Update on the STM Plagiarism Case: Complaint Filed

Update on the STM Plagiarism Case

I know many of you have been waiting to hear, so I want to let you know that my attorneys filed the complaint (case #2:14-cv-00627-EJF) in federal court last Friday, and today the papers were served.

In case you haven’t heard about how I learned about the plagiarism, you can see my blog post here.
While our case is solid, it is proving to be very expensive, so please consider donating to the GoFundMe page. Please also share this with others. Thank you again for the kind comments and support!

Oh, an entire analysis of the plagiarized book is underway. Here is an example:

Chapter two highlighted

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16 Responses to “Update on the STM Plagiarism Case: Complaint Filed”

  1. Anonymous

    She has not been fired! She teaches at my daughter's school and I just sent an email to the principal to let her know about the situation. Someone like that should not be teaching our children!

  2. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Thank you everyone for your well-wishes. I've very grateful! The support from authors and readers has been the one good thing in all this!

  3. VaLynne

    I find myself wishing KSL, KUTV, KTVX KSTU and any other local news stations would bring this to light! Everyone who reads your wonderful books should know about this. And those who have seen Tiffanie Rushton/Sam Taylor Mullens/(all the other alias she has used) work should know that the writings were not her own. Stealing is stealing no matter if it is words, other physical property, or money. Had she broken into the bank it would have been in the news, so should this.

  4. Anonymous

    Ann, Rachel's novel was a "clean" book as well. The plagiarist added erotic material to it. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years in various cases of plagiarism, it is that nothing is "off-limits" to thieves.

  5. David P. King

    I am just now learning about this absolute nightmare. I'm sorry this is happening, Rachel. The way you have been treated is NOT okay, and I'm glad you're taking legal action. We've got your back. May justice be served.

  6. Tonya Rupell

    Best of luck! I'm rooting for you!

  7. Carla Kelly author

    This is the write [right] thing to do, Rachel. I'll help all I can.

  8. Anastasia Vitsky

    Best of luck to you in all of your struggles. Truth will win.

  9. Rissa Watkins

    This made me so happy to read. You are a much better woman than I am, show mercy on her that she never did with you.
    I hope it all works out the right way!

  10. Ann Christy

    So glad you got the court case filed! Is there a link anyone has for where to read the paperwork. What shocks me is that she was soliciting ARCs under so many names and a book review site. How many authors have been duped? Makes me want to check for text on my books to see if it's happened to them, except I write clean YA so I doubt she would go after mine.

    Keep your chin up, Rachel. You're doing the right thing here. I hope she doesn't declare bankruptcy to get out of paying her due. That seems like a cheating way to use the bankruptcy system…but then again…I'm not surprised. Any word on whether or not she's been fired?

  11. Karolyn Timarkos

    Just heard about this story down here in New Zealand and totally shocked. Congratulations on filing the complaint and all the best for the future and the court case.

  12. Valerie Steimle

    So glad you can have closure with this… eventually…. and not trashing the person who did it is very Christ-like… You are a great example.

  13. Jamie Mason

    Nice way to handle the inevitable tension. Plagiarism really gets the blood up, but ugly word-brawls on the internet don't help.

    Best to you! I hope this is resolved to your satisfaction and as quick as the law allows.


  14. Sariah Wilson

    I'm glad you're getting on the road to a place where this can be resolved. I will be hoping and praying all goes well for you!

  15. Andrea

    So grateful that things are moving forward – this has been such a crazy ride.

  16. Jennie

    I'm glad you're fighting this very publicly, but without trashing the person who did this personally. Your stand will help others to think twice before stealing a manuscript and remind other authors to watch their property. I hope it also reminds readers to notify an author or publisher if they find a book that looks suspiciously like another book they've read. I hope all goes right and fair with this case.


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