send me a copy. If you never read my book (first released and copyrighted in 1998) or copied it, then there can’t be a problem, right? I don’t want any money from you. I mean, I could just turn it over to my attorney if that were the case because copyright infringement is a big deal, but I’m trying to believe what you say—that you haven’t read my book or copied it. That is what you are saying, right? I’m freaked out to have people writing reviews that could be about my novel (except the hot sex, of course). I am not accusing you of anything. I thought it could be settled in an hour if you just sent me the book. If you can do that and all is as you say, I will offer a public statement to that effect and everything can go back to the way it was. I’m certainly NOT looking to hurt anyone.

The Plot Twists—More Harassment and More Lies Exposed

Around that time I received a public Facebook message from Mercedes Drakos. I am not sure when a polite query became harassment, but I suppose it looks that way from the sandy ground where the plagiarist is standing.

Mercedes public Facebook

Then a fellow author posted this information: Sheri Dew has responded to my email and has denied any knowledge or relationship with the woman who emailed Rachel threatening to take Rachel’s antics to “her aunt Sheri Dew and her mother who runs TOFW outside of Utah.” Sheri clarified she’s friends with all of her nieces on Facebook, and no one who is related to her runs/leads TOFW—that is all handled through SLC corporate office. This whole thing just gets stranger and stranger.

Email From Supposed Friend of Sam Taylor Mullens

 This email came from Tiffanie Rushton, who identified herself as a close friend of Mullens. She sent it by email, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Tiffanie Rushton's email

         (Update: Rushton was later identified as Sam Taylor Mullens.)

My Reaction to the Wild Claim that I Collaborated with Mullens

My first reaction when I heard that STMs had copied my book and told people we had collaborated was “Huh? Collaborated? What is she talking about?” Anyone who knows me will vouch that I’ve never collaborated on any novel. Still, could there be any truth the her claim about the man? Do you want to believe as I wanted to?

Don’t soften for a minute. As you will see next, this is part of Mullens’s scam. But before we get to the final, unbelievable ending, here are a few reactions from fellow authors:

  1. I’ve been active in the indie community for years and I’ve never heard of Mullens. Also, first book came out December 2013, so she hasn’t been a part of the indie community long.
  2. A man has written a romance and then wants someone else to rewrite it—then conveniently dies in an accident?  What is this man’s name?  Why does she only speak in vague terms?
  3. This person (or people) are REALLY good at manipulating and they will do anything not to get caught. Sam is not the victim here.
  4. Throughout all of this, Sam’s acted the victim and cried and rallied her supporters, but if this were a true mistake, if her account was true, why wouldn’t she own it?
  5. If someone isn’t in publishing to make money then why would she take the time to rewrite a book by a bestselling LDS author whom she obviously knows about, get reviews before the book was available, and spend so much time to do so? Follow the money.
  6. Wouldn’t any writer know that “out of print” is not the same as “up for grabs?” Besides, Rachel’s book has been out on ebook (and Goodreads) for almost four years and third print edition since 2012.
  7. The novel in question is easily found under either title online, especially on Amazon and Goodreads where Mullens is so active, along with the copyright information.

I thought about it all for a while and decided to talk to my attorney and let him advise me. If there could be any kernel of truth, that Mullens could be so naïve, I didn’t want to hurt her, even though she (they?) had caused me so much pain and trouble.

Mullens Lies About My Family

Last night I received a message from reviewer Meghen Barker.

Sam's letter to Meghen GFM#5

Me Again:

  1. I have no married nieces except one, whose husband isn’t a member of the LDS church. If she were writing racy romances, her parents would think it’s cool.
  2. When I finished the book in late 1996 and wrote two sequels, my oldest niece (the only married one) would have been around nine or ten and living several states away. Are people to believe that this child I saw once every three years gave me a book idea? I’ve written 46 novels all on my own. Even if she had given me an idea, she didn’t write the book. My real life writing friends who read the book in progress way back then, however, can verify that I came up with the idea and the ideas for the sequels.
  3. The LDS Church doesn’t excommunicate people for writing about sex. There are several very famous Mormons who write romance with plenty of sex and they still go to church.
  4. Why on earth would I give anyone the go ahead to plagiarize a novel that is published and has two sequels (Mullen’s book is a standalone)? Before I went indie, I often reprinted my books with publishers. I depend on the income from my writing, so I’m not throwing my work out the window.
  5. Was it two years ago that a man gave Mullens the book, or was she nine when she had a wonderful idea for my novel?
  6. Wait. Didn’t she say in the email to me that her critique group led her astray with this “80’s” novel. None of my siblings were married back then and I was in high school, so I guess she gave me the idea while she was in the preexistence.
  7. Where is the attorney’s official letter and the law firm’s number we can call to verify? No attorney in the world would sign it such a letter without checking the copyright—and they aren’t going to believe such a tall tale anyway.
  8. So does she have an autistic son after all? Because my niece’s son isn’t autistic. (Why does this remind me of another suspicious niece story?)
  9. Even if one of my nieces had stolen my story and concocted this great tale, I would have to report her or she would never learn right from wrong and become a contributing member of society.
  10. Scroll down to the comments, if you want to see what my REAL family has to say about this imposter’s claim to be related.

Do I need to point out the ridiculousness of all this? I was going to let the whole matter die quietly and keep an eye out for the next time this book pops up, but fellow writers have encouraged me to stand up for all authors’ right. I am also afraid that this won’t be the end. Meanwhile, Sam Taylor Mullens is doing everything she can so a copy of her book doesn’t come to light. Again, if she has nothing to hide, she should hand it over herself.

She Stole From Me, She Lied, She Harassed Me.

Meanwhile, this woman has turned my life upside down. I feel as if she’s broken into my house and stolen something very dear to me—and then tried everything she can to discredit and hurt me. She’s slammed my writing, threatened me professionally, and now dragged my extended family into the fray. I’m afraid to accept any new friends on Facebook because they may be her supporters who could fling more rocks and mud in my direction.

In fact, look what popped up on 8/6/21014–one-star reviews of many of my Rachel Ann Nunes novels and on my pen name Rachel Branton under two different reviewers (see screenshots and link below), Avid Reader (9 books) and Simple Book Reviews (2 books).

Complete strangers reported to me that she stole my work, not the other way around. Let’s not forget that. I have never given anyone permission to use my work in any novel. Period.

You know me. I’m not hiding my identity or making accusations that grow wilder by the moment. It’s very clear who I am. (I do publish under two pen names for my non-Christian titles—Teyla Branton for urban fantasy and Rachel Branton for romance—but that’s public knowledge on my website.)

For those of you who have given me a shoulder to cry on and who have helped stand strong over this past week, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To the reviewers who have had the courage to act, I also thank you for your kindness to a stranger.
Sincerely,Rachel Ann Nunes

Update 8/9/2014:

(from Avid Reader review–please report any information you may have on her or any of the other three “Booklover” reviewers), also publicly harassed the blogger from The Cutest Blog on the Block for speaking out against this plagiarism. She emailed authors and told them the blogger had sold ARCs and to not submit additional material to her. You can read about it <here< and voice your support for Crystal.

Update 8/11/2014:

Everything is in the hands of my attorney now. The Avid Reader one-star reviews have been taken down from Amazon, along with all her other reviews. The two reviews from Simple Book Reviews are still there (see screen shot below), but that’s okay. Please know how grateful I am for all the support! I don’t know how I can tell you all separately, but I have read your comments, and I don’t feel alone. At the urging of my friend David Farland, we have started a GoFundMe account to help with attorney fees, and when my attorney is ready to send out a news release or update, I will post it here. For now, they want me to step back and try to get back my life a little. So thank you!

Update 8/16/2014:

Research has shown that on one of STM’s Amazon accounts (then called Simple Book Reviews), a review was left on my plagiarized book in early May 2014. It read (complete with typos): “Why are authors uploaded their outdated books without revising them first??? The whole series is collecting dust. I’m nornmally not so brutal on a review, but this was bad. Sorry Rachel Ann Nunes – keep it on the shelf in the library not upload in this century on Amazon.” (Note the writing similarities above with reviewer #5).

Important update 9/12/2014

I’ve just deleted two of the last names mentioned on the 8/14/2014 update because we learned today that STM used around a dozen of her students REAL names for these aliases. She has also stolen the story of  a combat vet. You can read a letter from his wife here.

Avid Reader Harrassment on Amazon

Rachel Ann Nunes’s Chapter One:

Chapter One Bid for Love

Plagiarist’s Chapter One:

Rushton's Plagiarized copy

Rachel Ann Nunes’s Chapter Two

Chapter Two of A Bid for Love

The Plagiarist’s Chapter Two

Plagiarist's chapter two

Proof the of the plagiarist’s intention to sell my book

Proof of intent

Nunes v. RushtonResponse

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    […] Author Rachel Ann Nunes found her Christian romantic suspense novel, A Bid for Love, had been plagia…. Mullens was later discovered to be Tiffanie Rushton, a teacher from Utah. She also indulged in identity theft, using the real names of her third-grade students to create fake accounts to review her own books. Yes, a real sweetie. […]

  2. ranathomson

    So sad new,we hate plagiarism in any form.

  3. Anonymous

    First off, you should not allow any of your emotions to invest time in this matter. It is normal to be initially angry and upset, but then it can get to the point where it compromises the integrity of your life. Simply flip a switch in your head and start dealing with it in a practical sense. If the person has made any money from their book, you will be entitled to all of it. You need simply to take the matter to court. If you win, they pay the costs, you get any profits they made and their name as a writer is rightfully destroyed.

  4. Rachel Ann Nunes

    You are probably right about that. And we found five more reviews that she did on the book she stole clear back in May.

  5. Rachel Ann Nunes

    No one in their right mind would ever believe that mentoring means giving an author permission to steal the work and allow themselves to be viciously attacked under twenty-plus aliases. I think you are Tiffanie Rushton.

  6. Anonymous

    This blog is one-sided – how sad a published author isn't mentoring an indie author.

  7. Lynsey

    Rachel, I stumbled onto your post through a friend and I am so very sorry to hear of your troubles. What an awful thing to happen! Do not give up!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Rachel

    I'm not an author but a reader 🙂 I was over on Amazon forums and people were talking about it over there. Everyone is very sympathetic and even though many of us are not authors, we still hate plagiarism in any form. You have my support and I hope this situation is resolved for you quickly.

  9. Anonymous

    Keep up the good fight, Rachel. An indie author I know has just sent this link to me because I today published a piece of short fiction to Amazon only to find that it was already there, clearly having been ripped off from free copies I was offering at Smashwords. Anyway it's in the hands of Amazon now. It sounds as though you are getting a lot of support so that's great. Best of luck. John.

  10. Anonymous

    Rachel, I'm rooting for you! It happened to me, too, with a book that was initially published in the UK (by my former publisher, one of the Big 6) by the same editorial team that passed on mine. The book went on to become a NYT bestseller (makes me want to vomit). And when my unsold UK rights reverted to me and I self-published that backlist title in the UK, I was the victim of a string of vitriolic reviews originating from 'readers' in the same town as this author lives……beginning on the day of e-publication, even though not one single copy has been sold. Can I prove it? Not without a huge legal retainer fee. Not sure I'd have the stomach for it, even if I did. It's caused me a lot of emotional anguish, made me lose a lot of joy for writing. My one comfort is knowing this scuzzball author (who said the book, which was her debut thriller, 'just flowed right out of her') has to find someone else to plagiarize because I haven't put any new work out there. I'll be watching, and praying for you. It takes guts to fight back, and I think you are a hero!

