Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Autumn Rain Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Below is the Autumn Rain series, with Imprints being the first novel There is also a novel with Autumn and Tawnia that precedes this series called Eyes of a Stranger. Eyes tells how the women meet, though the book is more about Tawnia than Autumn and is written in third person (through various points-of-view) instead of first person like the Autumn Rain series below (seen only through Autumn's point-of-view). To read the backliner and the author's comments, click on the novel of your choice. Read the reviews and the sample chapters.

Sometimes what you can't see means everything.

2010 Whitney Finalist

Shades of Gray
Why would a contented husband who has it all simply disappear?
Final Call
Will Autumn be facing her own final call?
Line of Fire
Some secrets are better left alone.
Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded.

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