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School Presentations

I very much enjoy speaking to young people about writing. It's so fun to inspire the next generation of readers and writers! I have non-religious, value-based presentations for grade school, junior high, and high school. Using PowerPoint and my picture book,  The Secret of the King  (chosen for Book of the Month by the Utah Governor's Commission on Literacy), I show what a writer's life is really like, how to come up with ideas, and the editing process. I encourage both reading and writing and emphasize the importance of using our talents to help others. I tell them "It doesn't matter if you're the most popular kid in school or the best looking. You can be a student, a teacher, an author, or the president of the United States. None of that is really matters. What is important is if you use your abilities to make a difference in the lives of others." (Yes, I explain how!) At the end of my presentation, I call a few volunteers up and together we'll begin a book that teachers should then encourage all the children to finish later in class or at home. All the children receive a bookmark to take home. Grade schools are usually divided into two assemblies, K-3 and 4-6, but smaller schools can be done at one time. I have provided a form at the bottom of this page that you can use to contact me.

These pictures show me at an assembly in March at Copper Hills Elementary. I'm wearing my hard hat as I plot a story with the children. Click any picture for a larger images.
Left: Children listen to my assembly.

Right: Sometimes I sign books afterwards for students and teachers.

In the past I haven't charged for school visits because I know how tight budgets are, and my love for children and my desire to teach them to love reading has always been of utmost importance. Unfortunately, the more presentations I've done, the more time I spend away from my paying work of writing. With preparation, driving time, and the assemblies, I basically have to write off the entire day. So I have found it necessary to charge for a school visits. I charge $100 dollars for a visit in Utah Valley or Salt Lake Valley. Outside that area but still in Utah, I also charge mileage. If it's far enough away that I need to stay overnight, the cost is an extra hundred dollars. For out of state visits please contact me. These rates are still low compare to most professional author visits but will allow me to take the time to visit more schools.

Some schools like to send home an order form for students to pre-order my pictures books at a discounted rate. This is an opportunity for children to get a book signed and many become very excited about it. However, this is also NOT a requirement. Please let me know at least three weeks ahead of time if you would like to set up pre-ordering and I will let my publisher know so they can organize it for you.  Thanks and HAPPY READING!

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