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Enrichment Groups

Speaking to women is my favorite as far as presentations are concerned, but due to schedule overload, I have had to limit these to a stake level. I do not charge a fee to speak to Enrichment groups, but I require accommodations, gas, or plane fare if it is outside of the Utah Valley area. For best choice of date, please have your stake leaders contact me at least early as possible. I have provided a form at the bottom of this page that you can use to contact me. Some stakes have specific rules about inviting people outside the stake, so please check the guidelines before contacting me.
Developing talents and our divine destiny, using my picture book Daughter of a King. This talk is specific for women and details our unique challenges as women in the Church. You won't need anything for this presentation except a screen I can use with my laptop and projector, a podium and microphone, an opening song, prayers, and refreshments. Fast-moving and humorous, but as always the overall focus is spiritual and inspiring.
Motherhood: Enjoying the Journey. Life as a mother is challenging, but it is also one of the most sacred callings in the world. This talk is about why motherhood is even more important today and how can we stop surviving and begin enjoying our divine role. Includes stories about my life with my children that will have you saying, "Good, it happens to someone else, too!" No guilt here, just inspiration. You will need only prayers, songs, and refreshments.
Finding our place in the Kingdom. Serving others with our unique talents and understanding our divine destiny. Fast-moving and humorous, but as always the overall focus is spiritual and inspiring. Again, you will only need a screen, a podium, a microphone, prayers, an opening song, refreshments.
Literacy for all groups - An enthusiastic approach to literacy (about 40 minutes plus question and answer). I will bring five other LDS authors and we will take turns discussing the following topics: the literary and spiritual impact of children seeing parents read, the importance of reading to children, how reading affects our families and society, the statistics of literacy, what the prophets say about the subject, how to encourage your children to read the scriptures, personal development through literacy, and LDS books and the current market. At the end we will open for questions and stay as long as there is interest. You will need an opening song, prayers, a long table for the authors, a microphone if we're in a large room, and refreshments to round out the night. (Please note that the literacy presentations are specifically age-targeted. The presentation for adults is different from the presentation for youth. For combined age groups we use part of each presentation to make it interesting for everyone.)

Current availability: For evening and weekend engagements, I usually schedule at least three to six months in advance, but sometimes I can work you in before that, depending on need and location. I schedule up to a year in advance, so schedule early to get the dates you want. Please use this form to schedule, or you can also e-mail me.

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