Numb Tongue and a Kindergarten Program

Seven weeks ago I went to the dentist to put a cap on one of my lower back teeth. Later when the numbing should have worn off, it didn’t on large sections of my tougue on the left side. Apparently I have nerve damage, which may or may not heal by itself. Life has changed for me now. I don’t taste well. Foods I once enjoyed, like popcorn, give the same experience as eating packing peanuts with a little dirt thrown in. Salad, my absolute favorite food has lost its appeal, actually seeming to grate in my mouth. My tongue is often tattered because I can’t feel when it’s going between my teeth. And when that happens, there’s a little section that has enough feeling to cause pain. It’s hard to talk for any long periods of time because my throat and mouth feel dry all the time. It’s almost like having a sore throat on one side.

Will I regain feeling? I don’t know. Some days I think I can’t possible go on this way, but then I realize that the trials some people endure make mine seem almost nonexistant. I try to remember that and not complain. Some tiny bit of feeling has seemed to have returned to the tip of my tongue, which means I can taste chocolate. Not like before, but enough that it’s enjoyable to some extent. If the feeling does return, this will make an interesting experience to write about one day, but not now. Now I’m still too upset and frustrated about it. Some days are worse than others of course. Today is a good day.

You see, I went to see my kindergartener in her school program. She was adorable, and I felt grateful she is able to attend a school that teaches the real meaning of Christmas and the importance of our Savior in her life. That made today very nice.

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