  11. Mariko

    She no longer has an author page on Goodreads either.

  12. Jan Martin

    Just learned about this. I am shocked and disheartened. Best of luck to you, Rachel.

  13. Anonymous

    You have my support too. I posted on FB.

  14. Unknown

    I saw this story on KSL, and the name "Rushton" sounded familiar as that is the last name of the family that owned a video game company several years ago called "Sensory Sweep" or sometimes "Fooptube" (and before that "Sapphire" that didn't pay many of their employees for many, many months before the company went under in 2009. There is a lawsuit about them as this company owes its former employees much money. Might be a coincidence, but maybe a coincidence that your lawyer should look into. Good luck on your case!

  15. Anonymous

    Rachel, I've been reading your books for years. If I were going to copy anyone's work it would probably be yours. She's paying you a compliment on one hand while breaking the law (legal and moral) on the other. I'm glad you're fighting her on this. I don't get on your blog much, so I'm thankful for your email to keep me updated. God bless you in this trial!

  16. karijean

    I am so sorry this happened to you! It breaks my heart. I would much rather you have time to write great books than have to deal with this. have read most of your books and have enjoyed them all. You have my 100% support.

  17. Jennifer Lane

    Keep up the good fight, Rachel! *hugs*

  18. Connie E. Sokol

    Unbelievable. Thank you for all you're doing to bring this kind of thing to light, I'm only frustrated for you at the time and energy this kind of thing takes. My prayers are with you and anything I can do to help.

  19. Janet Breton

    Wow, I'm so sorry that you're going through all this. This is certainly a person who is not honest and is attempting to cover her tracks. Please do take legal action. I hope you can find her.

  20. ~Sia McKye~

    Oh Rachel how awful to have this happen. I've never had this happen to fiction I've written but I have had it happen in non-fiction and it just wipes you out emotionally.

    To write a book is a lot of work and even more when you go through all the edits phases to do the final polish. It's part of you. To have someone take your hard work and claim it as their own has to feel like a stab in your creative heart.

    Glad to see you taking a stand for this issue. I'm glad to see the site for giving contributions to help you in your fight and I'll be glad to contribute.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  21. Jonathan Langford

    Wow! I hadn't heard about this before now, but oh, my gosh, it sounds like a real nightmare. You have my sympathies.

    I don't know if your efforts to track down and hold accountable the person involved will be successful. Hopefully, though, the publicity given to this will make it less likely that people will do things like this in the future and think they can just get away with it.

  22. Alex

    Cyberbullying the way this/these pathetic folks have can be excruciatingly painful. Wishing the best for you (and the just damage to *their* reputation which they need).

  23. Claude Nougat

    This is terrible, Rachel, and my heart is with you! I do hope that you can solve this soon and put it behind you. How shocking this all is!

  24. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you! Here is the link: Sorry about your paper. That's a person to watch because in my limited experience, if someone does it once, they have done it before and/or will do it again. Thanks for your comment!

  25. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks for asking. My main attorney has been in court this week, but they have examined the manuscripts and have everything they need to move forward. As soon as they advise, I will give a thorough update. I will say that I have been amazed at how easily information is tracked online by people who know how. No one is truly anonymous. I wish I could say more. As for STM, I have no idea what her thought process is! If you figure that out, let me know. Thank you for the support. It's been a rollercoaster, and a few people have done a lot of handholding these past two weeks since I learned about the theft, but the good thing that has come out of this for me is all the friends, new and old, who are standing with me. That's amazing. Something I will never forget.

  26. mlktrout


    I've never heard of you before but I saw your story on Jordan McCollum's blog and came over here to check it out. I can only say, like everyone else, that I'm sorry this happened. I've only run across plagiarism once and that was when someone with whom I was working stole a paper I'd shown her and posted it as her own work. I remember how I felt, so…well, I hope you can nail this thief to the wall. If you posted the donations account I missed it, so I'll go over this again and look at Jordan's thing again to see if it's there. Good luck.

  27. Ann Christy

    Her page *is* back up on Facebook and there are even public posts where she has reviews from "her" new book about the buddha auction. What's up with that? Can you update us or does the lawyer not want that?

  28. Jillian Haldeman

    Plagarism is crappy, low and really bad. Not only that but when they're taking many excuses into NOT SORTING IT – you know something's up. I may not like romance, or steamy novels… but ffs, if you're an author you're an author – your work is yours – this lady holds nothing (Plus ffs, if you're writing christian romance.. it's "UNGODLY" to steal :P)

  29. Avry

    I am a Craft Blogger and I know how it feels to have my work or pictures stolen and used without recognition. It is a tough thing to handle but I think you have done amazing! Keep your head held high. I have read some of your books (years ago) and enjoyed them. Just know that lies always catch up with a person and she will pay the price for what she has created.

  30. Doran & Jody

    I've got your back…and your books! Good luck on resolving this. What an awful thing for someone to steal your work. Be strong.

  31. Donna Tagliaferri

    This is so scary, how do we protect our art? My very best wishes for you to resolve this. I only have one suggestion….do not be afraid. Fear will put you in a position to not see the solutions. Those solutions are there, but if you become afraid the light lessens. Be strong! Be bold!! You are carrying the torch for all of us who write!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Amazon and legitimate reviewers do block and shun plagerizers as soon as their actions come to light, as was mentioned a little earlier on this blog.

  33. Regina Richards

    Since so much else about her seems to have been faked, I wonder if this is really a picture of her or if it is a stock photo of a model.

  34. Anonymous

    Here's another book she "wrote". I wonder who she stole this one from?

  35. Anonymous is registered as follows:

    Registrant Name: Toni Sinns
    Registrant Organization: Turning The Pages
    Registrant Street: 184 S 5th St
    Registrant City: Lake Mary
    Registrant State/Province: FL
    Registrant Postal Code: 32746
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.4075084209
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext.:
    Registrant Email:

  36. jeremyszal

    Hey Rachel,

    I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I seriously hope that you find a way to fix this and it all works out in the end.

    Jeremy Szal

  37. clarissa

    This lady is really digging herself a hole here! Yikes! I have a professor who likes to joke that all authors 'steal' but they were referring to a single line or phrase, not a whole book. I'm scared to be a writer now if this keeps up!
    Sorry it happened to you!

  38. Anonymous

    Pull the message headers or the Raw in the emails…if you have a Mac and are using Mail you just open the email and go up to the view—>Message—->Headers or Raw at that point look for the "sender IP is". Most likely if the messages were sent/received in less than a week to 10 days it would have the same IP address if one person is sending message from multiple accounts, assuming they aren't sending them from a mobile devices. If you are using Outlook just search "message header" in help or google and you should find the similar steps. You can also identify ISPs and timezones (which without the same IP might also indicate the same person) from the data but that takes looking through a little more closely.

    As a precaution in the future before you start engaging with someone save all the online data (PDFs work fine in most cases although in the case of emails save them off in their format such as "save as an attachment") because once someone start burning their trail it is a lot harder for you to reconstruct the entirety without subpoenas, which generally not only require a lawyer but a lawyer/case strong enough to go after data from some of the largest internet companies in the world. However what they put out on their own is free/fairgame.

    Frankly a cursory search seems to point to this could be a sock puppet identity where the biographical materials that are left has multiple inconsistencies (linkedin places her in Colorado Springs)…if you happen to have any photos from her accounts before she started burning them you can try google searching them (chrome makes this simple with a right click) but the one photo on blogs tied to her seems to be the only one and it is rather generic and only appear on those blogs.

    There is a Jennifer Culbreth (aka Jennifer Conner) who at one point lived in Colorado Springs (now in Florida) who seems to write similar types of books and seem to be connect up on the internet in some place (including Google+) you might want to reach out to her and see if she can give you anything in terms of background or information…might even want to see if there is more there than meets the eye. Good luck.

  39. Anonymous

    I haven't published anything yet, and after reading through all this drama I'm not sure I want to. I am so sorry you have had such a mess to deal with. The world would be such a simpler place if everyone was honest. I hope you'll post a happy ending to all this soon.
    Sincerely, Pam Anderson

  40. Elizabeth Mueller

    Rachel, I am so sorry to hear about this. You're such a wonderful person, I can't fathom anyone doing this to you, let alone at all! (Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!). I will keep you in my prayers… ((Hugs))

  41. Jen Crook

    As a book reviewer for Heather Moore, I am APPALLED at what is going on here. I read an email by Heather last week making mention of "something" going on but didn't realize who and what was happening. I am SO sorry! I used to work at Seagull Book and selling your books was by far the easiest thing to do. You write well, your stories are amazing, you never duplicate a story, and your ideas are original. I have read EVERYTHING you have ever written under your real name although now I want to check out your other books as well. If you are ever in need of a fan reviewer, let me know. I don't have to be asked twice. I love your work. I will be pushing this blog post to all my friends in the digital scrapbooking community in which I am a huge part of (they also see a lot of piracy) and also on Facebook. Good luck, I am interested to see where all this will lead.

  42. Caitlyn

    She's admitted in writing to you that she plagiarised your book, as your lawyer has no doubt told you. She's also forgotten that it doesn't matter if your book is in print or not, copyright exists on it until 75 years after the year in which the author dies. That means no-one can copy it until then. As an example, CS Lewis died in 1965. You try "borrowing" from his work until 20141 and see what happens to you.

    And lastly, it's a poor author who can't think up their own stories. I know there's supposed to be only seven basic plots, but there are a million ways to use them. Wish I could help with your funding. Meanwhile, though, good luck and you are in my prayers.

  43. Adrew Miller

    Always so beautiful to visit your heart & prayers for your beautiful young lady friend & her family.God Bless

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  44. Caitlyn

    Well, if you want to review my novel on your blog, I would be honoured. Let me know and I'll send a copy to you.

    It's only by all standing up together that we will not only defeat this person, but we'll also send out the message to anyone else that we won't allow this to happen.

  45. Anonymous

    Don't know if somebody above already picked up on this, but out of curiosity, I looked at her Goodreads page. Note that the quotes she presents as being from "Sam Taylor Mullens" are actually quotes from Sam Taylor (a different author, male and British). Might be worth notifying him of the problem as well.

  46. Charli Mac

    Found this review. Just wanted to let you know. This is a huge eye opener as aspiring author. Stay strong and keep writing.

  47. Renee Reynolds

    Just an FYI – don't leave the information sitting in your messages in Facebook. Since FB is forcing its Messenger app on everyone, you don't know from one day to the next when your access to the current messages will be stopped. 🙂

  48. Author Alys B. Cohen

    I wish Amazon did anything about the false reviews other than ignore them. I had some bullies do that with my debut novel, and I know the reviews were false since at that time, the only way to get by book, unless I personally sent a copy, was by buying digitally through Amazon. They weren't buyers. They severely damaged my book's score. Take their reviews out, and the ranking would be on par with the book's score on Goodreads.

