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Ariana: A Gift Most Precious

Second novel in the Ariana series

Broken promises, broken dreams, broken hearts . . . Ariana Perrault has seen them all in her short lifetime, but now they seem only distant memories. Having climbed the long pathway from sinner to Latter-day Saint, she has felt the arms of a loving Heavenly Father around her, guiding her to a wonderful life with Jean-Marc and their three beautiful children. Her best friend, Paulette, has also repented, embraced the gospel, and started an eternal family of her own. But who could know that one of life's deepest, darkest tragedies is just around the corner?

In this powerful sequel to Ariana: The Making of a Queen, these two women and their families come face to face with the life-and-death consequences of past choices. Will their testimonies give them strength enough to withstand the darkest hours of their lives? The answer, born of both adversity and joy, is A Gift Most Precious.

What Others Are Saying

Another amazing novel. So moving, so full of love and hope. I couldn't put it down!
  —Michelle G. of Plattsmouth, NE
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Author's Comments

When I wrote the first Ariana, I had never expected to write another, but my editor called and suggested that after reading the first book, people would want to know more. Then she suggested the main topic and I thought to myself, "No way I'm going to do that." The next morning I started.

I had to do a lot of research and soul-searching to write A Gift Most Precious. I learned more than I passed on, believe me. It's a deep novel that explores friendship and love in the face of devastating circumstances. I feel very tender toward the characters and the growth they show. One thing people like best about the book is the interaction between Ariana, her husband, and her children. Women constantly tell me their husbands act just like Ariana's! You can be sure that you won't find my hero flat and perfect, but flawed and growing.

Sample Chapter

The fluorescent lights hurt my eyes, already burning from the tears I had shed the night before and again today. Around me, people moved with purpose  (more...)

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General Info

Cedar Fort, Softcover Tradeback, Romance, 221 pages.
First printing in August 1997
ISBN 1-55517-646-1
Novel originally published by Covenant Communications Inc. Reprinted by Cedar Fort, Inc. in 2002