I Talked to My Son!

Yay! Yesterday I got to talk to my missionary son for the first time in two and a half months, not once but twice! He was in transit to Japan and called me from the airport in Salt Lake City and from LAX in California. He sounded just like he always did, and it was […]

Socialized Medicine

This post is continued from my last one. I wish to clarify that I NEVER meant to imply that all unemployed people were lazy. Yes, indeed, there are hard-working people who cannot find jobs, and they are those I would number among the “unfortunate” who are deserving of medical help. I would also include single […]

Government Heath Care Isn’t the Answer

Recently, I received an e-mail asking me to call my senators to ask them to require insurance companies to cover autism AND to vote for a government-run health care system, since we are all equal and deserve equal health care. I agree with the former, but feel so strongly against the latter, that I decided […]

You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

You hear your seventeen-year-old tell her little five-year-old sister that she’s going to lay down by the pool and the child says, “No, you’re going to lie down by the pool.”

Numb No More! Or Close Enough

A wonderful thing happened that I forgot to write about. Last February, about six months after my tongue and part of my mouth stayed numb after a dental procedure, I suddenly regained 90 percent of the feeling back. I was so excited. Except that like most things in life there was a side effect. In […]

Missing My Son

A month ago my son Jordan entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center), and from there he’ll be heading to Japan in July to be a missionary. Jordan is nineteen and a senior at BYU University, but this is the first time he’s left home. These past few years, he’s basically used our house as a […]

Numb Tongue and a Kindergarten Program

Seven weeks ago I went to the dentist to put a cap on one of my lower back teeth. Later when the numbing should have worn off, it didn’t on large sections of my tougue on the left side. Apparently I have nerve damage, which may or may not heal by itself. Life has changed […]

Little Louie

My ex-sister-in-law’s youngest child drowned in Arizona yesterday. He went outside and fell into the backyard pool while his father was sleeping. Somehow the gate had been left open. I’ve been stunned since I heard last night. His seven siblings (my nieces and nephews–two of whom used to live with me) are devastated. And his […]

Seven Random Things

I was challenged by Rachelle (see third comment to previous post) to post seven random unknown facts about myself. So here goes. 1) I love watching Stargate SGI. 2) I have always wanted to wear hats, but I look so odd in them that I don’t. But I still plan to find the right hat. […]

Goodbye Contacts!

Ever since middle school I’ve worn glasses or contacts, but last week I had lasik eye surgery. I didn’t take the decision lightly. I’d considered it for years, but always the idea of someone cutting into my eyes, my most precious body parts, was too much for me to accept. (And the expense was challenging, […]