Win a $50 Gift Certificate–Contest for Imprints

My novel Imprints, the FIRST WOMEN’S PARANORMAL ROMANCE published by Shadow Mountain/Deseret Book is now available. To ensure there will be sequels and more books in this genre, I need help spreading the word. Sales mean everything to a publisher, and I’m writing the sequel now (and hope I’m not wasting time), so I need to make a great showing!

That means it’s time for a fun contest! Here’s how it works. Every few days starting on April 15th, I’ll be posting a trivia question about Imprints on Twitter, Facebook, and here. With the exception of the first few questions, you’ll need to have read the book to figure it out, so start reading now!

To enter the contest, make a comment here with the answer to the question. Meanwhile, I’ll moderate the comments so no one can see the answers until the end of the contest. For every right answer, you gain one entry in the drawing for a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the bookstore of your choice. For every person you send to this blog to respond to the question (whether through a review or another any other means), you and they both get an entry. So make sure your friends and family mention in their comment that you sent them. The contest will run for a month, and if we get a lot of participation, we’ll add more prizes.

So, get reading, or get your friends reading so they can tell you the answers!

5 Responses to “Win a $50 Gift Certificate–Contest for Imprints”

  1. hutchbunch86

    Question #1;an imprint is when someone leaves a mark pattern by pressure on a surface. Most will say it is a fingerprint, however the book states it has an emotion? Haven't been able to read it yet, (unemployed) but I am hoping to get it for Mother's Day. hint hint family and friends. Sheila

  2. Brook & Jared

    Brook Edwards
    I am a fan of yours on Facebook.
    An imprint is a trade name under which a work is published. It also could mean, in your case, to distinguish different printings of the same edition.

  3. skybird23

    I have bought all of your books and I am excited to see what you have done with this one. Sounds very interesting!

  4. Suze

    I'm buying it today!

  5. Anonymous

    I have it on order from Deseret Books…. can't wait!!!
    ~~~~ Shary… Crescent City, CA


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