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Winter Fire

First novel in the Huntington series

Fourth-grade school teacher Amanda Huntington said good-bye to her high school sweetheart when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else. Now, a year later, she wonders if she'll spend the rest of her life alone.

When she meets Blake Simmons, Amanda finds her life turned upside down. Blake doesn't seem like the knight in shinning armor she always imagined. With two adorable children in his care, he is locked in an ugly battle of wills with their troubled mother and worries that the children he has come to love will be lost for him forever.

Will Amanda's relationship with Blake and the children only cause her more heartache? Or does she need him just as much as he needs her?

What Others Are Saying

I just wanted to write you a quick note and say how much I enjoyed your latest book, Winter Fire. I'm looking forward to the future books in this series. I've enjoyed all your books, and want to let you know that I appreciate your higher standards in the romance genre . . . Thank you for your good story lines and clean content.
Rachel Ann Nunes always delivers a solid, enjoyable read with characters the reader can identify with. My favorite part was the way she accurately dealt with the tangled foster care situation and the confused emotions the children had to deal with. Like Rachel, I've been a foster parent. It's rewarding, but puts a person's emotions through the wringer. The only thing worse is to imagine children growing up who are never loved, even briefly. Definitely worth reading.
  —Jennie Hansen of UT
I just wanted you to know I got your book Winter Fire and loved it so much! I just couldn't put it down! I look forward to the rest of the series. Your talent is appreciated so much!
  —Patti Sellers
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Author's Comments

In Where I Belong, fourth grade schoolteacher Amanda Huntington gave up her high school sweetheart and wished him well when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else. I felt so bad for her that I just had to write her story so I could know what happened to her! Winter Fire is the first of four book that will follow the Huntington siblings, Amanda, Mitch, Tyler, and Kerrianne. In all the books, young children are in some way responsible for getting the main characters together. Savannah (Savvy) Hergarter, a character from many of my other books, will also be in these novels (she's growing up!).

This is the first book I've published with Deseret Book. I love working with them!

Sample Chapter

Amanda Huntington's quick footsteps echoed eerily in the nearly deserted hallway of Grovecrest Elementary where she taught fourth grade. Though it wa  (more...)

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General Info

Deseret Book, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 310 pages.
First printing in February 2005
ISBN 1-55517-646-1 Type other info here