Baby Lisbon update 4

Part 4: Preparing for Lisbon

One day sometime after the ultrasound, I had a horrible thought. I had absolutely no preparations in place for a baby. Where we now stood, my little girl would be coming home from the hospital completely nude!

congenital scoliosis

Part 3: A Troubling Diagnosis

As we waited for the appointment, I learned that in nearly 89% of babies who have this condition also have some other severe spinal, cranial, or skeletal problem. Many die before the end of the pregnancy. All my fears seemed to be coming true.

The Decision part 2

Part 2: The Decision

Having a baby is always a big decision, but when you already have six children, three of whom are living away from home or will be by the time the baby is born, and your youngest will be eight before the birth, it is a significantly larger decision.

The Decision Part 1

Part 1: The Secret is Out

I’m not going to make you read a whole page before I blurt it out. I’m not sure how it became a secret at all . . .

The Toughest Job in the World

For all the women who do so much for their families without a lot of recognition. So many times you’ve given up what you want to do in order to help your children. So many times you’ve cried because of their choices. So many times you’ve nursed hurt feelings because of their careless comments or […]

Finally, Some Sense!

On Valentine’s Day, my son was hauled into the office at school and lectured on having created an inappropriate Valentine’s Day envelope. I went to the school yesterday to talk to the lady administrator involved and to get the envelope. This morning I wrote an e-mail to the principal telling him we were appalled at […]

Ta-Dum! The Terribly Offensive Valentine Envelope

Okay, here it is, the horribly offensive artwork my son created for his Valentine’s Day envelope. In the end, it wasn’t a drawing at all but glued on figures provided by the art teacher. He says it’s a it’s a comedian on a horse. For the full story of what happened to him because of […]

What Kind of Fanaticism is This?

Yesterday, my tender-hearted eleven-year-old son and several other boys were called out of class at American Heritage School in American Fork because of what they chose to draw on their Valentine envelopes. Though their art teacher had given them free rein to draw whatever they wanted (a great way to inspire boys), a woman in […]

Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Acrylic Nails

This past year I experimented with acrylic nails and I love them, especially the way they always looked great all month without me doing a thing. However, I recently made the decision to go without, and here’s why. 1. Cost. My nails would cost between $20 and $35 a month. (Some women I know go […]

Christmas Deal on Books Extended!

Still in time to order! Five of my earlier novels are on sale for Christmas! These are brand new novels, not store seconds, and I’m selling them below my cost to clean out my inventory. Yes, that’s 5 books for $24, a $75 value! Plus shipping. No limit. Whiles supplies last. Even with shipping, it’s […]