  49. Renee Reynolds

    Not to go too far off topic, but I'm a fiercely proud indie and feel the need to say it's not just self-published authors that need the plagiarism check. Remember James Frey and A Million Pieces, the book that Oprah Winfrey loved and promoted? He was published by Random House/Doubleday. Stephen Ambrose (Band of Brothers author) was guilty of "borrowing" for his books The Wild Blue and Crazy Horse and Custer. Simon & Schuster published. Etc., etc.

    Amazon required me to furnish a SSN, TIN, ITIN, or EIN to publish (for tax purposes, so the feds get their due), so your identity does get verified. This is one way to track this Mullens person.

  50. Renee Reynolds

    We don't know each other personally, and I've never read your works (which I intend to remedy courtesy of Amazon's one-click), but as a fellow author I stand behind you 100%. I cannot believe people still think plagiarism is either "just borrowing an idea" or that they can somehow get away with it in this day and age. I applaud your tenacity in pursuing justice in this theft. Please don't let this bully overwhelm you or consume your days, but do stay strong in this fight!

    Reblogging and tweeting.

  51. JenniJames

    When this happened to me in 2011 I worked the publicity. Bad things have a way of turning into blessings for good people. You've got this. And thank goodness it was caught before she/they hurt others too. <3

  52. Charli Mac

    Another review, verbatim, that seems to be plagiarized as well. Wow. They can't even make up original reviews!


    Wow. Unbelievable. I did try to see the reviewer's reviews on but I get Avid Reader with no past or current info on any reviews. Seems those reviews have been deleted by someone, whether by the "reviewer" or Amazon. Not even profile data remains. Just FYI.

  54. Rachel Ann Nunes

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Brenda Gallaher

    I will be honest and say I have never read one of your books. With that said, I'm really sorry to hear that someone has stolen your book, reworked it and tried to pass it off as hers. And to make matters worse, she wrote pornography. How disgusting. I read the entire blog you posted and do not like what I have read. In high school or college she would have received and F for plagiarism and maybe thrown out of college. If it was me, I'd start looking to see who this Mullens person is and see what recourse I would have. Thanks for standing up for your rights. If one of us falls, we all fall.

  56. Alex

    That stinks. Sorry you have to go through this, and good on you for being professional about it, going public, and documenting everything that's happening. The best thing to do in situations like this is stay calm and honest.

  57. Andrea

    Rachel has active rights to her book and she owns the copyright. It is legally her responsibility to make sure things are taken care of, and not her former publisher's responsibility. However, her original publisher is already involved and may have to sue as well, to protect themselves and their other authors.

    We're already in the process of tracking IP addresses.

    Putting other people's names on her blog makes Rachel vulnerable for lawsuits, especially if any of the names or information she's been given are wrong or if the reviewers are using stolen identities. And even if the reviewers are in the wrong, they can still bring a lawsuit to Rachel for libel. (Yes, people who commit crimes can and do sue.)

    She has shared everything with her attorneys and they will let her know what she can make public and what she shouldn't publicize.

    The sites where the reviews are posted have been contacted multiplte times.

    I've known Rachel and her family for many, many years and she is NOT making this up. Nor is she sketchy for wanting to protect herself and her family.

  58. Anonymous

    Rachel – I've been googling this problem and I really think you need to get some interviews done. There have been no relevant news stories about Amazon's plagarism problem since Sept. of 2013, and most of them are from 2012. Amazon doesn't need any more bad press right now and they could turn this into a win for authors. We need to get them to do three major things. 1. Do an automated plagiarism check on all self-published submissions. They could contract with a company or develop their own software. 2. Require all authors to verify their identity before publishing 3. After plagiarists are caught, Amazon should freeze their accounts so they can never sell with Amazon again.

  59. Loughmillers

    Rachel, I am so sorry you are going through this. I just want to let you know that I am on your side completely.

  60. Robin Ruinsky

    The "author" still has an FB page up for one of her other books. Here's the link. I don't know if the owner can be traced from there.

  61. Karen Junker

    I was reading David Farland's Facebook page and was directed here — I made this comment on his page and will repeat it here:

    Hi, David — my suggestion, before you jump the gun and start a GoFundMe to sue the Sam person, is to 1) Get Rachel's original publisher of the book involved and get them to find out the IP address of where the emails came from and trace her that way, they can then have their attorney write a cease and desist letter 2) The original publisher can contact the Sam publisher and insist they take the book down (or have their attorney do it). In the case that it's a really small publisher and they won't or can't – then Rachel herself can do these things (if she can't trace the IP, I know people who can and who might help her). If the book is on Amazon in its plagiarized form, you can get them to take it down. Also, I think it's very sketch that Rachel won't give you the name of the fake reviewers — that is BS and she needs to contact the sites where they have posted fake reviews of her books and get them taken down.

  62. Amber L Argyle

    Look at all the people who have rallied around you! So glad to be a part of this author community.

  63. Rachel Ann Nunes

    THANK YOU, everyone for your comments and support, both here, on Facebook, and to my personal email. I am reading all of them, but as I am also busy working on finding STM's identity and taking care of my two-year-old who had some dental procedures on Saturday, it has become impossible to answer all of them individually. I am humbled by the outpouring of love and support from the writing community.

  64. Teya Peck

    Thank you for standing up. I was as wigged out as you with this. I am a brand new not even published yet indie author who's working hard to get there. Out of fear I almost did not want to continue writing my stories but having fear since stories if mine were taken by a teacher years ago in jr high I have been scared enough. I support your stand and it's helped me it keep going and not be ruled by fear of this happening. Oh and I am LOVING the reckoning hopefully I have that right the newest in the trilogy any way love it!!!!

  65. Anonymous

    I'm sorry you're going through this.

    I'd hazard a guess that she is reviewing ARC under fake names/accounts.

    Also, read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. From her plagiarism to playing victim to acting indignant to "it's our little secret", she sounds classic.

  66. Wendi Lee

    I haven't read all of the comments and someone has already suggested this, but I went to the suggested site "turning the pages" and followed the four links at the bottom. She still has one FB page that she hasn't shut down yet:
    Apparently she is already stumping for a new book.
    I have been a novelist and sympathize with your situation. I believe she is a pathological liar. She has no remorse and most pathological liars start doing it early as a survival mechanism. On the other hand, she kind of reminds me of George on "Seinfeld." Only not funny.

  67. shannon hale

    Wow. I'm so sorry. It's bad enough to have your work plagiarized, but the harassment is mind boggling. And to go after Crystal, the kind blogger! I'm amazed and disgusted. What a time and energy suck this must be for you all. Sending best wishes.

  68. JazMinderr

    Im so sorry you had to face this, I pray you find this person and that it gets resolved.
    I agree with one of the above comments you should make a donations page so if you have a lot of legal fees we can donate something to help you out. Its not fair at all and this person should be flushed out
    Best of luck to you and hugs from Scotland xxx

  69. Myra Nour

    Rachel, this is absolutely disgusting behavior from another author. Sending you good wishes for your work in general.

    Recently, BTS Book Reviews had a author accuse us of placing her work in our emag without her permission, and filed a false claim at our host Issuu. We never heard of this author and certainly didn't have her book in our magazine. Be impossible since the AUTHOR'S send us their work after they have purchased advertising. We are pursuing legal action against this author.

    Why am I talking about this here? Because it has the same scummy feel to me.

    Myra Nour

  70. Ivy

    Rachel, I help lead a young adult writing club at my local library with a few fellow college students, and after finding this blog post yesterday, I shared it with all of the young writers at our meeting today! I know it won't change anything in your situation, but hopefully it will keep this horrible thing from happening to others in the future.
    Just know you have the complete support of all of us! We are all so angry and frustrated on your behalf. From some wanna-be-writers to you, we wish you the best of luck!!

  71. Amber L Argyle

    I reported all those ridiculous "reviews" and I've tried to spread the word. Let me know if I can do anything else.

  72. Amber L Argyle

    I. Am. So. Sorry. It isn't fair that you are being attacked.

  73. Jane McBride

    I'm sorry to hear about this. I don't know you personally but have heard of you and know you wouldn't do anything wrong. The woman's whole "story" is ridiculous. I'll probably draw fire for this, but I have an autistic child and I find it hard to believe that she really is involved in all that extracurricular "good works" as she claims. If she really does it, she must have one heck of a support system. I'm also an Indie author and support you fully. She should just back out of it all now before she gets herself into anymore trouble.

  74. Anonymous

    The fact that she's threatening *you* with a harassment case (as you mentioned above) is not ironic, it's actually standard operating procedure for someone with a b o r d e r l i n e * p e r s o n a l i t y * disorder. (Note: I am not a doctor/psychologist.) A BPD will accuse you of doing to her everything she is doing to you, in order to muddy the waters and make it appear to be "he said, she said." You are lucky in that you have documentation and a large support group telling you that you are not crazy. I recommend "In Sheep's Clothing" by George K. Simon as a resource book on dealing with "covert aggressives." It's more about dealing with manipulation in the workplace and in relationships, but a lot of the information will be helpful in understanding how people like that think.

  75. Melody Parks

    You have my sympathies, Rachel, most sincerely. I found your post an Candy Burkes twitter page and have RT'ed it.
    I read your entire post but only skimmed the comments. You definitely have support and hopefully you can draw a little comfort from that.
    What I found alarming was when I clicked on the amazon link you left showing the bad reviews this person left. Their amazon reviewer name is Avid Reader. This is what shocked me. Since day one, when I opened my amazon account… (years before becoming an author myself) my reviewer name on amazon 'was' avid_reader.
    I changed my reviewer name recently because approximately 6 months ago a couple of authors that I worked with and had beta read for asked me why I was leaving them bad reviews.
    "I'm not" I said.. then I link them to my review to prove it.
    Then we discover I am not the only reviewer posting as avid reader….. I rectify this quickly by changing my review name because this avid reader person is leaving a lot of bad reviews for other authors I work with. And the reviews they wrote made it clear they hadn't really read the books. So I figured it was jealous imp or someone who just wants to make it hard for romance authors to succeed.

    The reason I shared that with you is because I think whomever this Sam person, this Avid Reader person, is not just plagiarizing you Rachel. I think the root behind this evil runs much deeper than anyone thinks. I think the main goal behind this person is to destroy and discredit honest hard working authors. I have more reasons to support this claim but I do not wish to share them publicly because then avid reader.. aka.. Sam can also see them.
    I hope you do contact a lawyer Rachel and get this persons real name… the one thing they seem terribly protective of and rightly so if they have something to hide, right?
    Lawyers are expensive people and that might weigh heavily on your decision… I know it would mine, but if you were to put out a little jar for some support .. some little 'help me get this plagiarizing monkey off my back and yours' type of donation fund. I would support you.
    Today this villain or band thereof is preying upon you… which one of us will it be tomorrow?
    If there is anything a fellow author can do to help, please look me up and I wish you the best of luck.

  76. James Hubbs

    She may also have multiple pseudonyms. Who knows how many other authors she's plagiarized. Something else to have Amazon look into.

  77. Michelle Thomas

    As a reader, reviewer, blogger and lover of all things book related, I"m kind of shocked at the negative responses and reviews you have received. I'll be sending info to Amazon that the reviews are abusive, hopefully it will help get them deleted. Hope you can get this taken care of and the woman gets the punishment she deserves. Good luck Rachel.

  78. burnita

    Wow!!! I support you! Did she really think she was going to get away with this?

