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Portugal June 2007

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Costa da Caparica near where my mother-in-law lives. These are two of my daughters, Cassi and Liana.

Also at the Costa da Caparica. This is me with my other daughter Catia.

Algarve (south of Portugal)

My son Jared playing in the pool behind our rented apartment. The top window is to the master bedroom and the lower one was to the family room. There were four balconies at this place.

My daughter Liana with Ana, a little girl from France who was also staying in the the building. They didn't need a common language to have fun!

The view looking off one of the other balconies. This road led to the nearest beach—a very short walk.

On one of my long morning walks I discovered this little restaurant, The Boneca (The Doll) nestled among the cliffs. On the right side is a picture of a nearby cave. There were stairs going down and then space where you could actually explore the inner cavity—but only at low tide!

Another gorgeous cliff in the Algarve.

Houses nestled among the cliffs.

A little bay set between the cliffs and a little pathway we walked along.

My daughter Catia standing beside a cave that went straight down from the cliff into the water.

Another hidden bay. It was so beautiful!

A very small secluded beach.

My husband, TJ, with our two youngest, Jared and Liana. His mother is in the background. The paths along the cliffs were very fun to explore!

Yet another bay with a beach.

The rocks above this little beach were interesting. You can get to this tiny romantic beach only by boat.

This cliff had a latter we could use to climb down to the rocks. Here I am with Jared and Liana.

Jared exploring the rocks. In the other picture TJ is helping Liana.

TJ and Catia playing on the beach in Troia, a peninsula across the River Sado from Setubal (a twenty-minute ferry ride). Setubal is about an hour's drive from Lisbon. See more pictures from Troia beach below.

Troia - Liana on left, Catia on right.

Kaiden's hole.

TJ and me. Three of our children playing in the ocean. The day was just cloudy enough not to be too hot.

TJ and Liana and me and Liana on the ferry heading toward Setubal.

TJ, Liana, Catia, Jordan, Kaiden, and Jared at the castle in Palmela. (Cassi was in the van having an allergy attack.)

The following pictures are us at Sintra Palace.

Liana and my mother-in-law, Maria Jose.
Park of Peace in Cova da Piedade. We're celebrating TJ's birthday. TJ's here clowning around with the kids.

Me with Deonilde (a friend) and my mother-in-law (to the right).

Cassi on the left. Catia with her grandmother on the right. Eating the chocolate cake brought for the kids.
Catia, Kaiden, and Jordan in the tree (left). Lianas eating pine nuts found in the park (right).
Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles on the traditional cake.
Below - in the Newark airport coming home.