Imprints $50 Gift Certificate Contest Begins!


Okay, today is the 15th, and time to begin my Imprints $50 Gift Certificate Contest. I will be asking questions about my new novel, Imprints, one every few days, and if you comment here with the answer, you’ll get your name in the drawing for the $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. If someone sent you to my blog, write their name too, and they’ll also get an entry. I’m moderating comments and won’t post so no one can cheat!

Question #1

In relation to my book Imprints, what exactly are imprints?

Now this is an easy question, but they will get harder. You’ll have to eventually read the book to get them all. Good luck!

Oh, and if you enjoyed this book, please let the publisher know (by clicking here) that you’d like to see more books for women in this genre. Every e-mail will help!

16 Responses to “Imprints $50 Gift Certificate Contest Begins!”

  1. Rachel Ann Nunes

    Okay, entries for Question #1 is closed, but there are still other questions coming. Everyone here has their name in the drawing, but you can answer the other questions for more entries!

  2. Sherrie

    Hi Rachel,
    I received the book today Thank You!
    The answer to the question is:
    Imprints are emotions left mysteriously behind on certain treasured objects.
    Now I'm off to continue reading the book!
    Sherrie Carpenter

  3. Stephanie Skidmore

    Imprints are marks, impressions, or influences
    Stephanie Skidmore

  4. Jenn Wilks

    Hi! I'm Jenn, and YOU sent me here, Rachel. :o) Okay, so the question . . . an imprint is an emotion, memory or something left behind on an object. The MC of your book is able to touch an object and see/experience what the owner was seeing/experiencing when they were wearing or touching it.

  5. jenjermad

    An imprint is a vision of the person that touched the object. I loved, loved, loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for more.

    Jeni Roberts

  6. Alison Warenski

    Seems like I'll have to end up reading this book super soon. Imprints in this context are strong and vivid marks or for lack of a better word,impressions on an object
    Alison Warenski

  7. DAC

    Its a vision Autumn gets from touching items that hold strong emotion of the people who have touched it. DeAnn Cooper and I was sent here off your face book link.

  8. Rachel Harris

    imprints are emotions left mysteriously behind on certain treasured objects (according to the write up on your book!) 🙂
    there are lots of other definitions according to online in regards to metabolic, molecular, psychology, and genomic imprinting.
    can't wait to read your book!!

  9. Rachel Harris

    I forgot to put my info with my definition of imprinting-sorry!
    Rachel Harris DeVaughn
    I got the link to your blog via your facebook page since we're friends. 🙂

  10. Laura

    Laura Lyon ~
    I am a "friend" on Facebook, that is how I learned about the contest.

    Imprints are "emotions mysteriously left behind on certain treasured objects".

  11. Adrienne

    an Imprint is a memory or emotion attached to an item

  12. Anonymous

    Imprints are the feelings/memories Autumn gets from touching certain objects that have revelance to a person's life. Lindy Palmer

  13. Daron D. Fraley

    Rachel, first of all, your book was awesome. It is the first book of yours which I have read. My recommendation to readers: Don't start reading this book on a Saturday evening…unless you don't care if you fall asleep in church the next day. Let me know what I could do for you in relation to Deseret Book, etc.

    Answer to question 1: Imprints are memories, feelings, sometimes even whole experiences from people that are "imprinted" on an object. The more attachment a person has for the object, the stronger the imprint.

  14. Anonymous

    My name is HOlly Bjelland, Rachel sent me through her facebook page. That answer is good or bad experience that are left behind on an object that is important to the person.

  15. Stephanie Skidmore

    Stephanie Skidmore

    Emotions left mysteriously behind on certain treasured objects

  16. Suze

    Am I too late to comment?

    Imprints – emotions mysteriously left behind on certain treasured objects


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