  79. Dae O'Keagan

    A writing teacher told us years ago that "No one wants to steal your little story." Looks like the modern, online world makes that no longer true. Shame

  80. LoraLee Evans

    It looks like Bethany Booklover Johnson's facebook was taken down.

  81. Sheri Rohrbacher

    I'm a new writer and have only had one story published in a fiction emagazine. I was thinking of putting some of my work on the net for free but now I'm not sure I want to do that. I work very hard on my stories. It's one thing to adapt an idea but to outright steal someone's words without acknowledgement is wrong. She obviously knows who you are and your work.

  82. Over The Moon For Books

    It seems Bethany Booklover Johnson has taken down her Facebook page.

  83. kbrebes

    What a nightmare, Rachel. Hope it ends quickly!

  84. Sarah B

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Candy Burke

    Not sure if this has been posted, but IT IS THE SAME person.

  86. Victorine

    I'm horrified this is happening to you. I can't imagine going through not only the plagiarism but the subsequent abuse as well. Let me know if I can do anything, I'm an LDS indie author.

  87. LoraLee Evans

    Rachel, from what I've seen of Simple Book Review's reviews I suspect that she and Sam Taylor Mullens are one and the same person

  88. LoraLee Evans

    And a "supporter" said she worked on Ute and Navajo Reservations. The only place in CO where there are Ute and Navajo reservations right close to each other where someone could feasibly work on both, would be southern Colorado. Assuming that part at least, is true.

  89. Candy Burke

    I literally feel sick to my stomach. I'm so sorry Rachel. You must feel so deeply violated! Writing is hard work, and extremely personal. To have some one just take that…*shutter*

    Since this woman appears to publish (I won't say write) under different pens,I wonder if she's done this before? I hope your attorney is able to litigate, and that you will keeps us all updated. This fight serves not only for your benefit, but to the benefit of all writers.

  90. Jessica Douglas

    Just another voice of support. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure half the defenders of this lady are really… just this lady using more pseudonyms. I'm not an author, but the criminal mindset between art theft and plagerism is the same, and every time I've busted someone for stealing my work, they seem to go into multiple personality mode to try and justify their actions. As if having a room full of 'people' to shout their opinion will somehow make it right.

    Keep on truckin', you've got lots of support that isn't made up of imaginary people.

  91. David G. Johnson

    Don't write or read romance, but as a fellow author, I stand with you against plagiarism. The market is already tight enough now, and difficult enough to get established and known. For someone who claims to be a fellow author to steal so boldly and then take such pains to turn the righteous anger against the original author is a travesty. We will pray for you in this situation, but also will be ready to sign any petitions, or take any action that would be helpful as you take this stand for authors everywhere.
    Rev. David G. Johnson
    Author of Chadash Chronicles Book 1: Fool's Errand, Book 2: Mystic's Mayhem and soon to be released book 3 Paryn's Gold.

  92. Jody W. and Meankitty

    This is one of the weirdest plagiarism stories yet! Why do people do this? It's one thing to pull a "Weird Al" and write a delightful, outright parody but another to plagiarize.

  93. Kath

    Crystal, I know its hard, but I would try not to take it too personally. She probably just got into her head that you were the one that gave Rachel an ARC (even though you didn't and if you did there is NOTHING wrong with that since its Rachels book anyway). I think she is just starting to lash out at anyone she can. She is panicking and not thinking rationally. She's trying to divert the attention off of her and onto someone else. It was a stupid move to make, not only will it gain you supporters but it will draw even more attention to the situation (which if she was smart, she wouldn't want). Instead of laying low, she is just stirring up more drama (which she claims to hate) and getting more and more people involved. Like Rachel said, she's just digging a bigger hole for herself.

  94. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Liane, the autism comment was one something fellow authors said in response to Mullens's email. She claimed she WASN'T writing for the money, which can't be true. Writing for release, or personal satisfaction, or even for money is a different thing, I think, than plagiarizing just for fun. No normal person would do it because they'd be writing for REAL or taking care of other important things. Mullens was trying to get sympathy so I wouldn't pursue the matter, and it made authors angry that she would use autism as a way to escape judgment for what she did. I have seven children and the authors who commented also have children. They would in no way indicate that a mother shouldn't take time to follow her dream. Writing personally keeps me sane, and I think I am a better mother when I get that release. And my children are better because they learn to do more for themselves. Kudos to you for writing with all the other pressures you have!

  95. Liane

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I can't imagine how devastating it must be to have your work pillaged in this way. I do want to make one comment regarding autism, and I hope you won't take offense to it. I'm the mom of two boys with autism. I describe myself as mother, advocate, writer, in that order. I hope I misinterpreted when you mentioned that a mother of a child with autism should not be writing, but rather taking care of her child. There were times my writing was the only thing that kept me sane during the fight for my kids' futures. Working outside of the home was impossible and my writing was the one way I could feel part of a world I didn't get a whole lot of chances to participate in aside from advocacy work. Just food for thought. Thanks for hearing me out. Good luck with your quest, I do believe you'll prevail.

  96. Rachel Ann Nunes

    You said it! And the more we learn, the book it looks like it's a group of women. They did actually add scenes and change the book from third to first person, so though it's the same novel, they have more vested than some plagiarizers. The money issue is frightening, I'll admit. She has sent me two emails threatening a harassment suit, but I haven't replied. Guess she doesn't like having to switch pen names.

  97. zhochaka

    It is getting very difficult for anyone to have a unique, unchanging, IP address. The world has run out of new addresses, and people are having to share them. You will find the domain names in the email headers, and they might be traceable. There will be a name attached to them, but it may not be real. Some places, privacy laws can apply. It will be part of a picture, but it will likely need more.

    It certainly seems that some of the "reviewers" could be the same person using a plausible fake identity. If email headers match, it's more likely. But I could send emails from totally different accounts, if I wished, without moving from my chair, and none of that data would need to match. My smartphone uses an IP connection that is totally different from the computer I am typing on.

    Our only salvation is that the crooks can be so incredibly stupid.

  98. Michelle Devon

    Another option is to ask your attorney to send a request to Amazon. They paid her for her books on Kindle, which means they have to have her taxpayer ID (usually a social security number), which means they absolutely know her real name–or at least a family member who used their name for her payments, perhaps her husband? Anyway, Amazon will know who she is. If the attorney requests identifying information from Amazon, they may either reveal who she is to the attorney/courts, or they may be willing to forward a letter from your attorney to her directly. We hunted someone down that way once, where my attorney sent a letter to Amazon, and Amazon agreed to forward it for us (though they refused to reveal who she was without a court order.)

    Good luck. I'm really good at tracing IP addresses, if you want me to try too, though I'm sure you have plenty of help from folks you probably know better than me, a random stranger who saw this whole saga shared amongst writer circles on Facebook!

  99. Michelle Devon

    I suppose this is silly thinking or paranoia, but at this point, can anyone be sure that's actually a picture of her and not one she's taken off the internet to portray her? Or maybe she's using a family member's photo or something? At this point, every action becomes suspect, I suppose.

  100. Gail Hart

    This person's gall is astonishing. Besides plagiarizing you, she has arguably libeled both Crystal and your married niece, and she just keeps digging herself a deeper hole. I would second Theresa Small Sneed's suggestion that if money becomes an issue, you ask for help through crowdsourcing or other means. In the meantime, I've followed Crystal on Twitter, liked Meghen's Facebook page, and downloaded A Bid For Love, which is currently free on Amazon.

    I also applaud you for staying so calm and rational.

  101. Gail Hart

    I'm pleased to see that the Avid Reader reviews are gone from Amazon.

  102. jerel

    "I feel as if they’ve broken into my house and stolen something very dear to me": they have. A plot isn't something you can hold in your hand, and an idea doesn't take up space on the shelf. But they are property just the same. Writing is hard work. It's sweat and tears and anxiety and frustration. It's hitting a wall. It's being unable to fall asleep or waking up at 3 a.m. If someone stole your car or your jewelry, you could get it back (or get the money for it.) What you do to get that writing on the page? You cannot get that back.

  103. Rachel Ann Nunes

    In a few days, I will be posting a link where you can upload any screenshots or saved pages that anyone might have on this case, so please save them!

  104. Rachel Ann Nunes

    By the way, I added the above to let everyone know that though Crystal was willing to the right thing, she wasn't the one who send me the ARC in the end. When I went to email her, another blogger had already sent me the book (and it wasn't the kind reviewer from Thirty Second Book Reviews, either–but someone else altogether, who has stayed publicly out of the fray). Unfortunately, I posted this only after I heard that Crystal is now being attack on a Facebook page run by Bethany Booklover Johnson for "selling" ARCs. Even if she had given me the ARC, the book belongs to ME not to Bethany Johnson (or Mercedes Booklover Drakos or Macey Booklover, or Sam Taylor Mullens). Please give Crystal support by visiting her blog:.

  105. LoraLee Evans

    Holy Cow. That's slander. Or libel I suppose. This person needs to answer for what she's doing. The book really needs to be thrown at her, now. She's just digging herself deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, unfortunately, she's trying to pull innocent people down while she's doing it. 🙁

  106. Anonymous

    I thought you'd like to know that the word is getting out. I heard about your plight from a tweet by SF author John Scalzi. I'm so very sorry you are having to take valuable time to fight this thief (and a not very creative thief at that – not to mention a liar). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that she is not fooling anyone. And rather than scaring me away from your work, she has actually achieved the opposite. I hadn't actually heard of your work before (I'm afraid I don't read much from your genre). Now I'm going to go straight to Amazon and buy your books. I can't wait to read them. Hang in there, and rest easy knowing that you actually gained a reader from all this.

  107. ~ Crystal ~

    Here is my blog: My first post is about this situation….

  108. Rissa Watkins

    Jordan- thank you for having the bigger image- I couldn't get it big enough to compare and yes, you are right, they don't look like the same person. I deleted my comment linking to her page. However the other one which is private does seem suspect.

    Thank you!

  109. ~ Crystal ~

    Paul: Yes, unfortunately I found out. She's also been messaging all of the authors that I have done reviews for. Some are authors I work with on a level higher than just blogger/author (you can probably apply the term "street team" here). This Booklover must really hate me. :-/

  110. Mel

    a friend of mine, a book blogger and author shared this with me, I'm so infuriated that you are having to go through this! I've shared on the FB page and in you group Coffee and a Good Book. I hope this is resolved quickly for you and you get some justice. *hugs*

  111. Kaye

    Crystal I also have screenshots of her posts. When looking at her Facebook page it looks eerily similar to Sam Taylor Mullens original Facebook page right down to the comments and posts that are on there. She has recently changed her profile picture but I downloaded the one she had up there earlier.

  112. Paul Harpham

    Not sure if you know but this 'booklover' is now accusing you Crystal of selling off Arcs on her facebook page.

  113. Rachel Ann Nunes

    What is your book blog? For starters, we'll pass that around and more people will sign up for you reviews than will even see her post. It's ridiculous. You'll make a post there and just keep doing book reviews. Just let me know what you're looking for and where to send them and you'll be flooded!

  114. LoraLee Evans

    Oh my. I'm no criminal law expert, but just from what I saw, I would think that she's in bigger trouble than just plagiarizing now. What the heck does she think she's gaining?!

  115. ~ Crystal ~

    You may have to be her friend to see her page. Not sure.

