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Stand Alone

A Greater Love

by Rachel Ann Nunes, 182 pages

Actions of the past have shuttered Daniel’s heart, but his wife, Cristina, can no longer deny the deep longings inside her own heart. When fate throws two seemingly unconnected orphans into their path, only the Savior’s love can heal them and guide them to where they were always meant to be.

Daniel must face his past or face losing everything he loves.

Miguel Silva is a street orphan who will do anything to avoid the wrath of his alcoholic aunt and to keep his little sister, Sara, happy. He and Sara roam the streets of Portugal, begging and stealing to feed and clothe themselves. A sudden twist of fate throws them into an even colder world, where their only chance for survival is Daniel and Cristina Andrade.

Daniel Andrade has put his bitter past behind him and found a new life with Cristina. But the past returns in force when Miguel steals his wallet on the ferry, throwing into motion a series of unstoppable events. Daniel doesn’t want to face the secrets of the past or open his heart to anyone—yet that is exactly what he must do or face losing everything he loves.

Cristina Andrade also has secrets. Now she must choose between her husband and the deep longing in her heart. Or is there a compromise? Only Miguel can help them find the way—and time for Miguel is running out. Can the Savior’s love heal them all before it’s too late?

Note: This is the latest version of this book, completely updated and revised by the author. Any version with any other cover, whether print or ebook, is outdated.