Rachel Ann Nunes learned to read when she was four, beginning a lifetime fascination with the written word. She avidly devoured books then and still reads everything she can lay hands on, from children’s stories to science articles. She began writing in the seventh grade and is now the author of over fifty published books, including the popular Ariana series and the picture book Daughter of a King.

Rachel and her husband, TJ, are the parents of three boys and four girls. Rachel loves camping with her family, traveling and meeting new people, and, of course, writing. As a stay-at-home mother of seven, it isn’t easy to find time to write, but she will trade washing dishes or weeding the garden for an hour at the computer any day! Her only rule about writing is to never eat chocolate at the computer. “Since I love chocolate and writing,” she jokes, “my family might never see me again.” Rachel writes Monday through Friday in a home office, taking frequent breaks from writing to build Lego towers, practice reading, or go swimming with the kids.

Rachel also writes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal mysteries under the name Teyla Branton and mainstream contemporary romance under the name Rachel Branton.

Some posts about my life

Nunes VS Rushton Copyright Infringement Case, Rushton’s Apology

The apology letter was the one place Rushton really had the chance to shine.

Nunes VS Rushton Copyright Infringement Case is Finally Over

I’m happy to announce that the final chapter in my copyright infringement case against Tiffany Rushton has been written.

Summary Judgment in Nunes VS Rushton Copyright Infringement Case

After three and a half years, summary judgment has come in on the Nunes VS Rushton copyright infringement case.

My Pen Name Novels

Many readers like to stick to one genre, but some love to follow authors no matter what genre they write. If you’re that kind of reader, check out the sci-fi and urban fantasy books I write under the name Teyla Branton and mainstream sweet romances under the name Rachel Branton.