In the Works

Updated February 13, 2019

In the Works

I’ve always got several projects going, but after my book was plagiarized in 2014, I didn’t write for months, and when I started again, it was to focus on novels I planned to publish under my pen names. I had a lot of stories built up inside me that were meant for a larger target market. So that’s what I’m currently working on now.


In mid 2017, I receives rights back of nine books from one of my former publishers (including the Autumn Rain series and the Home series). I will be re-releasing the last one of them later this month. That’s Saving Madeline, which is now How Far. As will the other books, I was required to put them under my pen name and put a new title and cover, so that’s what I’ve done. I love it!

I also finished writing and publishing my 7-book pen name Lily’s House series.

New novels

I am currently working on the third sequel to my pen name seriesĀ Colony Six. (I recently finish a free introductory novella, Insight, Colony Six Book 0 so make sure to download that to get a feel to the series.) I also plan a small-town contemporary romance series, a second generation Unbounded series, and to continue my Autumn RainĀ Imprints series that was originally published under Rachel Ann Nunes.

Will there be more books from Rachel Ann Nunes?

Yes, I do have more religious stories to tell, and as soon as I get my currents projects completed, I will write another Rachel Ann Nunes novel. After having my work violated by someone from my own state, someone with religious ties, it has taken me time to come to the point where I will write more in this genre. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, check out my pen name novels. If you love my work, you’ll enjoy those as well.

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