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Bridge to Forever

Mickelle Hansen has found a dream come true in handsome widower Damon Wolfe. He is considerate, kind, active in the Church, and even wealthy—everything she could possibly want in a husband. His wonderful children, Tanner and Belle, are icing on the cake. But could Mickelle be getting involved too soon after her husband's death? Her teenage son Bryan definitely thinks so.

A near tragedy causes Mickelle to reevaluate her relationship with Damon. Despite all he has to offer, Damon cannot guarantee her the one thing she desires most. But by walking away is she saving herself pain, or losing the kind of love that comes only once in a lifetime?

Charming Colton Scofield is also fighting for Mickelle's attention. He is there when she needs someone the most, ready to share the secrets of his mysterious past. But Colton is not all that he seems, and soon the very lives of those Mickelle loves hang in the balance.

An intensely romantic journey of faith, love, and hope. Join Mickelle as she crosses the Bridge to Forever.

What Others Are Saying

I am reading this book right now and I am loving it! I dont want to put it down! I am 11, and I want to read all of your books! (Which I probably will ... that's what I do when I get a new favorite author!) It was kinda freaky when Colton came to her house and started attacking Mickelle! Well, hope you write more books! Bye!
  —Anne of Hurricane, Utah
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Sample Chapter

Mickelle Hansen started her blue Metro and backed out of her American Fork driveway, past the ancient gold station wagon parked by the curb. Her stom  (more...)

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Covenant Communications, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 335 pages.
First printing in June 2001
ISBN 1-57734-8337-8 Type other info here