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A Greater Love (General Fiction)
In many ways A Greater Love reminds me of Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. It is one of the few novels that have brought tears to my eyes.
  —Kenneth R. Tarr, author of The Last Days Volume I: The Gathering Storm
Nunes tells her tale (A Greater Love) in a way that is neither saccharine nor contrived, combining the earthly realism of this world with the glorious possibilities the Savior offers us. An intriguing and memorable story.
  —Barbara R. Hume, author and editor
A Greater Love provides a powerful glimpse into a world rarely seen from the comforts of our plush existence. Rachel opens our eyes, hearts, and souls to a more Christlike view of the plight of homeless children. I really enjoyed the story.
  —Lynda M. Nelson, author of the best-selling book The Little Red Buckets
A wonderful read. Rachel Ann Nunes is a truly gifted writer. If you care about love, enjoy being entertained, and want to be carried into a world of drama and inspiration you must read A Greater Love.
  —James Michael Pratt, New York Times best-selling author of The Last Valentine
A Heartbeat Away (General Fiction)
Rachel's A Heartbeat Away is totally absorbing and inspiring. I had a Walden's book token from my daughter for Mothers' Day and picked that book—and couldn't bear to put it down. I know so many people who will benefit and grow from the read and am going to recommend it to all. Well done, Rachel—what talent!
  —Anne Bradshaw, author of Terracotta Summer
I LOVED the book. What a totally different writing and reading experience for a Rachel Ann Nunes book. I was amazed ... and very impressed. Her depictions of the Spirit World felt like she'd been there and experienced it all first hand. It was awesome.
  —BJ Rowley, author of the Light Traveler series and Sixteen in No Time
It has been a long time since a novel has pulled me in so quickly and completely.
  —Chad Daybell, author of the Emma series
I finished A Heartbeat Away last night. To quote one of our hymns, "I Stand All Amazed." You took a story filled with evil of the most vial kind and wrote it with a finesse that does leave me literally amazed. I wouldn't have the slightest hesitation recommending your story to any one of my granddaughters. And the fun of seeing how you handled your world of angels lasted through the final pages. Our styles are so much different, but I salute you.
  —Dan Yates, author of Angles Don't Knock
Daughter of a King (Picture Books)
Possibly the most famous picture book to come out of the LDS market, "Daughter of a King" by best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes is a sweet and poignant reminder to little girls, young women, and older women too, of their divine heritage as daughters of Heavenly Father, Who truly is The King . . . The first time I read this story, I was pregnant, and I blamed hormones for the tears that ran down my face. The hormones went away, but the tears didn't. This story is truly a reminder for any woman, regardless of denomination, that she is truly the daughter of the King. (For full review visit
  —Tristi Pinkston of UT
Fields of Home (Women's Fiction)
In this book, Rachel Ann Nunes does an excellent job of tying the worlds of Mercedes Walker and Mercedes Johnson together. Mercedes' struggle to find her place is a struggle that many women can relate to. Who hasn't wondered what might have been had they chosen differently in the past? So often, women of today are confronted with options that can seem more glamorous or more fulfilling than everyday life. Throughout this story, Mercedes and the reader come to see that there is great merit in the quiet, unconditional love that is built over time. (See full review on AML list archives.)
  —Jaymie Reynolds
Fields of Home, is really not a romance, but it is definitely a love story. Most people face those moments when they run onto someone or something from their past and they wonder, what if I'd made a different choice all those years ago? The story is deeply satisfying and one of Nunes's finest works. Though the book falls in that vague category labeled "Women's Fiction", I think it will be enjoyed by many men as well as the expected teen and adult female audience. Many readers will identify with the hard choices the various characters in Fields of Home face. They will also appreciate the depth and complexity of human emotion exposed in this book. Whatever, your reading tastes, give this book a try; I think most will be pleased with what they find in it. (To read full review visit Meridian Magazine online.)
  —Jennie Hansen of UT
Every once in a while a book comes along that touches something in all of us. For me, this book touched that little part of me that wonders sometimes where I would be if I'd made different choices in this life. But just as we are free to make the choice, we can't always choose the consequences. Fields of Home looks at the consequences of fateful choices and how it affects two families, two people, and one child. It is honest and deep, some parts of the book really reflecting the pain of "what could have been." I loved how Ms. Nunes weaves the theme throughout without becoming redundant or preachy.

It is about Mercedes Johnson, a woman who had a difficult childhood, who found love then lost it, and finally carved out a peaceful life for herself, her husband and her three sons. She's overcome so much in her life, forgiven and tried to forget, but one day a ghost from the past comes back to claim what he believes to be his---Mercedes' oldest child. Mercedes is a character that every woman can relate to, she wants to protect her family and her heart, but that little piece of her wonders, what if? She is forced to face the demons of the past, to search her heart, and to make a choice—a choice that will change the life of everyone she loves. It is gut-wrenching in some scenes and Ms. Nunes is really able to allow the reader a glimpse into the pain and indecision of her characters while making the story so realistic it pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the last page.

It is one of those books that makes you think, long after you've put it down, and I highly recommend it.
  —Julie Bellon of Ut
Flying Home (Women's Fiction)
Rachel Ann Nunes has gracefully woven the past with the present in her
new book "Flying Home." The giant chasm that is between Karyn and her older sister Clarrisa opens this compelling story. It allows a glimpse of the fierce love that is between sisters, even when they are estranged, and the gaping hole that is left when one sister is gone with no chance of reconciliation . . . It is absolutely refreshing to read a romance book that is not filled with intimate scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good love story. (For full review see AML List archives.)
  —Karen Hamilton
Since this book's release, I was interested to read it. I've read several of Rachel's book, but this one is written for the national market—published by the Shadow Mountain imprint by Deseret Book.

