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For the free books on retailers, click on the title in the next paragraph to see all the links. However, I’m also including the ebook files below for those of you who don’t live in the United States because some of the retailers abroad do not have the books for free.

Get retailer links for A Bid for Love and This Time Forever.

For the Ariana: The Making of a Queen, you can ONLY download it for free below. 

FIRST WAY TO DOWNLOAD: Just click on the BLUE RECTANGLE below each book for the ebook file you want (mobi for Kindle, epub for everything else), download all the books you want to your computer, connect your ereader to your computer, and move the files over to your ereader’s “books” file (sideloading). Or, once you download the files, you can email them to your ereader.

I have created a short tutorial on how to sideload your ebook file onto your Kindle or Kindle app.

SECOND (AND PERHAPS EASIEST) WAY TO DOWNLOAD: If you can’t figure out how to get the mobi or epub files into your device, just click on the Book Cave link. That site will walk you through loading them step by step. If you’ve never downloaded ebooks directly before, this should be the easiest option. They even have an app to help you load them onto your phones and other devices. Just follow the directions. PLEASE email me if you have any problems.

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