Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Acrylic Nails

This past year I experimented with acrylic nails and I love them, especially the way they always looked great all month without me doing a thing. However, I recently made the decision to go without, and here’s why.

1. Cost. My nails would cost between $20 and $35 a month. (Some women I know go every two weeks, which makes the cost significantly more.) I can use that elsewhere.

2. The smell of the chemicals is overwhelming (at least to me).

3. It’s hard to open a can of pop.

4. Difficult to pick up coins or other small objects from a countertop or table.

5. The nails sometime break or chip on the edges and dirt can wedge its way between your real nail and the acrylic one, leaving a dark line on the edges.

6. They are impossible to remove alone without a huge investment of time.

7. The chemicals and materials destroy your real nails (I’m hoping mine eventually recover).

8. It’s impossible to wedge an acrylic nail between your teeth to flick out a bit of popcorn.

9. Who has the time to drive all the way to the salon and spend an hour getting the nails on? (This was a major decider for me.)

10. The clincher: Acrylic nails make it much harder to rack and shoot your pistols.

8 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Acrylic Nails”

  1. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Kathi, I know nothing about shotguns. What do you plan to use it for? I'm thinking of getting a 22 pistol or rifle for the kids to use when we go to the shooting range, though. My 380 and 9 mil are a little too much for them.

  2. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Babs, it sounds like you did well. As soon as I finish my deadline, maybe I'll go in for just a regular manicure! Always seems so much nicer when they do it. But no more acrylics for me.

  3. Kathi Oram Peterson

    Loved #10.

    I'm thinking of buying a double-barreled shotgun, any advice?

  4. Babs

    Well, here is what I ended up doing: Last night I soaked my nails for a good 40 minutes in pure acetone…yuk. Didn't get it all off. I clipped them down and filed them. Today, after work, I went to the salon. They had me soak my nails for a while to get the rest of the acrylic off. The manicurist then sanded, filed, buffed, oiled and painted my nails a pretty silver color. I am loving them!!

  5. Rachel Ann Nunes

    I just kept filing them down a bit at a time on the tips for up to four weeks after I was due for an appointment. At one point, they'll start popping off, so keeping them short is good. I also file down the top part of the fake nail so it looks less noticeable. Takes a bit of patience, but it eventually works. I'm just waiting now for the damaged part to grow the rest of the way out so I can have my own nails grow again. Good luck!

  6. Babs

    Perfect! I need a fill…badly.
    Went to nail place, they said "at least an hour". I called my regular place, the guy was snippy. I am disgusted. Should i take the nails off myself, or wait for them to pop off on their own? What did you do?

  7. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Really. A cornea transplant? I never heard of that. Fortunately, I don't wear contacts anymore.

  8. Lecia

    And if you wear contacts, you might as well put yourself on the list for a cornea transplant!


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