Ideas for Daughter of a King Presentations

Daughter of a King by Rachel Ann NunesDaughter of a King was my first picture book, illustrated by talented artists David Lindsley and Ben Sowards. David created fourteen original paintings for the book. They are excellent! Ben is responsible for the creative vignette paintings as well as the background landscapes in some of David’s larger paintings. He is also fabulously talented.

I wrote the story to help children understand their divine nature as children of a Heavenly King. And also to show women how special they are. David’s paintings go from a spring green to a celestial white as the story unfolds, and will keep you captivated! Join Katie and Michael as they search for the path leading home to the Crystal Palace.

Daughter of a King Presentations

Many people have used Daughter of a King for lessons in their families, churches, and schools. In the past, I also participated in many of these events, but my family commitments no longer permit me to do this. However, I feel it is so important to teach children who they really are, so I’ve made my presentation items available to you free of charge. (Please keep in mind that ALL of the following are copyrighted and that you may use them only for free presentations. You may not reproduce, sell, or distribute any of these items.)


David Lindsley has graciously allowed me to offer you the PowerPoint of the pictures in the book free of charge. Please understand that these are copyrighted like the story, so you may only use them for lessons that you present free of charge. You will need PowerPoint to play this presentation. If you don’t own a copy, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft. If you don’t have PowerPoint on your computer, click here to download the a viewer that will allow you to show it. You will also need a copy of the book to read along with the pictures.

Three year journey

Perhaps consider sharing part of the story about how I came up with the idea for Daughter of a King and how it was published.

Lesson you can personalize

Click here for a lesson you can give along with the PowerPoint presentation for a complete and special evening.

Daughter of a King Song

Use the song “Daughter of a King” by Annette Darling to set the mood. This song was inspired by my book. Contact Annette for a copy of the song.

Or use “Daughter of a King” by Jenny Phillips. Listen to it here on YouTube.

Create a plaque

Print the phrase I’m a Daughter of a King in fancy writing on antique cardstock. Place this in an inexpensive 5 X 7 antique frame for each girl to hang on her wall. The border could be the outline of a silhouetted castle (like the crystal palace in the book). This wall-hanging will give them a daily reminder of their heavenly home. Another similar remind would also work.

Hold a dinner with special favors

  • Have a dinner, complete with crowns and scepters for each of your princesses. Younger classes or parents make great servers!
  • Make chocolate crowns as a favor for each girl.
  • Have the girls make paper crowns with the seven value colors.
  • Make scepters as a craft.
  • Make robes from pink tablecloth material tied with silver ribbons.
  • Have a royal procession.

Discuss the symbolism in the book

Discuss the symbolism in the book, including truths about our heavenly parents, the importance of repentance, the path made by the King’s oldest son, our journey home, and the resemblance the crystal palace has to modern temples. Compare these and other symbols to our lives today. Look up and discuss the meaning of the names in the book.

Buy a copy of the book for each girl

Have the parents or organization buy copies of Daughter of the King for each girl sometime during the year (for birthdays, graduations). I recommend the large picture book and not the small board book which does not contain the entire story. I know this can be costly, but their own personal copy will remind them who they are for the rest of their lives and to comfort them during tough times. Local stores may offer you a discount if you buy in bulk.

Be creative! We are only limited by our ability to dream. Please post here if you have any Daughter of a King presentation ideas to share.

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