In the Works

In the Works

Yes, I do have more Rachel Ann Nunes stories to tell, and here’s the scoop!

Ariana series order

Ariana Series Order

The timeline of the Ariana series is a little complicated because there are several series that tie into the main series. So here is the best order to read the Ariana series and the connected novels.

My Pen Name Novels

Many readers like to stick to one genre, but some love to follow authors no matter what genre they write. If you’re that kind of reader, check out the sci-fi and urban fantasy books I write under the name Teyla Branton and mainstream sweet romances under the name Rachel Branton.

Finally Some Writing!

With the trauma I’ve faced recently with the plagiarism of one of my novels and subsequent online harassment, there were times when I wondered if I would ever write again. It’s hard to explain and I’ll bet many people won’t understand it, unless it happened to them, but it had been an emotional challenge getting […]

The Change by Teyla Branton

The Change, Book One in the Unbounded Series

If you enjoy contemporary urban fantasy, I hope you’ll check┬áThe Change, a┬ánovel by Teyla Branton.