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Pictures with Readers

This page may take some time to load, so please be patient. To see a larger version of the picture, just click on it. If there isn't a name on the picture and you're in it, please let me know so I can put a name to the face! I have names that I'm not exactly sure go with what picture, so I held back for fear of making a mistake. It's been several month since we took the pictures. I will be taking my camera to more book signings and speaking engagements, so I hope to have more photos here soon.

Picture with Stacy Henrie at the UVU Writers Conference in fall 2009.




Book signing in Nov. 2009. Picture with Angela and her daughter Nicole.




Summer 2008 I had the opportunity to go to different Deseret Book stores and talk about my new book. This is me at the Valley Fair DB with Jenny Williams and Tara Harvey. Jenny reads my books and made me like the WORLD'S BEST AUTHOR. Thanks, Jenny.


Sally Whittaker's stake girl's camp group. Summer 2008. Great bunch of girls. I loved giving my presentation to them!

Me with Sally Whittaker



11/20/2007 - Fillmore
Sherry Paxton at the high school in Fillmore arranged for me to speak at both the elementary and at the high school.


11/29/2007 - Fillmore


11/29/2007 -  Fillmore
Here are two new friends I met there, Juan Jimenez and Cortney Jenson. Later I went to the library and signed a few books. Fillmore is wonderful!



More of Fillmore with Juan and Cortney and Sherry Paxton


Ensign Books

Left -
Middle - Rachel Ann Nunes
Right - Nora Moore


Ensign Books

Left - Rachel Waterworth
Middle - Rachel Ann Nunes
Right - Lacy Behunin


Ensign Books

This was a family I had the wonderful pleasure to meet in California, but I never got all their names!


Ensign Books



                   Ensign Books


Signing at Media Play

Picture courtesy of BJ Rowley


Youth Conference - July 15th in Alton, Utah. These were a great bunch of kids and fantastic leaders. I really enjoyed being there and speaking to them after a fabulous dutch oven dinner.