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Framed for Love
#2 in the Deal for Love Series

"I'm getting married in four days . . . and my fiance is missing!"

Three months have passed since Cassi Mason and Jared Landine helped the FBI expose a criminal mastermind. Along the way, Cassi and Jared have fallen in love. Jared has moved to San Diego to be near Cassi, and together they're planning their temple marriage. But four days before the wedding, everything changes when Jared disappears. Will Cassi be able to find him in time for their big day—or even in time to save his life?

Meanwhile, Laranda Garrettson is safely in a prison hospital, recuperating from a gunshot wound that paralyzed her from the waist down. Her body may be damaged, but her brilliant and devious mind is far from beaten.

Big Tommy, an organized crime boss, is also on the move. In a stunning turn of events, his evil plans threaten to turn Cassi's world upside down.

In her heart-stopping sequel to A Bid for Love (Formerly Love to the Highest Bidder), best-selling novelist Rachel Ann Nunes has created a fast-paced, intensely romantic thriller that will keep you guessing at every turn. A high-energy story for anyone who enjoys a great mystery peppered with plenty of romance.

What Others Are Saying

This book is such a good book! It's clean and it puts you in suspense. You don't want to put it down till you find out what happens! I love it a lot!
  —Jessica of Lehi, UT
Cassi and Jared are my absolute favorite characters so far! This book is so amazing. I read it in one day. Took me about 9 hours, but it was so worth it.

Rachel—you're an amazing writer! Thank you for being so inspirational. I love how you talk about the gospel. It means a lot to me!
  —Myranda of Highland, UT
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Author's Comments

This was a fun book to write! Full of adventure in the art world. During the research phase, I learned a lot about paintings and artists. The pace is a little faster than the first in the series and the twists should keep you riveted. 

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General Info

Spring Creek Books, Softcover Tradeback, Romantic Suspense, 245 pages.
First printing in May 1999
ISBN 1-932898-08-5
Novel originally published by Covenant Communications Inc. Reprinted by Spring Creek Books in 2004