Win a Kindle Fire and Discover Great New Books October 16-18

So excited to announce this book sale, including some of my own books (one under my own name and two under my pen names – see those in bold below). Discover a lot of new authors in a variety of genres for different age groups. Enjoy!

Oh, and here are the links to my books in case you can’t find them on the bargain site:

Christian romance
This Time Forever  Kindle Nook – iTunes sale Oct. 16-20, 2013

This Very Moment Kindle Oct. 16-20, 2013

Urban Fantasy
The Change Kindle – Nook – iTunes Oct. 16-18, 2013

Romantic Suspense
Tell Me No Lies  Kindle Oct. 16-20, 2013

But remember for a chance to win the KINDLE FIRE, you need to go sign up at Bookmarked Bargains!

Bookmarked bargains

The Bookmarked Bargains sales event is unbelievable! Not only can you enter to win a free Kindle, but  you can find free and discountedbooks from some of your favorite authors. Here’s a list of who’s participating:
Rachel Ann NunesRachel BrantonTeyla BrantonAndrea PearsonAnna del C. DyeCami CheckettsCheri SchmidtChristine KerseyChristy DorrityCindy HoganHeather JustesenIlyan LavanwayJaleta CleggJason MorganJordan McCollumJoyce DiPastenaJulie Coulter BellonKarey WhiteMaria HoaglandMichelle PenningtonMikey BrooksMonique BuchegerRachael AndersenRebecca ShelleyRebecca TalleySandra Norton FlynnStephanie FowersTamara Heiner Vickie Hall
The deals run Wednesday, October 16th through Friday, October 18th. Click here to enter the Kindle drawing and find fabulous discounted books. Thanks!

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