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In Your Place

Young Adult novel ages 11-20

What if there were a couple—maybe just one—who fell in love before coming to earth? Raelyn Love and and Tiago Carvalho might just be such a couple, but going through the veil changes everything.

Once on earth Rae knows she should be excited when her long-time friend Andrew begins hinting about marriage, but instead she finds herself dreading the moment when he'll finally pop the question. Then along comes handsome and daring Dave Channing, who is everything Andrew is not. Rae is sure she has finally found the man she was destined to marry. But has she?

Although there may not be a "one and only" for everyone, In Your Place, takes the reader on a journey of romance and possibilities as two people fall in love in the pre-existence and strive to stay in love forever.

Written specifically for teens and young adults, In Your Place convinces us again that love is the most powerful emotion in the world . . . and beyond.

What Others Are Saying

I loved it! It is my absolute favorite book!
  —Anne of Hurricane, Utah
I just finish reading In Your Place. It was so great. I love how you saw pre-earth life. I like how you would go back to it off and on thoughout the story. I loved reading about Rae's desire to serve a mission. It brought back so many happy memorise for me of my mission . . .
  —Carol Joi
My mom got me your latest book for Christmas—In Your Place. I loved that book to death. I couldn't put it down. I even cried as I got near the end. It was so touching and moving. I'm glad you decided to write this book. I really love the pre-mortal existence scenes too. :)
  —Christy G.
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Author's Comments

 Many of my readers ask me if Ariana: The Making of a Queen was my first novel, and I have to admit that it wasn't. Like most writers I have several unpublished manuscripts gathering dust in a closet where I won't stumble over the training wheels. Though I liked the plot, I never got around to rewriting this novel because it wasn't what publishers were looking for. Like many first efforts, I had been inspired by Saturday Warriors, and publishers were saturated with pre-earth life drama and what some call the "Saturday Warrior doctrine" or SWD. No matter how different a manuscript might be, they were taking a break from such stories.

Before I go further, I must add that I don't adhere to the SWD, or that there is a "one and only" out there for everyone. In fact, I believe that ANY two people who are attracted to each other and who put first the Lord and then their partner before their own needs, can create an eternal relationship that is beautiful and satisfying to both of them. They can stay in love forever and work out their eternal salvation as partners.

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. Stories of love between two people have ruled novels and movies for, well, just about since the beginning of time. Think Romeo and Juliet, The Scarlet Letter, Pride and Prejudice, Stars Wars (especially Episode 2). The list could go on and includes nonfiction, literary books, and popular fiction. Those of us who love to read about love recognize the power in relationships. I think we're intelligent enough to realize that fiction isn't real life, but an echo of our fondest hopes, dreams, fears, and desires. Just because a novel tells about two people being "meant" for each other, it doesn't mean that we need to search for a one and only. It doesn't mean if the relationship we're in isn't working as well as we want that we should abandon ship. No. Instead, it should inspire us to put all our efforts into making our marriage become the relationship we crave. It should inspire us to become better people who can participate in an enduring, celestial alliance.

Yet for the sake of fiction and to inspire true and lasting love everywhere, let's consider a plot. What if there was a couple—maybe just one—who fell in love in the pre-existence? In all the multitudes of phenomena that exist throughout the Universe, stranger things could happen. Yet would the couple actually end up together on earth?   

Who knows?

Not me. But I have a good imagination. So I imagined, and the result was my first attempt at an LDS novel. It sat for ten years gathering dust. Readers continued to ask about it, and finally, when I had baby number six and was taking a break from my usual writing, I dug in the back of my closet (well, actually in the back of my hard drive) and found the file containing the book called In Your Place. Yes, you are holding it in your hands as we speak (or as you read).

It was a little awkward (those training wheels were screwed on tight!), but I cut, chopped, and pasted—in fact, I could have written a whole new novel in the time it took—and now it's in a state I feel all right, if not completely confident, sharing with you. In general, I feel that young adults (ages 11-18) will love this book most, but a few grown women have told me it's their favorite. Yes, it's a little sappy, and a LOT different than my other novels, especially my later ones, but it's got heart.
So read on, and I hope you enjoy!

Sample Chapter

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General Info

Cedar Fort, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 248 pages.
First printing in August 2004
ISBN 1-55517-797-2 Type other info here