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Before I Say Goodbye

After a twenty-year absence, Rikki Crockett has come home. When she left, she was young, hurt, and angry—betrayed by her parents and abandoned by her best friend, Dante Rushton. She vowed never to return, but when life takes a sudden and unexpected turn, home may be the only place to find a future for her two children.

Dante Rushton also endured a difficult childhood. Yet he found a safe-haven in his LDS ward who surrounded him with love and helped him grow to be a man of faith. Now a happily married father of four, he serves as bishop to the people who once shaped his future.

The old-timers in the ward are thrilled to welcome Rikki home, but Dante's wife, Becca, is torn between wanting to befriend Rikki and wanting her and her rebellious teenage daughter as far away from her family as possible. Why has Rikki returned now, and what does she want from Becca and Dante?

Before I Say Goodbye is the compelling story of two families helping each other face an uncertain future, and of a woman who makes peace with her past to discover the last and greatest love of all.

What Others Are Saying

I loved this book. It touched a heartstring and helped me realize how blessed I am.
  —Carol Pollock of Tropic, UT
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Author's Comments

The plotline for this book came to me one day as I was ill for an extended time and watching far too much TV. I hope you love these characters as much as I do!

Sample Chapter

Mountains loomed on all sides, some closer, some in the distance, but always there. A presence that exuded safety and permanence and hinted at somet  (more...)

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General Info

Deseret Book, Softcover Tradeback, Women's Fiction, 342 pages.
First printing in September 2011
ISBN 978-1-60641-425-5 Type other info here