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Deal For Love #3

Love on the Run

by Rachel Ann Nunes, 239 pages

After a strange thump! at their door in the middle of the night the word “getaway” takes on a whole new meaning for Jared and Cassi Landine.

A Romantic Honeymoon Getaway to France Takes on Deadly Turn

Celebrating their new life together in a quaint mountain cabin, Cassi and Jared have nothing but sweet dreams of the happiness that lies beyond the next sunrise. Then a strange thump! at their door in the middle of the night changes everything.

Laranda Garrettson, Jared’s evil former boss, is supposedly dead. Jared saw her take a bullet to the heart. So who is the beautiful blond woman lurking in the shadows—the woman with Laranda’s green eyes, sultry voice and lust for revenge? Whoever she is, she wants to see both Cassi and Jared dead—along with all the unsuspecting residents of an entire apartment building. It will be her final victory.

Meanwhile, Big Tommy, the organized crime boss, is in jail for his crimes, but he has some unfinished business with the Landines. His young son, Sampson, is now alone and needs protection. Who better to keep the boy out of harm’s way than Cassi and her new husband? If they can live long enough to keep Sampson safe.

How does it end? With a bang!

Author Rachel Ann Nunes has created one of her most intriguing and suspenseful romantic Christian thrillers in Love on the Run. A fantastic read for anyone who loves spine-tingling adventure, romance, and unforgettable endings!

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