  116. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I'm really sorry. It especially is terrible when you weren't even the one who gave me the ARC. Anyway, the book is mine, not hers.

  117. Rachel Ann Nunes

    You know, she's just digging herself in deeper.

  118. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Is there a URL where people can see and comments to support you?

  119. s.e. smith

    I am so sorry you are going through this. Having been the victim of plagiarism myself, I know how heartbreaking, frustrating, and violating it is. I'll keep you in my thoughts, and I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.

  120. ~ Crystal ~

    Thank you. I have been taking screen shots of everything.

  121. ~ Crystal ~

    On a facebook account: Bethany Booklover Johnson. I was also emailed under, yet, another name.

  122. Rachel Ann Nunes

    And I should add that you have returned that kindness many times to me over the past fourteen years.

  123. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you, Heather for posting. I remember those days well. BTW, I still pick up my daughter in my PJs!

  124. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Crystal, that was a nice offer, but someone already sent it. Thanks anyway!

  125. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Can you tell us where they are doing this posting?

  126. Rachel Ann Nunes

    No! That's terrible. I'm so sorry. What can we do? Please take screen shots of all their comments. Amazon has said that they will give her info with a subpoena, and they can be charged with harassment. The irony is that she just threatened me with a harassment case.

  127. Anonymous

    Earlier this year I bought a book of off Amazon but didn't get around to reading until the next month. I read it and loved it but when I went to check out other works by the author I could not find her author page on Amazon. The book page wasn't even there.

    I did a google search of her, trying to locate her website and discovered that she had plagiarized the book. It was almost word for word exactly the same as a fanfic work which was available for free online. The fake author didn't even change the character names, although she did change the ending, I guess she thought that would make her book original?

    Anyway, I was very upset about having given this person money by buying the plagiarized book. I couldn't find her on Amazon because they had taken down her page and books after being informed of the plagiarism.

    I contacted Amazon to get a refund because I did not want to the fake author to get the proceeds from my purchase. Even though it was after the 7 day return deadline, because of the plagiarism, Amazon refunded the purchase, thereby taking her ill-gotten profits away.

    I'm not sure if any copies of this Sam woman's book were sold, but if they were, customers should be able to get refunds and cut off her profits.

  128. Anonymous

    I would also suggest trying to find out if she plagiarized any of her other books, then contacting the true authors and giving them a chance to join any legal action.

  129. ~ Crystal ~

    Her (Mullins) cronies (or her, whatever) are now harassing me and trying to ruin my book blog because of my comments here.

  130. Anonymous

    Just a note, she no longer has an author page on Amazon US. And none of her books are available on the site at all. Amazon takes plagiarism very seriously (I posted about an incident that happened earlier this year in a separate comment).

  131. Michael Gordon

    I thought we were friends on Facebook. I guess my reasoning was having 52 mutual friends. Anyway, I sent you a friend request so I can message you. I hope the info helps.

  132. Cindy A Christiansen

    It's a sad, sad day. With a heavy heart, I pray that God will comfort you and bring you peace through this difficult time. I have enough difficulty dealing with all the sites stealing our work and having to send them DMCA notices. This is just incomprehensible. I have been harassed publicly by someone and their friends. It's not fun. I cried, lost sleep, became ill. I pulled my posts when I had done nothing wrong. This person eventually apologized by email but not publicly. It was one of the hardest things I've been through. I can't even imagine what you are gong through. My hat is off to you for standing up for what is right and seeing it through. Many blessings to you.

  133. Konstanz Silverbow

    This is sickening. I am so sorry you're going through this, Rachel! I stand behind you 100%!

    Went through and marked all of those one star reviews as unhelpful and spam. I know its not much but I hope it helps!

  134. AnnaSchu

    Yeah good thing all her bios say she has an "extremely supportive husband." What I want to know is who can find the time to write books in SECRET? seriously? She's got a severe case of the whackadoos

  135. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I now have the entire ARC, and everything the reviewers said is true. The entire plot, words. A complete violation. No wonder she wouldn't send it to me. Does anyone know anything about FS Custom Book Cover Design. They are listed in the ARC.

  136. Theresa Small Sneed

    Absolutely amazing. My heart goes out to you, Rachel. So sorry this happened to you and grateful you've had the courage to stand up to it. I hope that she will be brought to justice – there has to be some way to track down who she really is. She had to file a taxi ID, did she not? I'd hire a PI and continue to pursue it. If money is an object, create a go-fund me page for it – I'm SURE you will get the support from every honest, hardworking and respectable author and many friends as well. Blessings to you, Theresa

  137. LoraLee Evans

    To be as brazen as her, I expect it would take an extreme lack of regard for one's fellow human beings. An "Other people don't matter because they're not me," kind of attitude. I'll bet it's a thrilling feeling at first, but I'll bet there's a tremendous crash later. I'll bet it's like a drug addiction.

  138. LoraLee Evans

    I hope you can find out who she is, Rachel. Who else will she victimize in the future if she isn't found out?

  139. LoraLee Evans

    I double posted. *eye roll*

  140. Jo Noelle

    Did she use ISBNs for her books? If so they are registered to real people and businesses. Maybe look for her "Publishing" name as well as a business license in those names. Before everything came down, she mentioned Colorado and California as places where she lived or was from.

  141. Amanda Lee

    I think the two remaining books have either been yanked by Amazon or the author. They're gone.

  142. Heather Moore

    Rachel, about 14 years ago I attended a workshop that you taught through a community program. I remember coming away from it feeling inspired. You talked about how you wrote 2,000 words a day, and sometimes it took you a couple of hours, but most of the time it took the whole day. You'd often pick up your kids from school still wearing PJ's. Your kids learned to cook dinner. You frequently wrote with a toddler in your lap. You took breaks to play with your kids and you took them as many places with you as possible. As a young mom, it was a huge inspiration to me to know that I could set a word count goal, and that sometimes my family could have hot dogs for dinner, and it would be okay to follow my dreams. You have worked so hard at being a writer and a mom and a supporter of many other writers. You've brought wonderful Christian fiction and other books to women who need a lift during their days of challenges. Thank you for standing up for this, because you are standing up for all of us.

  143. LoraLee Evans

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  144. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you! I am going to see if we can figure this out using this site.

  145. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks. I'll look into it.

  146. Laura

    You can trace her IP address by using the email she sent you. ( Give the IP address to your lawyer, who will then have to get a court order for her ISP to release information about the person. Considering the evidence you've provided, I don't see why a judge would say no. However, your lawyer will know what to do.

  147. ~ Crystal ~

    I believe it was sent directly to the kindle address so I have no idea if there is a way to get it off to share.

  148. ~ Crystal ~

    I just checked my amazon account. It was sent to me in an email and I sent it to my kindle. I checked my email account and you are in luck. I still have the pdf file from my SENT folder.

    If you email my book blog: bookwormsandcouchpotatoes AT aol DOT com, I'll send it to you.

  149. nkkingston

    I tried to post earlier but I don't think it worked. Anyway, as long as she's not using a proxy or on dial up (because that can really screw with IP addresses) you should be able to get the IP addresses from the emails and narrow down whether (a) they're the same person and (b) what city they're in. It'll also hopefully show the ISP, their web provider, who could be petitioned to reveal the identity or location of the plagiarist.

  150. Lucinda W.

    If she connects her Kindle to her computer, she can move MOBI to her desktop and then email it, right? It might be worth a try.

  151. Nancy Campbell Allen

    Hugs, Rachel. This is completely nuts. <3

  152. Jamie Mason

    Count me in as a fellow writer outraged on your behalf. Although, it might be fascinating to know – just for moment – how it feels to be as brazen as Mullens.


    Thank you for taking to time to chronicle this. It's important and I hope that, like all the world's weirdness, it enriches your imagination and spurs you to great words. After you stop pulling your hair out, of course.

    Best wishes in general — and most particularly for a swift and satisfying resolution to this debacle.


  153. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Yes. But could you send through Facebook? A friend tracked down some, and we are saving them at this point watch what happens because she'll do this again, no doubt. Thanks!

  154. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you! I appreciate the well-wishes ant the Facebook post. We do need the ARC for the attorney, and one reviewer has promised it, but she's not sure how to get it off her Kindle. Any ideas as you know how it was sent?

  155. Uncle Lar

    Not a lawyer either, but you might suggest to yours that there may be a case here for cyber bully charges against this thief given the e-mails you've received and her attempt to harm you through bad Amazon reviews. CB laws vary from state to state, so depends on your location just what might be possible.

  156. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks, Loralee. No, I think your problems are so much harder. I do thank you for your support!

  157. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks. It is hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. I did just have an idea for a novel about this, so that must mean I'm not as upset as I was. All the support has helped.

  158. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you. Do let me know if he can help. Once we have an identity, it'll all be in the attorney's lap.

  159. Jordan McCollum

    Plagiarism is a very serious accusation, so making allegations is not something to be done lightly. I think there are at least two different Jacquelyn Smiths we're looking at here–and it's a pretty common name/pseudonym (after the actress especially).

    I noticed the private profile you mention yesterday afternoon in conjunction with her review, but the public profile you're looking at hasn't posted any new reviews in nearly a year (which I noted last night less than an hour after you posted your comment–she'd have to be very on top of this to be deleting reviews that fast, and Goodreads' RSS feed of her activity, also slow to update, shows only one update in 11 months).

    The two reviews you linked to both link back to the same Google+ account, which claims to be run by a dog-loving grandma. (The author Jacquelyn Smith has no dog–and you know how dog people are.) The Google+ account links to a Goodreads account that is now not found, while one of the blogs links back to the same private profile you listed above. (The author's Goodreads profile hasn't changed.) Those all seem to be the same person, but I'm not really seeing any connection between her and the author Jacquelyn Smith.

    Here's a larger picture of the author Jacquelyn Smith: And another of her, openly writing under the pen name Kat Irwin: When you look at the photos full size, it looks to me like their noses and lips and even their faces are very different shapes–but we have no way of knowing if that's really a picture of STM at all.

  160. Rachel Carrington

    I'm just now reading all of this, and I'm horrified! I'm so sorry this is happening to you, Rachel! One way to find out her real name is through the person who set up the blog tour. She had to have given her real name for payment purposes or even her cover artist. If she used PayPal, they will assist if fraud is suspected. Again, I'm so sorry!

  161. Michael Gordon

    By the way, I think I've tracked down some of her known associates. Would you like me to send it to you with the methodology of how I found these people?

  162. Kayla D. and Cortney R.

    Also, it looks like Titan Publishing did a banner for her, for The Auction Deal:

  163. Zoe N.

    Rachel –
    I'm a blogger, and I find this absolutely unacceptable. Illegally stealing something you've poured your heart into is one thing, but making up stories and excuses and twisting everything into making you seem like the culprit is just going two steps too far.

    This is absolutely outrageous, and I hope you're able to sort everything out as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing this, and I know I and everyone else in the blogging community will do everything we can to help you sort this out. Keep us all updated, okay?

  164. ~ Crystal ~

    Does it make me a bad person that I hadn't deleted the ARC yet? I received the email from "Sam" about the plagiarism allegations but had not logged into my Amazon address to delete it yet.

    Even though my book blog is on a hiatus right now, I will be posting the link to this post on the fb page along with a note of my EXTREME displeasure in "her" actions (several of her "booklover" friends are followers of my page).

