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Love on the Run
#3 in the Deal for Love Series

What could be more romantic than a honeymoon getaway to France? Not much . . . until the word getaway takes on a whole new meaning for Jared and Cassi Landine. Celebrating their new life together in a quaint mountain cabin, they have nothing but sweet dreams of the happiness that lies beyond the next sunrise. Until a strange thump! at their door in the middle of one dark night changes everything.

Laranda Garrettson, Jared's evil former boss, is dead in her grave . . . isn't she? Jared saw her take a bullet to the heart. But who, then, is the beautiful blonde woman lurking in the shadows—the woman with Laranda's green eyes, Laranda's sultry voice, Laranda's connections to organized crime, and Laranda's lust for revenge against Jared and Cassi? Whoever she is, she wants to see them both dead—along with an entire congregation of unsuspecting Latter-day Saints. It will be her final victory.

Meanwhile, Big Tommy, the organized crime boss, is in jail for his crimes, but he has some unfinished business with Jared and Cassi. His young son, Sampson, is now alone and needs protection from members of the family who want to dispose of him. Who better to keep the boy out of harm's way than Cassi and her handsome new husband? The problem is, they may not live long enough to keep Sampson safe.

How does it end? With a bang! Author Rachel Ann Nunes has created one of her most intriguing and suspenseful romantic thrillers in Love on the Run. A fantastic read for anyone who loves spine-tingling adventure, romance, and unforgettable endings!

What Others Are Saying

Love on the Run is one of the best suspense stories I have heard. I did not stop except for gas on an eight hour trip so I wouldn't have to shut it off. I only wish I would have read the first two which I am hoping to be able to purchase. Thanks for a great book!
  —Renee Savitz of Apex, NC
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Author's Comments

I had a great time writing this book, despite the fact that I was pregnant and sick with baby number five. I did research on ancient swords that really didn't end up as a major part in the novel, but look for them anyway. I also learned about hypnotism, brainwashing, and surveillance devices. All interesting stuff. Below my surface story lies the same battle between good and evil that we struggle against daily. Good will triumph, but it won't be quick or easy. And, of course, Cassi and Jared are so good together, but I wonder if they really will have to move to a deserted island to get some peace!

I am planning a spin-off series, with Fred and a new love interest as the main characters. Oh, and I dedicated Love on the Run to my new son, Jared, who is truly the best surprise ever.

Sample Chapter

Jared jerked suddenly from sleep. Cricket song and the sounds of other night animals echoed in the cool mountain air. He listened to their symphony a  (more...)

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General Info

Spring Creek Books, Softcover Tradeback, Romantic Suspense, 255 pages.
First printing in September 2000
ISBN 1-932898-20-4
Novel originally published by Covenant Communications Inc. Reprinted by Spring Creek Books in 2004