Win a copy of Dawn’s Early Light by Laurie (L.C.) Lewis

Lovers of historical fiction will be excited to know that L.C. Lewis’s new novel Dawn’s Early Light, book three of her Free Men and Dreamer’s series, is now available. This compelling novel is set against the backdrop of the War of 1812 and covers the first American-born generation—the children of the Founding Fathers.

For those of you not familiar with Lewis’s series, don’t worry about needing to read the first two novels before this one. Dawn’s Early Light can be read on its own or as a continuation of the first two novels. In fact, it was the first book I read in the series. I am not normally a huge fan of historical fiction, but this fast-paced novel kept my interest, both entertaining and showing me things about the period I’d never known before. The author has done an amazing amount of research and her characters are memorable. I particularly found it interesting to read of battles that I have learned about before, and to see how Lewis’s make-believe characters can add so much understanding and feeling to what is going on.

Post a comment here and on any other blog site talking about the book to be entered in a drawing to win an autographed copy of Dawn’s Early Light and a unique, handcrafted silver “Liberty” necklace made by Sterling Obsessions. Winners will be announced on Lewis’s blog on December 19th.

If you love historical fiction, or even sort of like it, you won’t want to miss Dawn’s Early Light. So go out and buy it today! The book can be bought online at, at Seagull Book and Tape, and other retailers. For more information about Lewis and her books visit her website:

(Note: A copy of Dawn’s Early Light was provided to me free of charge so I could do this review.)

6 Responses to “Win a copy of Dawn’s Early Light by Laurie (L.C.) Lewis”

  1. marcy

    This sounds like a great series and I will definitely make the effort to read all of the books.

  2. Heather Justesen

    This sounds like such a great book, and I love giveaways! Thanks for reviewing it for us!


    i also love historical fiction and want to read all of these books. please enter me in the drawing

  4. Robin

    I love historical novels. I have not read the others in the series but look forward to this one. Enter me in for the drawing please.

  5. Rachel Harris

    i met the author years ago at the DC temple bookstore when she came out with vol 1. the bookstore was pretty empty at the time so my mom and i got to have a great conversation with Laurie.(she signed the front of my book with my name and my sons-he was so excited!) i havent been able to purchase her other volumes yet and excited shes on Vol 3. i love historical fiction!! 🙂

  6. Laurie LC Lewis

    Rachel, thanks for the lovely review! I know how busy you are, and so the kind words are especially appreciated!


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