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Twice in a Lifetime

Third novel about Rebekka

On a beautiful summer day Rebekka's life changes forever. Devastated, she struggles to somehow find the will to go on—to live without the one person she thought she could never live without.

Handsome widower and longtime friend André Perrault would like to help her find joy and love again, but Rebekka's determination to hold onto the past makes a future relationship doubtful. Or does it? Can André find a way to heal Rebekka's broken heart?

New edition: ISBN-13:978-1-939203-26-7

What Others Are Saying

Although I wasn't familiar with the Perrault family, I couldn't put this book down. Rachel weaves a true-to-life story that made me laugh and cry along with the characters I came to love. I could hardly wait to read the ending.
  —Julie Bellon, author of Through Love's Trial.
Rachel has done it again! Her characters are so believable—we all know someone just like them. I couldn't put the book down!
  —Tami Bradley of Henderson, Nevada
Rachel Ann Nunes has given us more experiences—both heart-wrenching and triumphant—with the families we've grown to love through the years. Truly inspiring and most enjoyable.
  —Polly Daw of Pleasant Grove, Utah
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Author's Comments

This book has been a long time coming. When my muse told me several years ago that this was the road Rebekka was headed down, I was a little flabbergasted. "No way!. Really? Wow! Can I do that?" But she kept pulling and I had to write her story. I think you'll be pleased with the way it came out.

This novel not only marks a lot of changes for Rebekka, but also for me. I left the company who published 15 of my 17 books (17 at this writing, that is). Earlier this year we had some fairly serious differences that made me reassess our relationship. At the same time I had many family, personal, and writing goals that I wanted to work toward, things I could not accomplish without making major changes in my life. After a lot of soul-searching about where I wanted to be in five or ten years, I realized I had to start moving out of the box in which I had become so comfortable. I felt I needed to broaden the scope of my writing in both the LDS market and the national one. When the opportunity presented itself, I took the first step (always the hardest!). The path has not been easy, but then I believe that nothing worthwhile is ever obtained without difficulty.

The people at CFI (the publisher of this book) have been really great to work with, and I thank them for their kindness and their quick job of getting this book published for my readers who have been anxiously waiting for the rest of Rebekka's story.

I also want to take a moment to thank you, my reader for making it possible for me to continue writing in the LDS market. I deeply appreciate your support.

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General Info

Cedar Fort, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 302 pages.
First printing in September 2002
ISBN 1-55517-626-7