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Daughter of a King

 Throughout the pages of this gentle picture book, best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes and award-winning painter David Lindsley lovingly teach that every girl and boy in this world is a daughter or son of our Heavenly Father—no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they live. Daughter of a King is a book that should be read by children of all ages for its sweet and sweet message of love and acceptance.

Daughter of a King was awarded Best Book of the Year Award in 2003 by the Independent LDS Booksellers Association.

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What Others Are Saying

I borrowed this book from our library and read it to my children last night. I was absolutely amazed by the message. I have three children (6,2,1). My father went to the Crystal Palace this year, and although all my children met him, only my six-year-old will keep a few of the memories. As I read the book last night, my six-year-old reafirmed that he is a Prince, and his grandfather is with the King at the Crystal Palace.This is absolutely the best book on teaching children who they really are, and reminding us adults how we should behave. This is better than any self-help book, and a must for everyone with or without children.
  —A reader
This book is absolutely amazing. I had part of it read to me when I was at mutual at church one night. Than my mom bought it as a Christmas present for my little sister a few days ago. I sat down to read it and was touched so much by the Spirit. I know I will be with my King again...and I know that I am a princess and that I need to act like one. I had to make a hard decision recently and I realized (by reading this book) that my Kind is always watching to make sure I am acting like a Princess. :D
  —Samantha of Wasilla, AK
Love this book!
  —Joyce Nicholas of Round Rock, TX
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Author's Comments

 I'm excited about my first picture book, Daughter of a King, illustrated by talented artists David Lindsley and Ben Sowards. David has created fourteen original paintings for the book. They are excellent! Ben is responsible for the creative vignette paintings as well as the landscapes in some of David's bigger paintings. He is also fabulously talented. The story is one you will want to use to teach your children how important is it to know that they are children of a Heavenly King. Or give to the favorite women in your life to show them how special they are. David's paintings go from a spring green to a celestial white as the story unfolds, and will keep you captivated! Join Katie and Michael as they search for the path leading home to the Crystal Palace.

Daughter of a King Presentations

Many groups have used Daughter of a King in their church and school presentations. I have also participated in many of these and love to speak on this important subject. It is so VITAL that we teach our children who they really are! But many times I can't travel to your area, so I've made my presentation items available to you free of charge. (Please keep in mind that ALL of the following are copyrighted and that you may use them only for free presentations. You may not reproduce, sell, or distribute any of these items.)

The Making of Daughter of a King: a three year journey by Rachel Ann Nunes.

Daughter of a King Lesson for Young Women - to be used in conjunction with the picture book and PowerPoint for a complete presentation on Divine Destiny.

PowerPoint presentation. Paintings by David Lindsley. You will need PowerPoint to play this presentation. If you don't own a copy, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft. Click here to download the viewer.

Ideas for Daughter of a King presentations.

"I'm a Daughter of a King." Words and music by Annette Darling. Two versions available, vocal and instrumental. I have included here a 30 second sample of the song.

Note: It works well for young women groups if you teach them Annette's song ahead of time and have them sing it together the night of the presentation. You may also decide to buy a copy for each girl. The CDs come in a nice jewel case and are not only surprisingly affordable but a great value, especially since it contains several more of Annette's songs. Please e-mail her for a current price.

Art Samples

I thought you might like to have an idea of the book's layout, so here it is, though these don't do justice to the real art work. David Lindsley pays close attention to detail, proportion, color and brightness, which my scanning simply can't capture.

Sample Chapter

Sorry, no sample chapters available at this time.

Where to Buy

Hardcover (9.5" x 10.5") $17.95 suggested retail price.
Book plus DVD gift set $24.95
Board Book $10.95
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General Info

Covenant Communications, Hardcover (9.5" x 10.5"), Picture Book, 32 pages.
First printing in August 2001
ISBN 1-57734-935-0
Also available as a board book.
Book and DVD bundle also available (gift set) Type other info here