Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Rachel Ann Nunes
Book List by Series, Genres, and Character Groupings

Some books are listed in more than one category.
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Newest Releases (also see newer releases under my pen names)

Blinded, An Autumn Rain Novel (coming Nov. 17, 2014)

Paranormal Romantic Suspense (national releases)
Eyes of a Stranger (Autumn Rain series prequel - not paranormal or officially part of the Autumn Rain series)
Imprints, An Autumn Rain Novel
Shades of Gray, An Autumn Rain Novel
Final Call, An Autumn Rain Novel
Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel
Blinded, An Autumn Rain Novel
(October 2014)

Woman's Fiction
Flying Home

Fields of Home
The Gift of Angels
- novella
Before I Say Goodbye - women's fiction (Whitney Award Winner)
A Heartbeat Away

Huntington Family (romances in someway inspired by children in the characters' lives)
Winter Fire
No Longer Strangers
Chasing Yesterday
By Morning Light

The Independence Club
(This book is not about the Huntington family, but is grouped with them because the characters appeared prominently in By Morning Light.)

Ariana Series (romance that follows the Perrault family)
Ariana: The Making of a Queen
Ariana: A Gift Most Precious
Ariana: A New Beginning

Spin-off from Ariana Series
A Glimpse of Eternity
(About Josette, Marie-Therese, Pauline Perrault)

Rebekka Massoni Series (romance)
This Time Forever
(Rebekka #1 - but also Mickelle's #1--see Mickelle below)
Ties That Binds
(Rebekka #2)
Twice in a Lifetime
(Rebekka #3)

Deal for Love Series (Christian Romantic Suspense about Cassi and Jared)
A Bid for Love
Framed for Love
Love on the Run
( #3)
Deal for Love (3 above books in a set)

Romantic Suspense
Tell Me No Lies - under the pen name Rachel Branton
Your Eyes Don't Lie -
under the pen name Rachel Branton

More Romance
To Love and to Promise (Brionney)
Tomorrow and Always (This is not a direct sequel to To Love and to Promise, but Brionney and Jesse are prominent characters and you find out what happens to them.)
Chasing Yesterday (This story is about Savvy, Brionney's daughter. It is part of the Huntington series. Savvy is also in No Longer Strangers from the Hungtington Series as a minor character. I recommend reading No Longer Strangers BEFORE Chasing Yesterday, but you don't have to read To Love and to Promise or Tomorrow and Always first.)

Mickelle Series (romance)
This Time Forever (Mickelle #1 - This book is also intersects with the Ariana spin-off novels.)
Bridge to Forever (Mickelle #2 sequel to This Time Forever.)
Where I Belong (Story about Mickelle's son.)

Other Novels
Saving Madeline - romance
A Greater Love - general Christian fiction
This Very Moment - romance
In Your Place - young adult romance

The Problem with Spaceships, Zero G (chapter book)
Daughter of a King (picture book)
The Secret of the King (picture book)

See In The Works for the books to come.