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To Love and to Promise

When Brionney Fields marries a handsome, charming Derek Roathe, she feels like her life is a Mormon fairy tale come true. And when baby Savannah comes along, she's sure of it. Then, with a horrifying discovery, the dream is shattered and her fairytale begins to unravel. Trying to pick up the bits and pieces of her life, she wonders if she'll ever be able to take a chance at love again.

The answer finally comes, but is Brionney ready for it? Can she set aside a world of pain for the hope of true love? She's heard all the promises before, but they've been empty and tainted by lies. Why should she believe them now?

In this compelling and emotional story of love, betrayal, and soul-wrenching challenges, best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes creates memorable characters and dramatic moments that will live in the reader's mind and heart long after the book is closed. Join Brionney as she leans that the road to true love and happiness is never easy . . . but in the end it's worth every prayer, every tear, and every leap of faith along the way.

What Others Are Saying

I would just like to thank you for writing these books. It is so hard to find books that inspire you and give you hope. Reading these wonderful stories made me realize just how thankful I am to be a member of this Church.
  —Lindsey Chatterton
To Love and to Promise was such a good book I couldn't put it down. I wanted to keep reading.
  —Kendall Hall of Katy, Texas
I read To Love and To Promise in less than two days! It was a page turner that I couldn't put down! I want to say that Rachel Ann Nune is awesome!! Her characters are so realistic, and I think that's what makes a book cool! Thanks!
  —Clarrisa Stocking
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Author's Comments

This book I wrote after A Bid for Love (formerly Love to the Highest Bidder), several years ago. Since I wrote parts of Brionney's past (in Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity) after the original draft of this novel, it has undergone recent changes. As you might guess, having a full past for a character adds new dimension to a story.

As Josette's friend throughout Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity, Brionney is a familiar character. Now it's her turn to have her story told. Married to a man she adores, Brionney learns that a temple marriage and a perfect life aren't always what they appear on the surface.

After bitter betrayal, Brionney and her infant daughter have nowhere to turn. Even the Father in Heaven she has always depended on doesn't seem to hear her fervent prayers. At the risk of losing everything, she must pick up the pieces of her scattered faith and try again. Can she believe in the promise of eternity? Jesse is determined to make her believe and forget the past, yet a new tragedy that threatens his own faith complicates the issues. Can love and faith really conquer all?

Sample Chapter

Brionney's heart was breaking. She looked at Marc, feeling the tears overflow and slip down her cheeks.

"Don't, Bri," he said. His voice was  (more...)

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General Info

Covenant Communications, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 318 pages.
First printing in September 1999
ISBN 1-57734-536-3 Type other info here