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Ariana: The Making of a Queen

First novel in the Ariana series

On a rainy Parisian evening, Ariana de Cotte considers her life. It is her wedding night, but Jacques has gone drinking with his friends, and she is left alone with her thoughts and memories . . . memories of a beloved twin brother, lost to her in a terrible accident; of her estranged parents, who had shut her out when Antoine died; of the loneliness and anger that consume her. She is nineteen, and her life seems beyond hope or repair.

Thus begins the story of an extraordinary young woman who, as her life spirals downward, struggles to find meaning and hope in the face of unimaginable suffering. Her bitter refusal to listen to the LDS missionaries doesn't help matters as she blames God for her troubles. Until one dark night, when her life hits rock-bottom and the Spirit begins its whisperings to her heart.

As you come to know Ariana, you will weep for her tragedy, smile at her small triumphs, rejoice as she embraces the faith that will sustain her, and feel the love of a good man who has the power to change her life forever.

Rachel Nunes has created a powerful and moving novel with characters so real that you will let them into your heart and invite them to stay. Having done so, you life will never be the same. You'll find yourself re-living this exceptional story again and again!

What Others Are Saying

I LOVED Ariana: The Making of a Queen! It was simply inspirational!!!!![ Note: later, Clarrisa added an additional review.] I have recently finished Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity, and would like to say that it is a wonderful book! It's great to be able to see the story from every characters point of view, like Marie Therese and Josette going off to college, Marc on his mission, Pauline and her new boyfriend. It's a great read for anyone, and I reccomend it to all of you reading this right now if you haven't done so already! Thanks!
  —Clarrisa of Blackfoot, Idaho
The "Ariana series" will change your out look on life and what the world has become. They will give you the hope to strive to do better in life, to keep moving on, and never, never give up. They are amazing and moving. I always cry when I read them. Ariana: The Makin of a Queen reminds me of what my sister is still going through. THERE SHOULD BE A MOVIE MADE ABOUT THEM!!!!
  —Larisa of Pleasant Grove, Ut
WOW! I just loved this book I have bawled my way through it at least 5 times since I first read it, and I just love how even though she had made some bad decisions in her life she was able to overcome them, and turn them into a positive. After some of the horrible mistakes I have made in my life this book really helped me realize I could change, and that my goal of Temple marriage wasn't impossible. Thanks Rachel!!!
  —Elisha Ann Swenson of West Jordan, UT
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Author's Comments

Published in November of 1996, Ariana: The Making of a Queen sold out of its first printing in five weeks, breaking records at Covenant Communications for a first novel. Since I'd been told by every writer I knew not to expect much, I was happily surprised. Many people have written to tell me how their lives have changed because of this novel. Though the story is completely fictionalized, it was inspired by a woman I met in Portugal. Ariana comes to know her Savior and how the Atonement works in her life. And, yes, it's also a love story—one not just for women.

Sample Chapter

Warm rain fell softly in the dark Parisian night, yet strongly enough to mingle with the tears that fell down my face, masking them completely as I s  (more...)

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General Info

Covenant Communications, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 182 pages.
First printing in September 1996
ISBN 1-577734-025-6