Numb No More! Or Close Enough

A wonderful thing happened that I forgot to write about. Last February, about six months after my tongue and part of my mouth stayed numb after a dental procedure, I suddenly regained 90 percent of the feeling back. I was so excited. Except that like most things in life there was a side effect. In this case, I began experiencing pain from the capped tooth that had started the whole problem. This increased for six weeks until I had to go in for an emergency root canal that had me sobbing with the pain. I had four of my six children without an epidural (labors between 23 and 29 hours), and this pain was every bit as acute. Painkillers didn’t seem to even take the edge off! But the specialist took care of the tooth, and though it’s two months later and I’m still experiencing some discomfort with that tooth, I have almost all the feeling back in my tongue and gum. I can eat salads and popcorn again. Happy day! Unfortunately, chocolate tastes better than ever, so it looks like I’m not going to drop those extra few pounds without real exercise.

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