    I will be checking out your books (all 3 genres) just as soon as my ARC list dwindles down. 🙂

    I am so sorry this has happened to you and I hope that she is punished accordingly.

  165. jennysmum2000

    If you go to amazon dot com and bring up the 2 remaining books and look inside, the cover design company is named along with the other acknowledgements.
    I think its the same one for both.
    HTH Jan

  166. Heatherly

    If it is a legal issue can you get IP addresses etc. Mark the reviewers or contact the website publisher to blog all users from that IP address? Not sure if this is all possible but the reality is that everything is traceable on the internet. I am guessing the reviewers are the same person but different IDs. I may be wrong but I wonder if those last reviewers and the person who wrote you are not all the same person.

  167. littlerdog

    Some years ago, I was an editor on a magazine that had to deal with someone who had plagiarised a poem and sent it to us for publication. This same person had also allegedly plagiarised a novel and claimed it as their Nano novel. They contacted us repeatedly using multiple identities who all claimed to be friends of this person. I'm seeing an uncanny similarity here.

  168. Kayla D. and Cortney R.

    According to this interview (, she uses a company called Fostering Success for cover design. Maybe a place to start?

  169. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Once we get a name, we may need you! Thanks!

  170. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Okay, so this is a great new suggestion. Do you have an idea where to start on tracking down a cover designer. The other books she has looks similar. Would your friend be willing to ask around? We just need a name and state.

  171. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I think you are right! I'll let you know. We are narrowing it down.

  172. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks, Andrew. I'm hoping we can put a name to her because she trail we have so far leads makes is clear she is set up to do this again under other pen names.

  173. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate it. You sound like the kind of reader I am a writer. I finally started using a couple pen name (all public knowledge, lol) to separate everything! I'll take a peek at the URL you gave me!

  174. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you! Hugs received!

  175. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I know. A lot of people have voiced this to me. I don't have an answer.

  176. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks for your kind words. I do feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone! What kind of books do you review? I do mostly religious novels under my real name, but do urban fantasy and romance under a pen name (and in the light of the plagiarizing author's hidden identity, I should say my pen names are public knowledge on my website, lol).

  177. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks so much. What kind of books do you review?

  178. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks, Jennifer. If you like romantic urban fantasy, I also publish under the pen name Teyla Branton. I'll check out Dear Author!

  179. Lisa Heck

    This is horrible! I hope you get justice! She's an absolute disgrace to the indie author world…

  180. Amanda

    I can't imagine how this must make you feel, so I did the only thing I thought might help: I went to Amazon and bought four of your books.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this.

  181. Michaela Mills

    Rachel, I shared this link on my FB wall and a friend, who is also a book cover designer, commented with a great idea for tracking Mullens' real identity. She said this:

    Are they still trying to figure out who Mullens really is? Track down the cover designer. You'd be AMAZED at who some of my clients are. At the end of the day, their electronic payment has their real name and address.:)

  182. Vee

    Horrified new author here. I looked at all of Sam's info, sites, and even her FB team page (tons of pix of her dog; not one on her kids except for a new birth). Got me wondering. She appears to be cranking books out quickly. Do you think she plagiarized ALL of them? How can we find out? Please keep us posted. I will try to friend you on FB (Vikki Lawrence)!

  183. Beth

    I'm almost as appalled by the bloggers who are complicit in this. It seems to me like deleting the ARCs rather than turning them over is perpetuating fraud. I almost wonder if they could be held liable in some way, maybe as accessories, if this comes to court.

    Good luck getting this taken care of! Peace and love to you.

  184. Alissa Voss

    I have a contact who may be able to help. He's worked in cyber security for several Fortune 500 companies. I've written to him already and will put him in touch with you if he can help. I'm so sorry you're going through this 🙁 Behind you 100%

  185. Andrew

    And Blogger ate my response. >.<

    Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and offer my support to you and hope that this person is brought to justice so they can never do this again. I wish I said your case is isolated, but I've seen a LOT of authors getting plagiarized. Thankfully, in this era of digital novels, it is really easy to spot.

    Best of luck,

    P.S. I'm also a writer, so plagiarism really makes me angry. It's just so stupid.

  186. Michaela Mills

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  187. David Layton

    Another supporter here. As a librarian, these things are good to know. If her books were in print format, I would make it a point to not purchase them. I'm seriously appalled. She's in the wrong genre though – with the stories she's inventing, she should not be in steamy romance, but more of a bizarre M.T. Anderson sort of fairy tale. At least you've been getting good publicity. I saw the post on several of my author friends' facebook posts.

  188. Michaela Mills

    I'm in Colorado. Happy to help any way I can.

  189. Michaela Mills

    Wow. As a writer, it feels so weird to be at such a loss for words. I read the entire post, as well as all of the comments. I am shocked and appalled on your behalf. I hope you and your lawyer are able to bring this horrible person to justice. It's one thing to plagiarize; it's something else completely to lie seemingly pathologically about it all and then try to turn it around—and Ito a witch hunt against you, no less! What kind of person does that??

    In addition to working on my own novels, I blog about other books, help promote, write reviews, host interviews, etc. I will be picking up at least this book (and quite possibly more) to read and review on my site. I would love to host an interview about this topic and how important it is to have such a tight-knit author "family" to help protect us and lift us up, let alone get our back from time to time. Please feel free to reach out if you would be interested. I would love to have you.

    Brightest of blessings to you and a full amount of hope that you're able to get this resolved quickly and fairly—and hopefully with a tangible dollar amount attached as it seems these kinds of people don't learn unless you hit them where it hurts—straight in the pocketbook. Best of luck!!


  190. gythalodge

    In terms of tracking her down, she appears to look like this from a quick search:

    And she apparently lives in Colorado, has two kids and a schnauzer named Charlie…

    Know anyone in Colorado who could help? I think sharing the picture around enough should do the trick!

    Best of luck,



  191. Kim Baccellia

    Oh, my gosh, Rachel. You're one LDS author from Deseret that I love. Hate to read that this is happening to you. Sending cyber hugs your way. I'm with all the others. I'm with you and so sorry someone thinks that they can just go ahead and 'steal' form an author and rewrite sex scenes in them and get away with it.

  192. Lisa Marie

    Hi, [tried to post a comment, not sure it went thru so trying another quick one]
    Found your post via twitter [a regular user and victoriastrauss] …I am a voracious read of most anything ….I am APPALLED at what happened… I hope you and your attorney take full legal action against her… who knows if her other stories were plagiarized ? omg.
    ANYway… she is also here: not sure if that will help…
    I know legal fees can accumulate pretty quickly so if I find anything on her I will post it here..
    good luck and stay strong… she must be fully exposed [legally of course 🙂 ]
    All the Best

  193. Kat

    For what it's worth, one of her bios lists her as being from Colorado:

    " I am happily married living in beautiful Colorado. I have two daughters, a son, and a schnauzer named Charlie. I love a good day hanging out with my daughters. On weekends, I am actively involved in special needs recreational sports teams with my autistic son.

    I did not set out to conquer the literary world, win awards, sell a million copies, or have any piece of fiction be my claim to fame. I simply wanted to write a novel I enjoyed reading. A character stuck in my mind, brought their friends with them and ran with it. Writing is an escape for me. If you enjoyed this piece of fiction, related to the characters or the plot then my efforts were not in vain.

    Stalk Links:
    Twitter: MullensSam "

  194. Sherry Gammon

    So sorry. What a wicked and perverse world we live in anymore. I'm behind you 100%

  195. Sheryl Nantus

    I'll add my support as a fellow author and a plea – PLEASE keep on writing! Don't let this criminal keep you from doing what you love to do and keep sharing your work with the world.

  196. Rissa Watkins

    Just wanted to let you know, you are not alone. Lilith Saintcrow went through this last year and the plagiarizer was equally as nasty…

  197. Joyce DiPastena

    Coming in late to your blog post, but I want to extend my support with the rest. What has happened to you is appalling. Thank you for for standing up to expose this. If she has plagiarized you, she probably has or will plagiarized someone else. (Well, hopefully not now, because I'd like to think this incident will give her serious second thoughts in the future.) Hang in there, Rachel!

  198. Catherine Lee

    As a librarian, I am sad to read about your tribulations. I'm also sorry to say that versions of this (although not so blatant) are becoming increasingly common. I respect that you're taking a stand and defending your name, reputation, and intellectual property.

  199. T.L. Knighton


    I came here via a Facebook post. I'm a relatively new author, but spent the last few years as a journalist. I've had my own work stolen (though it appeared to be a scripting error more than anything at a news aggregate site). It's definitely a violation, and it hurts. A lot.

    At least when I contacted the person, they apologized, removed the content, and admitted it was on them. There was no effort to try and cover it up. What you're dealing with is absolutely bizarre. I mean, none of the excuses even remotely make any sense. None.

    Like others have said, it would be funny if it wasn't true.

  200. M. L. Swift

    And she's your twin separated at birth.

  201. Brooke Bumgardner

    Hi Rachel,

    I am a blogger and book review ( and I am absolutely appalled at this situation. Plagiarism is unacceptable, and I applaud you for taking a stand and bringing this situation to light. I have visited Amazon and reported the harassing reviews. I'll be picking up your book to read and review. I'd be happy to feature you on my blog as well. It sickens me that someone would do this and think they can get away with it. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope that you are able to get resolution through your attorney and this person is brought to justice.

    Brooke Bumgardner
    brooke at brookeblogs dot com

  202. Anastasia Vitsky

    What a nightmare! I hope you get things sorted out.

    All I can offer is: Put this all into your next book? That's the only way to deal with crazy. Hugs (even though you don't know me).

  203. Jennifer Denning

    I am visiting from Dear Author. This is crazy! You are a new to me author and I will be checking out your work.

  204. Clare

    Hey Rachel,

    I heard about your plight via Facebook, and just wanted to wish you my best. What's happened to you regarding A Bid for Lover is disgusting. As an author, and someone who works for a publisher, by heart aches for you.

    I sincerely hope your attorney manages to get to the bottom of this situation, and resolve it for you.

    If it's any small consolation, I'm going to buy A Bid for Love, and hope that this situation has alerted potential new readers to your novels.

    Best of luck in your future literary endeavors.


  205. Robin Bayne

    Another writer supporting you! So sorry this is happening.

  206. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks, Rissa. Looking those up now. You are right. There are three pro-Mullens "Booklovers:" Mercedes Booklover Drakos, Bethany Booklover, and this Macey Booklover.

  207. Rachel Ann Nunes

    It is astonishing. What surprises me is that any of the reviewers would fall for her "story" and not want her called to justice. She fooled them every bit as much as she tried to fool me with her changing stories. Thankfully, most of the reviewers saw right through her.

  208. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Hey, I was so upset I spelled Against and Plagiarism wrong several times in a row, lol. It really seems like I'm in the Twilight Zone here. Thanks!

  209. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks, Loralee. It is too incredible to be believed. It's hard to know where to start shoveling. What surprised me most is the reviewer who came forward publicly and the people who first contacted me. They are people of integrity.

  210. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Or Mullens's Dad, rather. (Where's the edit button?)

  211. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Ha ha, you are so right. And then he tragically turns out to be my long lost brother and Mullen's dad.

