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Ariana: A New Beginning

Third novel in the Ariana series

Life is good for Ariana and Jean-Marc Perrault and their five children. Active in the Church, prosperous in the banking business, and firmly committed to their family, they are happily moving forward with their lives. Then the bottom drops out.

How does Ariana cope with imminent financial ruin, the near-fatal injury of one child and the rebellion of another, and a scheming, determined ex-husband who still wants her? Confronted by life's challenges, Ariana discovers that her reliance on the Lord and her love for Jean-Marc and her children can make the dramatic difference between triumph and tragedy.

A rare and compelling story about the power of love and the miracle of new beginnings.

What Others Are Saying

This book was so awesome. I actually felt all the emotions they did. I knew the characters so well yet there was still many surprises. I love this series and I love the spirit I felt when I read it.
  —Michelle Gishwiller of Plattsmouth, NE
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Author's Comments

After my first book was accepted, I did start thinking about writing its sequel. Ariana: A New Beginning contains the ideas I originally came up with before deciding to use the second novel's plot first. It takes place ten years after the second book ends and really rounds out the whole series.

For those of you who've read the first Ariana, it's important to know that Jacques returns to Paris and causes all kinds of havoc. Also, the missionary who baptized Ariana visits France with his wife and their eight children. This family is based on my own family's stay in France. For instance, my little sister, Ruth, really did throw the ladder out the window of our eighth-floor apartment building.

Another thing I'd like readers to know is how the character Lu-Lu (Jean-Marc's sister) decided her own fate. Before I began writing, I had her life planned and who she was going to end up with, but right in the middle of the story Lu-Lu took over and changed my whole plot. I let her do it, and I'm pleased with the final result.

During the early drafting stage of this novel, a bombing destroyed a subway station in Paris, killing four people and injuring many other. I used that fact as a base to build part of my story. If you liked the other two novels, you'll love this one.

Sample Chapter

The late November sunlight peeked weakly through the heavy layering of clouds in the sky. The dark billows threatened rain, but I didn't care. Anythi  (more...)

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General Info

Covenant Communications, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 228 pages.
First printing in January 1998
ISBN 1-57734-258-5