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A Greater Love

Miguel Silva is a street orphan who will do anything to avoid the wrath of his alcoholic aunt and to keep his little sister Sara happy. He and Sara roam the streets of Portugal, begging and stealing to feed and clothe themselves. A sudden twist of fate throws them into an even colder world, where their only chance for survival are Daniel and Cristina Andrade, who are childless by choice.

Daniel Andrade has put his bitter past behind him and found a new life with Cristina. But the past returns in force when Miguel steals his wallet on the ferry, throwing into motion a series of unstoppable events. Daniel doesn't want to face the secrets of the past or open his heart to anyone—yet that is exactly what he must do or face losing everything he loves.

Cristina Andrade also has secrets. Now she must choose between her husband and the deep longing in her heart. Or is there a compromise? Only Miguel can help them find the way—and time for Miguel is running out. Can the Savior's love heal them all before it's too late?

What Others Are Saying

A wonderful read. Rachel Ann Nunes is a truly gifted writer. If you care about love, enjoy being entertained, and want to be carried into a world of drama and inspiration you must read A Greater Love.
  —James Michael Pratt, New York Times best-selling author of The Last Valentine
Nunes tells her tale (A Greater Love) in a way that is neither saccharine nor contrived, combining the earthly realism of this world with the glorious possibilities the Savior offers us. An intriguing and memorable story.
  —Barbara R. Hume, author and editor
This book is the best. I couldn't put it down until I read it all.
  —Caitlin Morrison of Spanish Fork, Utah
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Author's Comments

This is a novel that is very dear to my heart. I lived for two years in Portugal where A Greater Love is set and had the opportunity to briefly work with impoverished children there. I love Portugal and her people, and am excited that through this novel, you can also experience a little of the Portuguese culture which is rich in taste and imagery.

I am continually amazed at what a great difference we can make in each other's lives, and I wanted to write about that kind of a difference. I hope this will be a novel that will stay in your hearts forever.

Sample Chapter

Miguel Silva darted through the crowd at the outdoor flea market, making the usual rounds to beg for his breakfast—or steal it, if necessary. Th  (more...)

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General Info

Truebekon Books, Softcover Tradeback, General Fiction, 188 pages.
First printing in March 2000
ISBN 0-9675174-6-X Type other info here