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The Independence Club

2007 Whitney Finalist for Best Romance


When five single women become friends, the Independence Club is born, complete with a weekly brunch where they talk about life and share their hopes as they brainstorm ideas for success.

Meet the ladies of the Independence Club

Maxine Madison is an outspoken, 62-year-old widow with no plans to marry again, much to the dismay of a certain gentleman friend. She is also the voice of reason holding the Independence Club together. But when tragedy strikes, Maxine finds that she needs her friends every bit as much as they need her.

Tina Dayley was freed from years of abuse by her husband's death. Though only 39, she doubts she will ever find real love. Then she meets Scott. Yet behind Tina's ultrapositive mask lurks an unhealed wound that threatens her very future.

Evie McClaine's dream life was shattered by divorce. Now at 45, she is learning to be her best self for all the right reasons. But is she so busy going after what she wants that she's overlooking what she really needs?

Rosalva Nolasco, 42, the beautiful, working mother of two teens, knows what kind of an eternal partner she's looking for—and Willard Oakman is certainly not that man. So why can't she stop thinking about him?

Bernice Stubbs has always been a little self-righteous and vocal with her negative opinions about widows who date. But soon Bernice finds herself holding the biggest secret of all. The lives of these women are bound together as they see each other through tears, tough times, and new romance, all the while learning the true meaning of friendship. Best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes has created yet another captivating story that women of all ages will thoroughly enjoy.

What Others Are Saying

I love books about women and their groups. This is a fun read, full of romance, friendship, overcoming obstacles, and teaching the rest of us to be there for each other. We learn that it doesn't matter our different ages - we can all be what another needs. I love Rachel Ann Nunes books, and this one certainly does not disappoint. (See full review at

  —Dayna Davis
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Author's Comments

In By Morning Light there is a group of widows and divorced women who have befriended and encouraged Kerrianne. I was fascinated by the quirky Maxine and knew I had to write more about her. Then the other day I had a fabulous idea for a novel that includes all five of the friends. Each woman has different challenges and are at different places in their lives, but they are pulled together by their singleness and their hope for the future. I'm amazed at how the ideas came and intertwined so well. I shouldn't be surprised, but this feeling is always a miracle to me. That's why I love writing so much. Yes! There is some romance in the novel but the relationship of the women and their interactions with each other and their families is of greater importance.

Dedicated to all of you who wanted to know what happened to Maxine and the rest of the Independence Club.

Sample Chapter

I haven’t kept a journal in more than thirty years, and I should have. I know a lot of secrets. Anyway, all the ladies of  (more...)

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Deseret Book, Softcover Tradeback, Women's Fiction, 258 pages.
First printing in December 2006
ISBN 1-59038-709-0 Type other info here