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The Secret of the King

Instead of making horseshoes or baking bread, Javan and Lia would rather be knights in the King's army. "We'll be the most famous, bravest knights the King ever had," Lia says.

But there are many ways to wear the King's armor, ways not even Javan and Lia understand until the King reveals a secret that makes the two young villagers the real heroes.

Award-winning author Rachel Ann Nunes teams up with talented painter Jay Bryant Ward to tell a compelling medieval fable of knights and kings, bakers and blacksmiths. Words combine with beautiful, lifelike paintings to create magic on every page.

The Secret of the King teaches that we've each been given different talents and abilities so that we may better serve one another. Being true to ourselves brings the greatest happiness of all.

This book was chosen in 2006 for recognition by the Utah Governor's Commission on Literacy. Below is a picture of Mary Kaye Huntsman, the committee chairman, reading The Secret of the King at the Boys and Girls Club in Midvale. Click here to see a picture of me with Mrs. Huntsman that same day.

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What Others Are Saying

Beautiful Book!
A wonderfully written and illustrated book. It gave me goose-bumps when I read it. The pictures are beautiful and inspiring. This is definetly a must-have for everyone's library!
  —A reader of UT
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Author's Comments

Working with Deseret Book and Jay Ward on this project has been so fun and rewarding. I am pleased with the final result and feel this book will be a tremendous addition to the market of inspirational picture books. I hope you love this story and the artwork as much as I do. Please let me know what you think. Click here to contact me.

Art Samples

Here are a couple of samples of the art work by Jay Ward. Follow the link to his site for more pictures. Once at his site, follow the link labeled "book illustrations."

Sample Chapter

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Where to Buy

Hardcover (9.5" x 10.5") $17.95 suggested retail price.
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General Info

Deseret Book, Hardcover (9.5" x 10.5"), Picture Book, 32 pages.
First printing in April 2005
ISBN 1-59038-241-2