Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

My newest print novel, Line of Fire, is available! Click here to read about the book.

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  This is my story set in the new Royals of Monterra Kindle World. I'm one of their seed authors for the world, which launched on January 21, 2016.

Royal Quest is the story of how two sisters find each other, and about finding love—true love. Because in Monterra, fairy tales do come true. Contemporary romance. For more information click here.


  House Without Lies book is a new (January 2016) contemporary romance, but it's the first book in the Lily's House series, which already has two books published (Tell Me No Lies and You're Eyes Don't Lie). This story precedes the others in the timeline. We've made them a series now, with new covers for the other two, and there will be more novels coming! For more information visit my Rachel Branton website.

Lily has a dream, a dream of a big house without lies, a place of refuge for runaway girls. She knows what it’s like to grow up feeling unloved, and she now fills every space in her tiny apartment with endangered teens. They don’t have everything they need, but together they have enough. Available on all online retailers.

5th book in my contemporary urban fantasy novel (under the name Teyla Branton) is now available for preorder!

Takeover—One Last Chance for Humanity
Since the announcement of Unbounded existence, the mortal world has quickly polarized. One faction wants all Unbounded—Renegade and Emporium—dead. Others worship them as gods who have come to save the world and bring it immortality. The tension between these groups is ready to explode.

Will be released Sept. 30, 2015. Click here to learn more or to read a sample chapter.

Novella in my pen name Unbounded series!

Guard, Protect, and Above All, Stay Alive
Two months after the announcement that rocked the entire world, Mari Jorgenson is going undercover to protect the man who has become the face of the Unbounded. What’s not to like? Expensive clothes, a great disguise, a chance to play with knives—and all with a Renegade partner she might just be falling for.

Click here to learn more.

5th book in my contemporary romance with a science fictional twist. Now available in print and most ebook platforms.

Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded

When a rash of elderly deaths occur in Portland, Autumn Rain is called upon to use her ability to to track down a killer.

All three Deal for Love books about Cassi and Jared in one ebook! Available on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Google, and Kobo. Contemporary romantic suspense (Christian romance).

A Bid for Love (formerly called Love to the Highest Bidder)
Framed for Love
Love on the Run

Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google.


4th book in my contemporary urban fantasy novel (under the name Teyla Branton) is now available!

Only One Can Survive the Reckoning

Erin Radkey has always known the day would come when she would have to personally confront the Triad leader of the power-hungry Emporium. But she never thought it would be with a snake in her head that feeds on her energy. Or that she’d be in the company of an uncertain ally who might turn on her at any moment. Every day the enemy grows stronger. There will be no second chance.

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Your Eyes Don't Lie (under the name Rachel Branton)

Years of living on the street and fending for herself have made Makay Greyson tough and resourceful, if a bit disillusioned. She’s come a long way from sleeping in parks and scavenging for food. Her entire focus is on providing a better life for her young brother, one without fear of loss and neglect. That certainly doesn’t leave time for Harrison Matthews, who from their first meeting sends fire through her veins and upsets all her carefully laid plans. Your Eyes Don’t Lie is a story about facing fears, sacrificing for those you love, and about a girl who thinks she isn’t worth loving and a guy who knows she is.

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Many of my older books have been re-released on the Kindle with great new covers and in many cases with updated, reedited text. Below are the some of the new covers. Enjoy!






The following books were also released on ebook:
To Love and to Promise
A Bid for Love
Framed for Love
Love on the Run
A Greater Love


I  have several novels lined up for the future Click here to see an updated list of what's coming.