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Saving Madeline
How far will a father  go to protect his child?
In Your Place
Starting in the pre-existence,In Your Place, takes the reader on a journey of romance and possibilities as two people strive to stay in love forever. Young adult novel for ages 11-18.
Where I Belong
Best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes skillfully shows us the Lord is aware of each of our individual struggles, and that sometimes you must be willing to sacrifice everything to find out exactly where you belong.
Twice in a Lifetime
Rachel has done it again! Here characters are so believable—we all know someone just like them. I couldn't put the book down!
Ties That Bind
As this thought provoking-novel by Rachel Ann Nunes gently guides the reader through the meaning and perspective of eternity, one thing is clear: you will not soon forget Ties that Bind.
This Very Moment
A compelling story of heartbreaking loss, inspiring faith, and a newfound love strong enough to heal old wounds.
Bridge to Forever
An intensely romantic journey of faith, love and hope. Join Mickelle as she crosses the Bridge to Forever.
This Time Forever
This tender story of heartbreak, healing, and faith is one you will not soon forget.
Tomorrow and Always
Anyone would think Karissa and Malcolm have the perfect life, but there is something missing. Can they find it before it's too late?
To Love and to Promise
Sometimes true love takes a while, but it's worth everything it takes to get there.

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