Summary Judgment in Nunes VS Rushton Copyright Infringement Case

Summary Judgment in Nunes VS Rushton Copyright Infringement Case

After three and a half years, summary judgment has come in on the Nunes VS Rushton copyright infringement case.

My Pen Name Novels

Many readers like to stick to one genre, but some love to follow authors no matter what genre they write. If you’re that kind of reader, check out the sci-fi and urban fantasy books I write under the name Teyla Branton and mainstream sweet romances under the name Rachel Branton.

Today I Am Grateful

Today I Am Grateful

For those of you who have followed the story about my novel being plagiarized and the subsequent harassment, you know that the past two and a half weeks hasn’t been easy for me.

Authors—Take Back Your Book Rights Before It’s Too Late!

Authors, Take Back Your Book Rights Before It’s Too Late!

If you are an author who publishes with a traditional publisher, the information here is vital to you. Please read it! I really wish I had known more about my rights before signing a contract.

Daughter of a King by Rachel Ann Nunes

The Creation of Daughter of a King

I’m often asked how I came up with the idea for my picture book Daughter of a King. Here’s the scoop on the three-year journey behind the story.

Amazing Baby and a Free Book

Then it happened. Yes, you guessed it. Lisbon threw up all over Liana’s throat and shirt.

Update #2 on Baby Lisbon

We are now very close to holding our baby in our arms. If Lisbon does not make an appearance by herself this coming weekend (26-28th), we will induce labor on August 30th.

Update on Baby Lisbon

I’ve decided to take baby steps. A few paragraphs on my novel here, a load of laundry there, answering an email between naps. It’s slow going.

Part 4: Preparing for Lisbon

One day sometime after the ultrasound, I had a horrible thought. I had absolutely no preparations in place for a baby. Where we now stood, my little girl would be coming home from the hospital completely nude!

Part 3: A Troubling Diagnosis

As we waited for the appointment, I learned that in nearly 89% of babies who have this condition also have some other severe spinal, cranial, or skeletal problem. Many die before the end of the pregnancy. All my fears seemed to be coming true.