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Chasing Yesterday


Tyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend, someone who would always be there for him—until she wasn't. Only when she's gone does he realize how much she meant to him; only when she's not a part of his life does he realize how empty life is without her. Now he wonders if it's too late.

Meanwhile, Savvy's life has taken a bizarre turn with the unexpected arrival of a wild-looking teenager who claims to be her half sister. As Savvy tries to unravel the mystery of the girl's past, Tyler's sudden reappearance in her life might just be an answer to prayer. At the same time, Savvy is wary of putting her heart at risk. Tyler seems to have figured out his true feelings, but will it take a tragedy for Savvy to learn to trust hers?

Readers have been captivated by Tyler's siblings Amanda and Mitch in two previous Hunting family novels. Now Tyler takes center stage in this compelling tale of secrets, forgiveness, and redemption that emphasizes the importance of family and the real definition of lasting love.

What Others Are Saying

I loved this book! This is the first of the series that I have read, and the first from Rachel Ann Nunes. I loved it and will definitely read more of her books!
  —Kelly Graff of Saint George, UT
I found this book ultimately entrancing. I pestered my mother until she finally found the copy we had lent out to a friend. Completely and totally amazing. If you injoyed the other books of this series you will love this one
  —Athena U of ID
While I was looking for a book I came across this one, and the entire time I was hoping that the ending would keep moving further away because I wanted to keep reading. FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVEN'T READ IT, YOUR MISSING OUT ON A GREAT EXPERIENCE! ! !
  —Chelby Johnson of Queen Creek, AZ
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Author's Comments

So many people have been waiting to find out what happened to Tyler and Savvy, and I'm excited to have the book in readers' hands. Below is an interview author Julie Bellon did with me for the book. Hope you enjoy this behind the scenes peek!

Chasing Yesterday: An Interview with Rachel Ann Nunes
by Julie Bellon

Savvy Hergarter is a girl with a lot on her mind. She's gone away to college to get over the boy she loves back home who doesn't love her back, and just when she's coming to terms with it, with the help of a new boyfriend, a girl who claims to be her half-sister shows up on her doorstep. Whew! Rachel Ann Nunes's new book, Chasing Yesterday, is an amazing story that takes a frank look at adoption, blended families, love, life and death. There are so many layers to this book, just when you think you have one figured out, another one presents itself, drawing the reader in and enveloping them in the story.

Savvy's character is very well-written and you can identify with her many emotions as she struggles to trust herself and her heart not only with the father who gave her up for adoption, but also with the man she truly loves. The situations that Savvy faces are heart-wrenching and real, and show the readers the depth of humanity and forgiveness, emphasizing that our Savior knows us and will be there to comfort us through our trials. It is a multi-faceted book of love—love for our Savior, love for family, and that one true love that sometimes happens only once in a lifetime. Nunes shows her depth and breadth as a writer as she fleshes out these experiences in such a way that draws the reader in immediately, making the characters come alive on the page. As a special treat this month, I have interviewed Ms. Nunes with some questions on the book Chasing Yesterday.

Julie Bellon:  How much research did you do for this book?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  For Chasing Yesterday I had to look up time zones and driving times since my characters were driving around so much. I also had to research locations in both Wyoming and California, even down to the addresses of the restaurants and the newspapers. A writer friend of mine, Dan Yates, has a son who has cardiomyopathy, the same illness as one of my characters, so I talked to him about that. I also looked up additional details about the condition on the Internet.

Julie Bellon:  What inspired you to write those storylines?

Rachel Ann Nunes: Well, Savvy was adopted as a baby in one of my other books (To Love and to Promise), and I always knew that there would come a time when I'd want to see what happened to her birth father. He hadn't always been a bad guy, though he'd gotten his priorities really messed up. I wanted to see him come back and make amends of some type. Also, in a previous novel about the Tyler's brother (No Longer Strangers), Tyler and Savvy were heading toward SOMETHING. I wanted to find out what it was as much as anyone!

Julie Bellon:  What's your favorite part?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  My favorite part is when Tyler proclaims his love and Savvy tells him to leave. It's such a wake-up call for him when he realizes that he has put off their relationship way too long. I think I like seeing him get a bit of comeuppance! I also love writing the relationship between Lexi and just about every other character. Lexi showed a different face to everyone—her father, her sister, Tyler, her friend—and it was a challenge to me to keep her juggling all the emotions.

Julie Bellon:  Do you wish you could change anything about it now?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  No. Well, maybe a type-o or two someone found. —) Seriously, this was a novel that had to be done in just this way. The first draft was actually completely different, and it wasn't working. So I ended up completely rewriting the first four or five chapters, moving the novel into the future four months, and completely changing the Savvy's life in California. It was how the novel should have been in the first place, but I hadn't given enough thought to the beginning. Beginning a novel is always a challenge for me, but this one in particular for some reason. I wouldn't change anything about it now.

Julie Bellon:  Is any character based on a real person?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  I can't tell you that—someone might sue me! Just kidding. No, none of the characters in this novel are based on real people. The character of Savvy's mother (as written in To Love and to Promise) was inspired by a cousin of mine, and Savvy looks like her mother, but that's as close to real as it gets. Come to think of it, though, Lexi acts a lot like my oldest daughter.

Julie Bellon:  Did you pick the title yourself?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  My working title was Ever Be One, and then it was Worth Waiting For. But I really didn't like either title once I had the book written. I'm really no good at coming up with titles. I ended up e-mailing some author friends and Chasing Yesterday was one of the titles they came up with. When I suggested the title to Deseret Book, they loved it immediately. I think it's a fabulous title for the book.

Julie Bellon: Who's your favorite character?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  Wait a minute! Isn't that like asking which of my children is my favorite? Well, I loved Lexi, of course. She controlled everything--or thought she did. Then again, Tyler was really very handsome and nice (and hot, my daughter would say), despite how confused he was about his feelings. And Savvy is so strong and courageous, and at the same time vulnerable inside like all of us . . . I give up! I can't decide. The only thing I can say for sure is that Derek wasn't my favorite. :-)

Julie Bellon--Is there anything you'd like to add?

Rachel Ann Nunes:  It's been a blast writing this series that isn't really a series (by that I mean that you don't have to read all the books or read them in order to make sense of what's going on). Last month I finished Kerrianne's story, so look for it in August. Please visit me at for more information

Sample Chapter

Tyler Huntington stared into the flushed face of his editor, Chantel Hull. Hands on her hips, she tossed her head of shoulder-length brown hair. &qu  (more...)

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