Beat the January Blues with a Good Book January 9-13th and a Chance to Win a Kindle Fire!

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I don’t know about you, but for me January always is a little depressing. Maybe it’s that the holidays are over or that the cold has really settled in. Whatever it is, I can always lift my spirits by reading a good book. To that end, a few author friends and I are getting together to cross-promote some great books! With ebook prices that begin at FREE or 99 cents and that span all genres, I think you’ll find something to intrigue you from the five authors I’m promoting here. Follow the links to read descriptions of each book. Prices will be good January 9th through January 13th. (Please recheck the pricing BEFORE you click buy from the actual ebookstore to make sure you have the correct version.) At the end of this page there is a link to one of our author’s blogs and there is will you can enter to win the Kindle Fire as well as find more free and 99 cent books. Good luck! Oh, and to learn about future releases or receive my website newsletter, click here.


Part 1 ebook – 99 cents
Full ebook – $7.99

BEHIND THE MASK by Elizabeth D. Michaels

The first book is a historical romance sat in Bavaria in the days of Dukes and Duchesses. It’s called The Mask, Volume One of the Horstberg Saga, which will eventually span five novels and follow a family through many years. The author is Elizabeth D. Michaels but many of you already know and love this popular, bestselling author by the name of Anita Stansfield. The Mask is a HUGE book at 1,080 manuscript pages and is a book the author has been working on for many years. She feels that this saga is the most important she has ever done. You can try the first third of this sweeping saga for only 99 cents! Please follow the links to read all about Abbi, who has the gift of dreams. Great for 16 and up.

99 cents!

Here are the links for Behind the Mask Part 1 of Volume One of the Horstberg Saga (99 cents):
Kindle   Nook

Behind the Mask full novel  ($7.99)
Kindle   Nook   iTunes

Behind the Mask Full Print Book  (reg.27.95 sale $21.74 – this sale price may be adjusted slightly by Amazon)


99 cents  Kindle ebook Jan 9-13

TELL ME NO LIES by Rachel Branton

The next book is Tell Me No Lies under my own pen name Rachel Branton. Contemporary romantic suspense for only 99 cents! Follow the link to learn more about what Tessa does when she discovers her fiance isn’t what he appears. Great for 16 and up.

99 cents!

Tell Me No Lies Kindle (reg $3.99 sale 99 cents)

Tell Me No Lies print (reg $13.95 sale $12.56)

Free on Kindle January 9-13

GATHERING STORM by Kenneth R. Tarr

The next book we have is a re-released first novel in The Last Days series by my father, Kenneth R. Tarr. Gathering Storm has been fully revised and has a great new cover. To celebrate the release of the two sequels, Pioneer One and Promised Land, Gathering Storm Kindle ebook will be absolutely FREE January 9th-13th. Great for 16 and up.


Here are the links to the Kindle ebooks (reg $5.99 sale Free to $3.99):
Gathering Storm   Pioneer One   Promised Land

Here are the links to the print books (reg $14.95 sale $13.46-$14.40):
Gathering Storm   Pioneer One   Promised Land


$3.99 on Kindle
$3.99 on Kindle
Free on Kindle


Next we have the young adult novels contemporary fantasy novels in The Light Traveler trilogy. This is another one that my children have loved. Follow Bart as he uses special powers to put an end to some seriously bad guys AND win the girl! Book one is FREE (reg 3.99) on Kindle January 9-13th. Great for 13 and up.


Here are the Kindle links:
My Body Fell Off   Silver Hawk’s Revenge   Missing Children

$3.99 on Kindle
$3.99 on Kindle
Free on Kindle and Nook

THE KEY OF KILENYA by Andrea Pearson

Then we have Andrea Pearson with the middle grade fantasy novel. To celebrate the brand new release of the 6th and final novel in the series, she is offering a sale on the 6th novel, The Golden Symbol. If you or your child hasn’t read any of the Kilenya series, you can download the first book for FREE. My ten-year-old daughter devoured the first three of these novels in about three days last summer (though they aren’t short), so this is a great opportunity to get the last book or try out a new series. Great for 10 and up.


Key of Kilenya (1st in Kilenya series Free)
Kindle   Nook

$2.99 sale price

The Golden Symbol (6th in the Kilenya series $2.99)
Kindle  Nook


99 cents Kindle sale price

FAMILY SIZE by Maria Hoagland

Finally we have a great novel about a several women who are struggling to make sense of their lives and who go through problems many of us will intimately recognize. LDS women’s fiction for age 16 and up.

99 cents!

Family Size Kindle ebook (99cents)



99 cents Kindle sale price

Nourish and Strengthen (a novel)
Kindle ebook (99 cents)


MR. NICE SPY by Jordan McCollum (novella)

Being a CIA operative in Canada? Easy. Tracking a mole at the US Embassy? Cake. Choosing between your fellow spy and your fiancée? Uh . . .


Amazon (free)
Barnes ‘n Noble (99 cents)
Kobo (free)
Smashwords (free)
Author’s website (free)


To enter to win the Kindle Fire or for more books that are FREE or 99 CENTS January 9-13, please visit author Andrea Pearson’s blog by clicking here during the promotion date.

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