  212. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Several people have suggested this, but I'm sure who to contact. Can you point me in any direction? Thanks!

  213. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Yes, it's interested how many people can see that connection. And there are actually several reviewers with the name Booklover, and one of them is reviewers #5 (Sheri Dew's niece, and also one of Mullens's defendants. Thanks!

  214. Cindy C Bennett

    I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It's terrifying that this can happen to any of us – and that you're being painted as the villain when you did nothing wrong, but are the one who was wronged. And I thought having my work uploaded to torrent sites was bad! I wish there were something I could do to help you or make this better, but all I can do is offer my support in any way you might need it.

  215. Nancy Kimball

    Rachel, followed over from a fellow Christian fiction author's FB share and wanted to say thank you for standing up for your rights (and therefore authors everywhere.) Clearly you have her an opportunity to settle it between yourselves in private. You are in the right and anyone who spends a few minutes comparing those chapter openings knows it. This whole situation reminds me of when the steroid allegations were made in the MLB. Andy Pettitte came out and owned up to it. Roger Clemens lied, lied some more, and then drug his wife down with him. This person had their chance and is now taking the Clemens path. I'm praying that Amazon will be able to capture this person's identity through the registration information required to receive royalties through Kindle Direct. It required full legal name and social security for income reporting. Her bad choices will find her out and I'm praying strength for the fight for you and your family and supporters.

  216. Rissa Watkins

    They look like the same person to me- but you are right, I could be wrong. And now I can't find her review on goodreads under that account. Oh, I think they are getting deleted because now I can't find the review under the other Jacquelyn Smith account. I bet those other reviews are gonna disappear too.

    I find this account that only has reviews of Sam's book awfully suspicious as well…

  217. C.Price

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. The similarities between the books in the sections you posted are unmistakable. Sine she has admitted it was based on your book, unintentionally or not, getting this resolved should be simple, but sadly it rarely is. I hope you can get this resolved.

  218. Deb E

    Whoever this Mullens is needs to be brought to justice! It's simply outrageous and stomach turning to compare the screenshots and read her/his ridiculously conflicting emails. Goodreads and Amazon cannot ignore this bold face act of plagiarism and personal attacks. I stand 100% behind you and so should Good Reads and Amazon! Go get 'em!

  219. Alethearia Moon

    This is terrible! It's almost enough to make me feel ashamed to call myself an indie author!

  220. LoraLee Evans

    Rachel, I'm so sorry! There I was, complaining about my own problems, when you had this going on. I am so, so sorry.

    I read through your post here, and you're right. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. She's Sheri Dew's niece, then she's your niece. What's next? Oh, yeah. She's Thomas S. Monson's granddaughter! Yeah! That's right! And she doesn't want dear old grandpa to know she writes erotica, because it will break his sweet heart! That's why she's staying hidden!

    I perked up when the "supporter" mentioned that she works on Ute and Navajo Reservations. For myself, I work on the Uintah/Ouray Reservation in Eastern Utah, and I don't know anyone who looks like her pictures. There is a Southern Ute reservation down near the bottom of Colorado. That's also where the Navajo nation is as well. That part about her working on those reservations may be true for all I know, but it's a tidbit in a sea of ridiculous lies.

    Who in glory's name does she think she is, trying to get away with all this nonsense? Then trying to blame you, and lashing out at you with sock puppets pretending to be her friends. Slapping lie on top of lie in a ridiculous pile of inconsistent manure! Good freaking grief! Maybe if she'd admitted her fault and come clean, mercy would be warranted, but in this case, I don't think mercy would be appropriate.

    My advice: Don't let this go. Throw the book at her. Throw it hard.

  221. Anita Büsh

    It is interesting that the person making a lot of 1* reviews on your books is called 'Avid Reader'. I say interesting, because if you look at the Sam Mullens author FB page (still up) you will find someone called Bethany Booklover Johnson who has liked and shared older posts. This person also follows Sam Mullens on her blog. If you look at the FB page for Bethany Booklover Johnson, she not only promotes the hell out of Sam Mullens, but also says she works at The Avid Reader. Coincidence? Unlikely. If that name is linked to any of those other review sites, I would suggest you may have found your culprit.

  222. Anonymous

    Holy (rude word not inserted)! Un.Be.Lieveable. She's libelled you, lied to you, stolen from you, and is without doubt a person with absolutley no morals whatsoever. I wouldn't believe a single word she says, and I hope your attourney has a field day, dragging her into the real world. Good luck with it all, Rachel. Every true writer, whether published or aspiring, is right behind you

  223. M. L. Swift

    This would make a good book, especially with the mysterious man who died in a tragic car accident…just as he was on his way to the closest wi-fi hotspot so he could get online and clear all this up. Okay…I took some liberties there, but still…it would be laughable if it weren't so sad and aggravating (and pathetic). Best of luck to you!

  224. dream_keeper88

    Ask someone to find the IP adds in the emails they sent you. If they are the same or tracked within the same area or neighborhood, then those shady reviewers and the friend is Mullens. Ask an IT guy or someone techie for help. I hope Amazon would be willing to help as they can provide you with the information you need.

  225. petemorin

    The plagiarism was awful. The sockpuppet 1-stars on your stuff is evidence of psychopathology

  226. Rissa Watkins

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  227. Jordan McCollum

    Can you point out these reviews? It actually looks like this person hasn't updated her Goodreads in over a year, since before STM started publishing, and this profile appears to belong to an active fantasy writer who's been online since 2011 (including her site, where I can't find any references to STM). The website registration matches her name and the Wayback Machine shows that she's been blogging at this site since that time. We want to be very careful about any accusations so we don't muddy the issue at hand.

  228. Rissa Watkins

    Just an FYI- I made a screen shot of both of her pics and names in case she deletes it. Her facebook account has already been deleted and many of her other reviews have. Feel free to email me to let me know if you want a copy of both of her pages.

  229. Anna Maria Junus

    Rachel, you don't know me but I am another writer. I am on your side. I know what it's like to be plagerized (although certainly not from this extent because I'm not known yet). I'm on your side.

    What I find stunning is the excuse that she was using some one else's piece of work and that somehow that's okay. A writer admittedly takes something already written, makes a few changes, claims it as their own and then is astonished when someone accuses them of plagerism. That is bizarre.

  230. Michael Gordon

    Every time I step away from the computer this horrifies me. I am so sorry for what you're going through and can't believe this lady . . . is anyone even sure she's a lady? Geez, with how many times the story has changed, who knows. Wow! Wow! And just wow! For being a writer myself, I feel like a complete dunce with language right now.

  231. Rissa Watkins

    Oh and don't forget- contact Amazon and let them know she has 2 accounts which is a violation of their terms of service! They should go in and remove all her reviews and shut her account done.

  232. totiltwithwindmills

    Has anyone else checked her other books? She has two in a series and given her behavior above when confronted including multiple lies, and the plagiarism, it makes me wonder if she did the same with the other two books. I'll let people know on FB. The book is still listed on Goodreads. I tried to report it, but I don't know how you do it. I'd contact Goodreads or have your lawyer(s) contact them about it to see that it gets taken down.

  233. Monique

    Rachel, I stand with you as well. I am so sorry this is happening! Especially since you have been wronged and she is trying to make you out to be the aggressor. When people say that Truth is Stranger than fiction–this is the exact type of situation they are referring to.

    This is so crazy and hurtful and hateful. Hopefully Sam Taylor Mullens will be outed soon and the out pouring of support for you will bring about peace for you and yours. I am certain that Indie and traditional authors alike applaud you for taking a stand. I know I do.

  234. Melanie Mason

    You have my support. Go after her. If she isn't willing to own her mistakes then she certainly needs to pay for them.

  235. theladykt

    Ss you have to go through this. It is utterly ridiculous what people will try to pull when they get caught and its utter insanity when people back them when its proven the person they are supporting were in the wrong (Shey Stahl and Alexandra Anthony's supporters both come to mind). At least its not being published now, but I would definitely talk to a lawyer about the libelous things being said about your.

  236. Jillyn

    This is insanity. Good for you for writing this.

  237. Anonymous

    All the laws in the world will not protect you from feelings of violation when something like this happens. May you reach a positive resolution, and may this mystery person(s) learn something good about honesty in the process.

  238. Cindy Amrhein

    I will be sharing on Facebook as well.

  239. Rebecca Jamison

    I cannot believe this! So awful. You have my support.


    The absurd mess of lies about nieces and aunts and a reassuring attorney and judgmental Mormons and an autistic child and heroic good deeds in the community and phantom bloggers and the dead collaborator are all exquisitely awful evidence of what an inept and incoherent writer she is without someone else's work to steal.

  241. eve

    I do not know you personally, but I have loved every book of yours that I have read. (Tragically, I lost most of them when my house burned down 8 months ago.) I am saddened that someone would do this to you. I will share this on Facebook. I have several friends that are authors and I know how much blood, sweat and tears are she'd writing a book. My daughter, Wendy Jessen, has been doing book and CD reviews for Deseret News and hopes to write some books someday as well. Keep up the good work! You rock!!

  242. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Okay, Kindleboards. I just heard from the attorney and since I do have a copyright in place the only issue is discovering who she is. There are three people that may be her sock puppets. Is there someone there that I approach directly?

  243. Matt Iden

    Hey Rachel, nothing formal that I know of. Sorry, didn't mean to imply there was! But the community at is very wide-reaching and has successfully outed trolls and sock puppets before. If approached correctly and with all the fact you've laid out here, I feel fairly confident that this person/these people couldn't be made known.


    Hey Rachel, nothing formal that I know of. Sorry, didn't mean to imply there was! But the community at is very wide-reaching and has successfully outed trolls and sock puppets before. If approached correctly and with all the fact you've laid out here, I feel fairly confident that this person/these people couldn't be made known.

  245. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Austin. I will also ask my attorney about libel because you are absolutely correct. We have screenshots of everything. I should know more from the attorney tomorrow. Thank you!

  246. Annette Lyon

    It's been mind blowing to watch this all unfold. So, so wrong. I hope STM's true identity is revealed very soon so no one else has to deal with what you're going through. What a nightmare!!!

  247. Austin Mabry

    You don't know me, but here's my take.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I think you should talk to your lawyer and see if it's plausible to Supeona Goodreads and her email provider and track the posts/emails back to their source.

    You may have standing to sue her for libel too, if she's going around lying to people claiming that you gave her permission and are now trying to smear her. Obviously that's harmful to your reputation, and the evidence that she's already turned at least a few people against you is evidence of that. Even the posted negative reviews, depending on the source, could be libel as well, as they would have been calculated to cause you harm.

    Everything she does on the internet leaves her fingerprints all over it. It should be just a matter of doing the legwork to bring those to light.

    The quicker you can get things moving, the better. If you are going to take action, strike while the iron is hot, because the longer you wait, the longer she has to try and cover her bases, and spoliate evidence (She's already working on it, as evidenced by her attempts to have all reviewers delete all copies of it).

    This is obviously a person who doesn't care about right and wrong. And as you already said, she'll never learn the difference if you let it go. You tried to play nice. Now it's time to go bare knuckles.

