I Talked to My Son!

Yay! Yesterday I got to talk to my missionary son for the first time in two and a half months, not once but twice! He was in transit to Japan and called me from the airport in Salt Lake City and from LAX in California. He sounded just like he always did, and it was so great just to chat about anything and nothing. Problem is, I’m missing him now more than ever!

There were a few challenges in his transit. The MTC had misplaced his passport and visa, but they found it in the nick of time. Then he and the other three missionaries he is traveling with didn’t seem to have tickets from Tokyo to Hiroshima. I told him to check at the two airlines in Tokyo and see if they had tickets at the deck. I still haven’t heard, but I hope they arrived there okay. The mission president’s wife said she’d e-mail me to let me know, so I’m waiting.

He’s a smart kid and I’m sure they’ll be fine, but as a mother, I need the reassurrance!

3 Responses to “I Talked to My Son!”

  1. redgirl

    I can still remember when you were leaving on your mission. Now you having a son on a mission makes me feel old.

  2. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my books. Funny how a little romance takes on a different look as we get older!

    Love you, too!

  3. Savy

    Hi Aunt Rachel!!! I googled your blog and found it. I have been reading your books this year, and really like them. It's really funny, because two years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead reading romance! I love 'em though. I've read over 10 just this summer.

    Love ya lots!



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