Compared to her other novels, Rachel really delved into the characterization in this book (which I really like). I think many LDS genre books are way too short-too short to hold an intriguing plot and too short to fully develop more than one character.

The story is about a woman, Liana, who was adopted as a child by her relatives. She doesn't why she continues to have nightmares and flashes of memories about her childhood. Her parents were both killed in a plane crash in India.

At first glance the premise was interesting, but I wondered what could really be so shocking when she goes to her parents gravesite. Well, I was very surprised and didn't see the twist coming.

I also enjoyed the descriptions of the country of India—in fact Rachel did all the descriptions very well, from Las Vegas area to a farm in Wyoming.

There are no obvious LDS characters in this book, no conversion story to God, but it is one woman's story of coming to grips with her past and finally accepting where she came from.
  —Heather Moore of UT
Imprints (Paranormal)
An intriguing blend of fantasy and mystery, Imprints is a fun and fascinating read, not to be missed.
  —Midwest Book Review
Imprints is everything a paranormal thriller should be—fast paced, seeped in suspense and mystery, and just plain enjoyable.

For full review visit Deseret News or Mormon Times.
  —Jessica Harrison for the Deseret News of SLC, UT
No Longer Strangers (Huntington Family)
Rachel Ann Nunes has written a fascinating story of a man held back from pursuing his career to the fullest by doubts and fears, who suddenly becomes the guardian of a thirteen-month-old baby girl when her parents, his closest friends, are killed in a tragic accident. The baby
  —Jennie Hansen of Salt Lake City, UT
Publishing Secrets (Non-Fiction)
Enlightening and highly informative, in an easy-to-follow format, this book is a must for every aspiring LDS writer.
  —Anita Stansfield, author of the Gables of Legacy
It's about time someone offered a book to help new authors and writers navigate the challenges of this unique and wonderful LDS market. Three cheers for Publishing Secrets.
  —Chris Heimerdinger, author of the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series
Twice in a Lifetime (Rebekka Series)
Although I wasn't familiar with the Perrault family, I couldn't put this book down. Rachel weaves a true-to-life story that made me laugh and cry along with the characters I came to love. I could hardly wait to read the ending.
  —Julie Bellon, author of Through Love's Trial.
Where I Belong (Romance)
Rachel Ann Nunes's Powerful New Novel . . . tackles a subject we often are reluctant to talk about in the church, and one we seldom see discussed in a balanced, open manner that never loses its gospel focus . . . The struggle to achieve professional and personal fulfillment without sacrificing the needs of our families is a woman's struggle and the heart wrenching choices are never trivialized or reduced to mindless slogans by this gifted author. It is a novel for anyone who is asked to sacrifice for the gospel or is faced with challenging choices. (To read Terrie's entire review, click here.)
  —Terrie Lynn Bittner, BellaOnline's LDS Families Host
I just wanted to share with you how exactly you hit the nail on the head with some things I've been going through lately, just a total feeling of overwhelm at the whole motherhood thing and feeling resentful toward my children for cutting into my writing time, then feeling guilty for feeling that way. Thanks for writing this book—it was great to know that I wasn't alone in what I'm going through!
  —Tristi Pinkston, author of Nothing To Regret
I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed Where I Belong. Wonderful, wonderful story! It was so refreshing to get a different character perspective, one where not everyone is strong in their testimony and in the paths of life.The whole message of this book was very thoughtfully presented, and I wanted to thank you so much for writing a book that was deeper spiritually than most. It was a real treat to read. :)
  —Erin Klingler, author of Love Beyond Tomorrow
Winter Fire (Huntington Family)
Rachel Ann Nunes always delivers a solid, enjoyable read with characters the reader can identify with. My favorite part was the way she accurately dealt with the tangled foster care situation and the confused emotions the children had to deal with. Like Rachel, I've been a foster parent. It's rewarding, but puts a person's emotions through the wringer. The only thing worse is to imagine children growing up who are never loved, even briefly. Definitely worth reading.
  —Jennie Hansen of UT
"Sweet scenes, good characterizations . . . Nunes explores important issued of family, addiction, and true love . . ."
  —Publishers Weekly
Readers looking for a sweet, contemporary romance will find it worthwhile. Recommended for collections with a demand for Mormon fiction.
  —Starred review in Library Journal Review
Writing Secrets (Non-Fiction)
No reviews at this time.
Ariana Series
I met this fascinating, exuberant young woman at a book signing in Layton, Utah—she was Rachel Nunes, and a more exciting, enthusiastic individual it would be difficult to find. I purchased Ariana, complete with Rachel's signature. While reading Ariana, I was consistently amazed at the vitality and strength of Rachel's characters and the driving pace of her plot. When I finished the book, I knew that I had just met one of the world's future famous writers.
  —Lynda M. Nelson, author of Little Red Buckets
As a writer, I read very critically. It's hard for me to get involved. I become frustrated because my writer's mind won't let me immerse myself in the story. The Ariana books are the only novels I've read in a long while that have actually moved me.
  —Anita Stansfield, author of First Love and Forever