  248. Shelly Thacker

    Rachel, I heard about this on the Passive Voice blog and wanted to voice my support. I'm horrified that this happened to you. This Mullens woman may claim to be "just a hobbyist," but ignorance of publishing law is no excuse. "Out of print" does NOT mean "free for the taking." Copyright lasts for the author's entire life + 70 years, regardless of whether the book is currently available in print or not.

    And Ms. Mullens is clearly publishing books to make money — because she has a street team page on Facebook with more than 1000 members. Hobbyists do not have street teams; professional authors have street teams. She also still has an active Twitter account, and an author page on Amazon with 2 other books listed for sale. Amazon will be able to get her real name and contact information from her KDP account. I hope they're able to help you and your attorney resolve this situation quickly.

    Thank you for taking a public stand against plagiarism. Your fellow indie authors stand with you.

  249. Cindy Amrhein

    You certainly have my support. I sooo can relate. I am having the same problem. I just received a response today from his attorney (forwarded to me by mine.) My plagerism denies it, as does his attorney despite how blatant it is. I wish this wasn't so expensive to pursue. I probably won't recoup my investment even if I won. BUT it's the principal of the thing.

  250. Sarah Dunster

    ^ Rachel's books now being spammed with bad reviews. Go on amazon and report them as abusive, and say why. Also leave comments on the reviews, and mark them as "unhelpful."

  251. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Good advice. I was hoping something like that was possible. I did file a copyright infringement with Amazon. I am ignoring the emails she is sending, but saving them all. Thanks! She seems to have two accounts on Amazon and is posting 1-star reviews on many of my books. Maybe the attorney can do something about that as well.

  252. Mark ONeill

    The attorney can get that revealed by court order to the company that "published" her novel. To keep your legal fees down, present the attorney with as much evidence as well-organized as you can. Do not contact the other side again – that muddies the water.

  253. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks! I have sent all the information to my attorney. One problem is that the pen name she's hiding behind. It may take some time to find her real information. Ideas?

  254. Anonymous

    I would strongly encourage you to have an attorney send a cease and desist demand. You need to have legal coverage in case it escalates.

  255. petemorin

    Another TPV visitor. Give her hell!

  256. Slamdunk

    Visiting from Donna's place and I am blown away. Sorry you are having to go through this, but you have given others a fantastic framework concerning how meticulous to be in documenting the situation.

    I hope this situation is remedied soon Rachel–and I am sad that it won't be the last time.

  257. Anonymous

    I hope you can find who stole your work. This is terrible. I can't understand how people think this is okay.

  258. lisatorcassodowning

    I'm sorry this has happened to you. This woman needs both a criminal attorney and a psychiatrist. Hang tough and be strong. This isn't a time for nice. No one should get away with this.

  259. Jenna Bowman

    This is unbelievable. I hope this will all get resolved quickly for you. You might not know me but I stand behind you. 🙂

  260. lauralstapleton

    I'm with everyone who's stunned at the person not only blatantly copying your work but then getting ticked when you're calling her out on it. Seriously? Talk about blaming the victim.

  261. Mikey Brooks

    I am appalled that anyone could take someone else's anything, redress it and try to sell it as their own. Higher Educational Institutions take plagiarizing seriously enough that they expel any student involved in such acts. I think it's time Amazon and these so called "book reviewers" should do the same. I'd like a list of all these reviewers supportive of this "so called author" so I can avoid their sites. Anyone who supports these unlawful actions should be harshly reprimanded.

    Rachel, I feel for you. I know that the truth will come out in all this and who ever is responsible will get their comin upins. I'm rooting for you. I think everyone in the writing world should hear abut this.

  262. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank! I have sent all the information to my attorney and contacted the state attorney general's office. Guess no one will be surprised to see that she's posted 1-star reviews on this novel and eight others on Amazon.

  263. Ann Christy

    Visiting from Passive Voice blog. This is truly appalling and what is worse than this and all that you'll have to go through is that she has *two* more books very recently published listed on Goodreads. Are there two more authors out there in a similar situation and not aware of it?

    Has anyone more familiar with the Romance genre checked those out? As terrible as it is to say, this one needs a legal look and some actual repercussions. It's just too egregious and I'm sorry this happened to you.

    Keep your chin up and keep us updated, will you?

  264. Megan McMeans

    I saw your story on The Passive Voice… I'm honestly flabbergasted that someone could be so brazen as to copy your work and then behave as though YOU are the one in the wrong! That is awful! I sincerely hope that this person is brought to justice, and it wouldn't surprise me if both of those "reviewers" (#4 and #5) were part of the whole scheme or even the plagiarist herself. I hope you're able to pursue legal action!

  265. Sarah Dunster

    I can't believe people have the guts to do this sort of thing?! Honestly. I would feel completely violated if someone did that to one of my books. It's not just the stealing, it's the twisting my message and the adding of stuff I wouldn't ever put in one of my books 🙁 I am so sorry this happened. It looks like it's being taken care of, though, and the person has learned a big lesson. Or at least, I hope that to be the case.

  266. JeffO

    Hang in there, Rachel, and thank you for standing up to this person. I think there's one thing I've learned from this, however: go straight to your agent/attorney if something like this happens. I understand not wanting to make a big deal out of something if there's nothing there, but it seems like it's better maybe to let them sort it out. Good luck to you, and I hope this is resolved soon.

  267. Mz Manicure

    This is insane. And stupid. What can we do to help you out in this situation?

  268. stephanie

    Rachel, I'm behind you 100%. I'm putting the boxing gloves on. Let me know what I can do to help and I'm on it. This is every author's nightmare–an expensive, time-consuming, scary, huge hassle that MUST be dealt with…when all we'd rather do is write!

  269. Michelle

    I'm an aspiring writer and an attorney. It is laughable that she believes she can protect herself with claims that an attorney said she had not committed copyright infringement and/or plagiarism. No attorney would make such a statement when looking at a comparison of the two books side by side. And no attorney would advise a client before he or she had the opportunity to compare the works. It would be shocking if she was not reviewers #4 and #5, and that, too, is appalling to me. In any case, it would not be difficult to prove she violated your copyright, and she should be held accountable for what she has done. I wish you the best. I'm really sorry that something like this happened to you!

  270. Devan Jensen

    I express my sympathy and support for your efforts to protect your work against plagiarism. It's common for ill-intentioned people to cover their tracks by blaming the problem on others. Truly the hit bird flutters.

  271. Kathi Oram Peterson

    My comment disappeared, so at the risk of posting twice I'm going to do it again. I'm so sorry to hear about all this, Rachel. It's an author's worst nightmare. I stand with you on this. Take care.

  272. Cbelle

    Well, it looks like something has changed, the book isn't on the site anymore and her Facebook page has closed down. Seems like she knows she's in trouble and thinks if she hides noone can hold her accountable. Just sad that she would try to make you out to be the villain.

  273. Debra Erfert

    I'm shocked at what has happened. I'm 100% behind you, with whatever you decide to do, and I'm sure the community of writers, indie or trad published, will have your back, too. I've shared your link on my timeline. And I agree with Matthew, those reviewers should be put on a watch list. They're very suspect, and, in my opinion, are probably related to the plagiaristic author in some way.

  274. Marsha Ward

    Hang in there, Rachel. A lot of ethical people have your back.

  275. Peggy Urry

    I'm sorry you have to fight this fight. I stand behind what you are doing and appreciate your willingness to share such an emotional and devastating thing with us.

  276. Diana Oaks

    You have to wonder what sort of person would do such a thing – stealing someone else's work and then piling on the lies to protect herself from the consequences of her actions. Considering that being honest in our dealings with our fellow men is a basic tenet of the LDS faith, her actions are even more appalling. Even the idea that she is trying to protect her identity is suspect, considering that a promotional photograph of "Sam Taylor Mullens" is included on at least three separate websites, so unmasking her wasn't hard. Here's a face to go with the name:

  277. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thanks for your comment. Is there such a watch list that you know of? We do have their online IDs. They have a very similar style of posting.


    Visiting from The Passive Voice. Best of luck from this side of the country. I'd love to know who Reviewer #4 and #5 are. If that's how they feel about plagiarism, they need to be put on a watch list.

  279. Holly Kelly

    I'm really sorry, Rachel. I can't imagine going through what you have been going through. Do what you need to do to protect your work, and remember, you have a lot of supporters standing behind you.

  280. Susan Holmes

    Rachel, this has reached the point where legal intervention appears necessary to resolve this for everyone. I see that the Mullens' book "the Auction Deal" is still listed on Goodreads and is included on this person's Amazon author page.

    Best wishes for a speedy resolution.

  281. Angie

    So sorry about this, Rachel! It's just awful. Hard to believe someone could be that dishonest. *hugs*

  282. Shallee

    This blows my mind. I just wanted to jump on and say you have 110% my support on this, and I'm SO sorry you've had to deal with it. Thank you for standing up for yourself, and for authors everywhere!

  283. Stephanie Abney

    Wow. Very disturbing. So sorry. I totally stand behind you in this. So sorry you are now left with having to spend time on this but I know every writer out there is grateful that you are willing to do it. Hang in there. Holy Cow – what was she (I'm guessing this is a she) thinking?

  284. J.R. Johansson

    That's just awful, Rachel. I applaud you for taking a stand against this. It isn't okay and no one should be able to steal another person's work like this. I'm sorry you've struggled and hope you're able to get this sorted and this person learns never to try something like this again.

  285. Alan Horne

    As an aspiring author, who also knows a lot of full authors, I would beg you to get to the bottom of this. If "Mullens" really is a pseudonym, then the real person behind the mask needs to be held accountable, for all our sakes. You are doing a good thing by investigating, and I think that a little more digging can probably get you the answers you're looking for.

    And no, it would not surprise me if the "reviewer" who claimed Sheri Dew was her aunt was also the "author" who claimed you were her aunt. Please keep pulling threads.

  286. I.B. Nosey

    Rachel, so very sorry to hear this. I can imagine the grief you're going through. Never want to have to experience what you're going through. Thank you for this post and making us aware.

  287. JAS

    Rachel– hang in there– you are awesome! LOVE YOU

  288. Randy

    Keep up the fight, Rachel. You rock.

  289. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    Visiting from Donna Weaver's site. That is just mind-blowing. Real life is stranger than fiction, because you couldn't make up a story like that. I pray you do get it resolved.

  290. Christine Kersey

    Rachel – You have my support as well.

  291. Rachel Williamson DeVaughn

    I am so very sorry!! I have this book and I love it-it was one of my first LDS books!! what an awful turn of events! such unnecessary drama and to have to take the time away from your family to write this emotional blog post (i understand b/c im a blogger too so i know how much time it takes) I dont understand how people can be sending you hate mail since you're the victim here and its your book. im so sorry you're dealing with this!! 🙁

  292. Jewel's Gems

    Always here for ya, Rachel.

  293. Liz Adair

    I've seen the screenshots, read the emails and Facebook posts. It's scary how your work has been pirated by a phantom, one with malevolent phantom minions. You have been a lot nicer and more willing to give the benefit of the doubt that I would have been. You've got my full support, and I'll vouch that the things you're saying are true.

  294. Lindzee

    This is the craziest thing I've ever heard! I'm so sorry. Some people have no shame. I'm glad there were honest reviewers who alerted you to the situation. P.S. Cassie and Jared's story has always been one of my favorites of yours.

  295. Tristi Pinkston

    Rachel, I've known you for fifteen years, and you have my 100% support.


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