Question #5 in the Imprints $50 Giveaway


It’s time for the 5th Imprints question for a chance to enter the drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. Enter your response in the comments, which are being moderated so no one can peek. You don’t have to have answered any other question to answer this one.

Question #5
In Imprints what is the name of the cult/commune that Autumn pretends to join in order to find two missing women. (And a bonus entry for anyone who does a little tiny little search on the Internet to find out what true event inspired that name.)

Question #1, #2, #3 and #4 are now closed, but there is still time to respond to future questions. After I post the comments, it’s too late! You get one entry for your correct answer and one for everyone else you send here to comment. Good luck! And remember if you enjoyed Imprints, please let Deseret Book (publishing division) know that you’d love to see more of this genre! You can do this by clicking here. Good luck!

24 Responses to “Question #5 in the Imprints $50 Giveaway”

  1. Jenn Wilks

    Oh, man, I missed it. I did do a brief search but didn't come up with much. There was some incident with a guy who was accused of leading a cult in a place called Harmony Farm, I think, but I didn't have time to post right then and now I can't find that same link again. I don't remember what I searched for the first time to come up with it. Oh, well. :o)

  2. Rachel Ann Nunes

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  3. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Great answers everyone! A few of you even got the bonus point about the name of my commune being inspired by the real life New Harmony commune in Indiana. Congrats!

  4. Laura

    Laura Lyon @

    The name of the commune is Harmony Farms. It is named after Founder Gabe's wife, Harmony.

  5. Rachel Williamson Harris DeVaughn

    Autumn joins Harmony Farm in an effort to find 2 missing women.

  6. Francie

    harmony farms
    i found several references to the Harmony Society but did not find anything regarding an "Event"

  7. Cami Checketts

    Harmony Farms or is that what they change it to?

  8. Heather

    Harmony Farm 🙂

  9. shary linfor

    Harmony Farms

    Shary Linfor

  10. Anonymous

    (Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog)

    It is called harmony farm.

  11. Jorgensen Family

    Harmony Farm

    Christina Jorgensen

  12. Mandy


    Answer: Harmony Farms

  13. H

    Holly Bates

    answer— Harmony Farm

    Sent by: facebook/email

  14. Suze

    Harmony Farm

    My search could only find one called "The Farm", that may have inspired your name. But I'm probably wrong.

    Loving the book BTW. I don't get much time to read, but I'm at least past the 6th chapter!

  15. Stephanie Skidmore

    Stephanie Skidmore

    The name of the cult/commune is Harmony Farm.

    I did some searching on the internet to find the true event that inspired the name and I'm not sure if it is right, but I found information about an idealist named Robert Owen who bought the village of Harmony, Indiana, and used it to test his theories of property, education, co-operative manufacture, and higher culture. It went from 1825 to 1827.

  16. Jet

    Jessica Skidmore
    It is called Harmony Farm. Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog.

  17. Bradley Skidmore

    Brad Skidmore
    It is called Harmony Farm. Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog.

  18. Becky B.

    Harmony Farms.

    And was it based on a cult in Tennessee called "The Farm"

  19. Daron D. Fraley

    It is Harmony Farm. Was it based on this experimental commune in New Harmony, Indiana?

  20. Anonymous

    Christine Foster #5. The commune is Harmony Farm, after the founder Harmony.

  21. emmae4ever

    It is Harmony Farm.

  22. Kristen

    The answer is….it is called Harmony Farm.

    Kristen Skidmore sent by Stephanie Skidmore


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