Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Picture Books

I have been fortunate enough to have the very best artists for my picture books. I first decided to write a picture book when I was expecting my fifth child. I was terribly sick and figured that it would definitely be easier than a novel. Little did I know each of these books would take three years to see in print! For Daughter of a King, I knew if I could just teach the baby I was carrying even one simple concept—that he or she was a son or daughter of a Heavenly King— that everything else would fall into place so much easier. For The Secret of the King, I wanted again to show how important the children of the King really are and how each of our individual talents are needed to build up the Kingdom.

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The Secret of the King
God made us different for a reason. He needs our diverse talents!

Chosen in 2006 for recognition by the Utah Governor's Commission on Literacy.
Daughter of a King
Dedicated to Princes and Princesses Everywhere.

Received Best Book of the Year Award in 2003. Click here for PowerPoint presentation, music, and other resources.

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