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Ariana Series and Spin-off Novels
Includes three books about Ariana Perrault (from her point-of-view). See spin-off note below.

Ariana series:
The Making of a Queen
A Gift Most Precious
A New Beginning

Please note that A Glimpse of Eternity is NOT from Ariana's point-of-view and not technically in the Ariana series. Glimpse is about her daughters Josette, Marie-Therese, and Pauline)

To read the backliner and the author's comments, click on the novel of your choice. Read the reviews and the sample chapters. Ariana: The Making of a Queen is the first book. All titles are also available on ebook.

Ariana: The Making of a Queen  (Ariana #1)
An Extraordinary Novel about Love and Spiritual Renewal—If you read only one book this year, make it Ariana!
Ariana: A Gift Most Precious (Ariana #2)
An Unforgettable Story of Love and Forgiveness in Life's Darkest Hours
Ariana: A New Beginning (Ariana #3)
A Deeply Moving Novel about the Power of Love
A Glimpse of Eternity
The Story of Ariana's Daughters (Please note that this book is NOT about Ariana. We group it here because it is about her daughters.)
Spin-off Note:
Three other novels are spin-offs from this series but start their own series. Please look for them under the Rebekka series:

1. This Time Forever (Rebekka Book 1)
2. Ties that Bind (Rebekka Book 2)
3. Twice in a Lifetime (Rebeckka Book 3)

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